Wednesday, January 25, 2012


The State of The State of The Union

Didn't you want a word for word breakdown and fact check of last night's the State of The Union Address?

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My word-for-word breakdown is that if the word "jobs" was on your list of drinking-game terms, you were in really big trouble by oh, about 20 minutes in. Also, who decided that champagne and St. Germain cocktails were suitable for a drinking game? I had a very rough morning, is what I'm saying.


You guys, I moved from DC last year, and it didn't really hit me until last night, when I found myself thinking, "Oh, the State of the Union is tonight? I didn't realize."


I pretty much always want a fact check.


My favorite part is whenever Obama says something that people like, and you can hear this dull roar of people going "ayyyyyyyyyy..." in the background. Also, Biden compulsively blowing his nose.





Related to Hairpin interests -- Jake Tapper (ABC White House reporter) had a very funny pun filled twitter conversation with Obama's former speechwriter and Mia Farrow about the spilled milk joke. I don't know how to link to the conversation, but here's his twitter feed, and if you hover over and then click open on that first beef tweet, they'll all open up.


@thebestjasmine Hah! Amazing! I had no idea @atipofthehat worked for the White House.

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