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Esther C. Werdiger has a weekly podcast and a rich internet life, but also a job in Jerusalem.

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Girl, I hear you on the perpetual intern thing. I just quit an actual full time job WITH BENEFITS to intern at a PR agency. Everyone was all like "that shit cray" but I was miserable at the other job and this seemed fun (it is)!


I don't have computer dreams, I have baby dreams. All the sudden I realize that I have a baby, and it's always some combination of realizing I haven't fed/clothed/changed the baby in like DAYS, or I've lost the baby completely. One time I accidentally let it float away in a basket down the river? Another time I found it chewing on lit cigarettes? Creepy.

Barry Grant

@sox "One time I accidentally let it float away in a basket down the river?"

Are you Moses' mom?


@sox In my baby dreams, I'm like in the middle of doing errands and then I sort of start giving birth. But no one seems to notice or care. So I think like, I guess I wasn't even sure this was going to be a big deal. Maybe...it's not? Maybe...I can just keep grocery shopping? Is this embarrassing? And then I'll turn to some faceless dream-person, and be like, "Um I'm not even sure when I got pregnant haha." Then I get some ice cream and try to ignore the baby coming out of my body, which is pretty easy.

Guess it's good I'm not anyone's waking-life mom.


@sox I have these! It's always about being completely horrible at parenting this random child that has popped into existence for no apparent reason. Also, the babies in these dreams tend to be able to do age-inappropriate things, like judging me for being unable to pick out a suitable name for them. Or walking shortly after birth.

Tragically Ludicrous

@sox I have dreams where I'm trying to get to the airport (or sometimes gate) to a flight to Moscow and I'm running late. It's always Moscow? I don't know why, I neither desperately want to or desperately don't want to go there.


@sox I have them, too, but it's about patients. I've worked an entire shift and have forgotten about a patient. When I walk into the room, they're always fine--the worst part of the dream is that awful moment as I'm opening the door, wondering if they're still breathing. . .


@sox I have dreams that I have gotten married, and then the next day I sit up in bed and realize that I am trapped and that my life is over.


@sox Same, especially during my first pregnancy. My dream-babies were always super tiny and I'd like lose them in my purse for a dream-week or something, and then remember that I should probably feed them, but they of course were just tiny mummies in my purse by that point.


@Barry Grant We weren't raised with any kind of religion in my home so I'm fairly clueless about the Bible. Is that what happened to Moses?

@leastimportantperson Oh yes, I've had the giving birth out of the blue ones too, and then you're like 'oh, this isn't actually as painful as I pictured it' and then you wake up and screaming 'NOOOOO STOP TRYING TO TRICK MEEEEE!'

@Maria I am SO glad I'm not the only one!

Katie Heaney

@piggie I know that's a nightmare but I'm weirdly finding this story adorable. Tiny mummies!!! I'M SORRY.


@sox When I worked in daycare, I had a toddler in my class with anaphylactic food allergies. I used to have nightmares about her eating pizza and me having to run, carrying her, to the emergency room (because evidently there are not ambulances in my dreams).

Also I frequently dream about being, like, half an hour late to my classes and everyone having left by then. I am the teacher.


@sox I have consistent nightmares about packing, or not packing the right things, which always results in me missing some important event.


@leastimportantperson This sounds like a dream Edina Monsoon would have!


@Hellcat In my dreams I dream the dreams of Edina Monsoon.


@sox I think that's from Willow??


@sox Oh. My. God. The baby dreams. I had one the other day in which I was pregnant and for some reason I was totally cool with it? Even though I was playing goalie in the World Cup at 8 months? But then I gave birth and had a freaking panic attack because I had no idea how I was going to take care of little Elizabeth when my life's already such a mess and clearly I'm not actually a professional soccer player. Woke up in a cold sweat but so thankful that it wasn't real.

Faintly Macabre

@Maria That's like mine! I'm always like, "How did I end up with a baby and how can I give it back?"

