Tuesday, January 17, 2012


The Nail-Art Sorceress of Green Bay

Double, double toil and trouble; you told me to put the sparkles.


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I'd say get her a stiff drink. But with girls, that just makes them worse.@t


Yeah, MEGAN. She wants the Packers in the Super Bowl, she doesn't care about pretty. MEGAN. (~0:41)


@Emby I like to think her name is actually Mey-gan.


Yep, blame it on the bloody sparkles. DAMN THOSE SPARKLES! But really, if I watched football I'd be a Niner's fan, so.....YAY SPARKLES!!


I would pull over and kick that woman out of my car in a heartbeat. Stop crying about sports NOW, or you're walking.



I cried at the end of this game, completely sober. Nobody gets between me and my Pack. Ain't no shame shedding a tear when your team falls at the hands of the Lesser Manning. Thankfully my fella (an avid Bama fan, so he understands my emotional tie to GB) was there to get me tissues and tell the Bears fans around us (rooting for the Giants out jealousy, sorry ya team can't keep a QB to save yer life) to go fuck themselves.

ETA: My 6'4" bear of a father cried as well.

Tuna Surprise

Excuse me? The LESSER Manning?!? His hair! His goofy grin! His love of antiquing with his mother!!! You take that back right now. Let's just all agree that Cooper is the worst Manning and move on.


@DullHypothesis Oh please.


@DullHypothesis I hear you. My family hasn't cried (yet) at the outcome of a Redskins game, but the mood around the house is a lot peppier Sundays when we're winning. (This has not happened recently.)

As an aside, this morning my choices for reading were a Bronte novel (Villete) and a book on the NFL I borrowed from my older brother. Eventually picked Villete. For now.


@DullHypothesis (Psst. The Packers fell at their own non-third-down-converting and pass-fumbling hands in the second half.)


@cherrispryte Just because you don't care about something doesn't mean nobody else does. Don't belittle what I find important just because you don't. Football is part of my family's culture, and it was/is a huge way for me to bond with my father. Not only that, but the Packers, their management style, and the ownership schema, represent larger themes of the Wisconsin culture. Is it a coincidence that we have a publicly owned professional football franchise AND an upcoming recall election fueled by anger over the rights of workers to form unions? No, they both stem from our state's culture. It's only sports, but at the end of the day, it's only food, or it's only a regional dialect, or it's only a holiday tradition. It's part of my culture, it's part of my life, and so yes, when they win and when they lose, it matters to me.


@DullHypothesis I belittle professional sports because I believe they are sexist, contribute to an overall culture of misogyny, inspire overblown hero worship, and distract entirely too much of the general public, taking time and energy away from other pursuits that could actually be used to improve one's life.
Drawing a correlation between a football team and the recall is weak bullshit, as is attempting to make a barbaric sexist time-waster into culture.
I'm assuming neither of us are going to convince the other of anything in this conversation, so I'm not sure what the point is of continuing it further, but I wanted to explain that my feelings about professional sports go far beyond "I don't like it."

hot dog princess

I just read the youtube comments...WHY DID I DO THAT? CAN SOMEONE TELL ME? Also apparently they have already deleted comments and that's what's left?!

ida claire

There's no crying in baseball!> football!


Hahahahahawwwwwwwwww. Come on, honey, let's go watch Clay Matthews' hair shine gently in the sun for a while. You'll feel better.

Memo: I may show up in similar condition Sunday evening. I would wear ALL of the sparkles if I thought it would help the Ravens against Tom Brady and the Patriots. (Not to mention Bill Belichick and his bottomless black hole of a heart. I hear he eats the souls of his division rivals!)

I'm scared, 'pinners. Hold me.


@Tuna Surprise My metrics are football dependent. Peyton Manning is one of the greatest QBs to ever live, there is no way he is the Lesser Manning.


Maybe you should put down the smartphone and pay attention to the road so you don't blow more stopsigns, Megan (0:21).

Artressa Vandelay

This is great! That they run a stop sign makes it even better. Glad I wore the right jersey on Sunday. Go big blue! And Aaron Rodgers, if you're reading this, forget about that miss America bitch. I'll give you the discount double check any day.


oh...it was about sports? I thought it was going to be about nail polish! A warning would be appreciated in the future.


I've watched this like five times now, and I love it (and "The Nail-Art Sorceress of Green Bay") more each time.


You guys, I went to high school with her!

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