Barry Grant

@sox "We weren't raised with any kind of religion in my home so I'm fairly clueless about the Bible. Is that what happened to Moses?"

Yep, it was one of those kill-all-the-baby-boys episodes. The noble Hebrew mom put him in a basket on the Nile to avoid that fate. And wouldn't you know it, the Pharaoh's daughter picked him up and said "Mom, can I keep him pleeeeeeese???"

This is the King Barry abridged apostate version.


@Katie Heaney Really it was never a biggie; dream-me would just be slightly irritated that I'd wasted all those months of pregnancy just to leave my baby in my purse like an idiot and now what will I do with this stupid tiny mummy? Wanna make a keyring out of it or something?


@Tragically Ludicrous: Your programming is showing through. Better get back to the GRU.


@sox I also have "baby" dreams. I usually go through the whole pregnancy thing really in depth with a lot of build up, and then I suddenly and painlessly give birth, almost always to kittens. One time it was an alien though.

Katie Heaney

@piggie "just to leave my baby in my purse like an idiot" is a phrase I will now carry with me for some time


@somethingobscure kittens! Sort of like giving birth to Meat Cat!!

i just had my first pregnancy dream, but it was so sadly realistic (but, you know, not close to my actual life) that it took me a good hour after waking up of wracking my brain to make sure it wasn't real. i dreamed i was pregnant, and when i found that out, i was like, shit, now i have to tell my guy pal that i cheated on him, and that somehow by giving another guy a bj, that guy had gotten me pregnant.
yeah, it was a major relief to wake up that morning.

Bebe Gunz@facebook

@somethingobscure I had the kitten dream when I was pregnant! I went to have an ultrasound done, and they were like "well ma'am, you are not actually pregnant, but you do have a cat living inside of you, and the cat is pregnant." So then I gave birth to a kitten, and I tried to carry it around with me as if it was my baby, which it was not into at all, because it was a fucking cat. Then I went to Walmart for some reason and it escaped from my arms and ran away. I also had recurring dreams about having my baby and forgetting to take care of it and leaving it various places, which is funny because my son is three months old now and I regularly forget him downstairs in his bouncy chair thingy. He is a very quiet baby! I am terrible.

Roxanne Rholes

@sox Thank you for making my coffee go out my nose.

raised amongst catalogs

@sox @everyone else too Am I the only human being who has horrible nightmares about losing my teeth? Once I had a dream that I got hit by a car and I was unharmed except for the fact that my teeth began to fall out, one by one. Then my gums started falling out in pieces. TERROR.
I also have anxiety dreams about there being an emergency and I need to call 911, but either it rings and rings forever and no one picks up, or it's busy, or I get a "Thank you for calling 911! Your call is very important to us. Please hold for the next available operator..." Also sometimes there is no dial tone on my phone or someone is on the phone and won't hang up so I can't call. ALSO TERROR.


@vanillawaif Oh good Lord, you are not the only one. I constantly have dreams about losing my teeth, or them falling out, or my gums receding so low that they're about to fall out. It is not fun times at all. :(


@vanillawaif From what I understand the teeth losing dreams are actually really common anxiety dreams often corresponding with major life changes. I have them from time to time.

raised amongst catalogs

@wee_ramekin I don't know whether to thank you for the validation or console you because I know all too well the creepy feeling that follows you around all day after one of those tooth-losing dreams. I think I will do both.

raised amongst catalogs

@Maria Congratulations, tooth dreams -- you happen because of anxiety and then you CAUSE anxiety. Hope you're happy, you jerks. Seriously, though, these dreams have given me this constant underlying dread that I will knock my teeth out somehow. Every time I accidentally tap my front teeth with my water glass, I die a little inside.


@sox Yes. This dream. I'm going about my business til I realize that I left the baby in a closet under some dirty clothes or sitting on the kitchen table. I recently adopted a dog and initially had a terrible fear--stemming from these dreams--that I would forget I owned her and just skip town for a week on a whim or something.


@vanillawaif The teeth dreams! And I have hair ones too: either it's falling out or I go to get a haircut and get some whacked out craziness and look in the mirror only to remember that I was growing my hair out!

But the 911 dreams, jesus. christ. I had one where I was running from a predator (a real-life predator, my mom's exboyfriend from my childhood) and I finally found this closet and called 911 and she told me I needed to try to negotiate with him and if it didn't work then I could call back. I basically woke up, did some googling and started seeing a therapist in earnest that week.


@sox Aghhh, baby dreams! I don't have them often, but they always seem to be of 2 varieties: the first is when I guess my womb has gone a'-wanderin' and is whispering shit to my brain about how cute babies are and then I dream I have one and it's so wee and great! And then the other kind when my vagina is like, "Hells no, I'm in great shape," and tries to convince me that anything that comes out of it will be a demon-child.

To wit: I had a dream where I was on a cemetery tour, and this place was mondo-creepy - crumbling statues that seemed to movie, strange kinetic metal sculptures, moss everywhere. So the tour goes into this crypt and I see a bundle of rags in the corner that turns out to be a baby, but when I pick it up to cuddle it, it's eyes turn read and it smiles with a mouthful of sharp teeth and its neck flops over so that it's grinning at me upside down. And then I woke up and took all the birth control.

Roxanne Rholes

@leastimportantperson I think maybe crazy things happening but not hurting very much are some kind of meaningful dream motif, because I have those too. Usually it's giving birth (like, I begin to give birth and it doesn't hurt very much so my boyfriend and I just hang out wherever we are while I pop out a few babies) but I've even dreamt about getting shot and thinking "oh, no! This doesn't hurt now, which is weird, but it is probably bad to get shot and might hurt a lot later. Crud!"


@wee_ramekin Ugh, in my teeth losing dreams my permanent retainer comes out and all of the teeth with it. I also have those awesome ones where I'm about to graduate but somehow never went to my Latin class or something even though I've been out of school for 4 years now.


@sox I've had baby dreams, but far more often I'll have exam dreams. Like, I'll realize there's this ONE CLASS that I haven't gone to all semester and don't know anything about, and it will be something really complicated like physiological calculus psychology, and I have to take an exam! To make things worse, I'm usually late and can't find the classroom.

raised amongst catalogs

@D.@twitter In college, without fail, I would dream about my final exam the night before and wake up feeling as though I had already taken the test -- which made having to go and take it in real life feel like I was taking the test twice. No fair.

Roxanne Rholes

@vanillawaif I have had dreams about getting really mundane stuff at work done, and than I wake up all "that's odd, I didn't think I sent out that mailing but I guess I did!" or "man, I should install more filing space in my office in real life, not just dream life." The boringest! Where are my dreams about knocking boots with Clive Owen?


@sox I believe babies in dreams can represent projects or creations (or so I've read).
I had a dream where I gave my dream baby to an acquaintance to hold and she disappeared with it and I searched everywhere till I woke up. In real life I gave the same person a print I had made that I guess meant more to me than I thought.

Hope that helps!


@sox @everyone Aghhh, I kind of wish my nightmares consisted more of all of these? I tend to have horrifically violent nightmares. Like this one where I was out having a lovely picnic with some friends at some sort of festival (there was awesome lemonade!), and this break dancing group just starts shooting everyone. There was little a wave a blood (a la The Shining) that washed over the park.

I have a lot of murder nightmares. Someone trade me? Also, this seems to not be normal compared to everyone's baby/computer/teeth nightmares, which makes me feel a little cray cray.


@CurlsMcGirlypants If it makes you feel any better, for a long time I had recurring dreams where I was in a horror movie (but real life?) and about halfway through I'd figure out I was the killer everyone was running from, not the other way around.


@CurlsMcGirlypants Aw honey, no! I also have some violently terrifying horrific crap for nightmares. My little white kitty turned into a gushing ball of blood in my hands just a few weeks ago. I think this thread is covering more of the weird dreams than awful nightmare genre. I think you're normal at least!


@Maria Oh nooooooooo! I think that might be worse. Did you wake up once you realized you were the killer??

@sox Well, those are basically the only dreams I have (that or like, crazy accidents--a plane crashing into my yard, a semi crashing into my car, etc). Since those are pretty much standard now, I guess my weird dream (from yesterday, in fact) was that I owned a horse and kept trying to ride it around Phoenix to run my errands? And we kept arguing about what route was the best to take to each place. Hahaaa


@vanillawaif I have dreams where my teeth crumble and fall out of my head. They scare the bejeezus out of me. So much that I talk to my dentist about them. Just like everyone else is saying, my dentist tells me that those are very common dreams and that theyre usually related to stress. So apparently Im under more stress than I realize, as I have those dreams fairly often


@sox Oh, the baby dreams! Mine ALWAYS consist of finding a lost child, not being able to find its real mother, and taking it as my own.
I've also had tornado dreams every three months or so since the age of

Chesty LaRue

@Roxanne Rholes Hahahaha!
I have dreams that are about accomplishing tasks. They're not always mundane tasks, but I'm always working towards a goal. I sometimes wonder if that's why I sleep in so late on weekends, I work 10 hour days IRL, then I work on things for 8 hours at night, that's a lot of work.


@MoxyCrimeFighter Holy Jesus, what a terrifying dream!

Katie Scarlett

I listened to one of your podcasts a couple of weeks ago and I really loved some of the music. It kinda made me wanna make podcasts too! I probably never will though because I ALSO have an irrational fear of a neighbor/friend hearing me record it but also I'm kinda positive I'd come off like a jackass. Anyway, well done!


@Katie Scarlett Ooh - I was just going to ask what the name of the podcast was so I could download it!

Esther C. Werdiger

@Katie Scarlett Thanks! Make a podcast!

Katie Scarlett

@Bebe and @Esther Aw! Thanks pals!

Sometimes I sit and think about how much I love The Hairpin and how supportive everyone is and I get choked up about it. I'm totally serious.

The Lady of Shalott

I back up all my research and work religiously and I still have Laptop Dreams. Like when I dream that my laptop broke in half, or that I dropped it in the shower (I don't know why in my dream I had my laptop in the shower), or I've otherwise ruined it and lost all my data in some incredibly horrifying way.

It's almost worse than the teeth-falling-out dreams, which I once read somewhere are a very common anxiety dream. But I still hate them.


@The Lady of Shalott Oh my god, last semester my computer crashed and I had somehow messed up my last backup - I lost a YEARS worth of research. A whole year. *starts to feel nauseous just thinking about it*


@The Lady of Shalott

I saw your laptop last night, cruising along on a skateboard all by itself, taking chances with the traffic.



Have you tried data recovery? Expensive, but works. Don't give up until you look into it!

(I lost a lot of work once, too. Make that twice. And years of emails.)

Feminist Killjoy



@Rosemary McClure: I have that dream every day. Fully awake. Thank goodness for OnePassword and tiny notebooks at the back of desk drawers.


College radio for life. One of most favorite things of my whole college experience.


@districter Meeeee too, I loved being a part of my college radio station.


@districter WORD. WSLC whhhhaaaaat.


i've got crime-fighter dreams that take place in luxury houses in the tropics which are inexplicably behind my parents old house. for a while it was just myself, but then i got married so my husband and i paddle around the islands in my dreams now and solve crimes and chase terrorists.
brain, i love you sometimes.


@cc I have those! With a slight science fiction/post apocalyptic bent, usually.


I just subscribed to your awesome awesome podcast :)


So many of my anxiety dreams take place at "camp". WHAT IS THIS? I have never once been at a summer camp or anything. I guess I do watch Wet Hot American Summer a lot more than is normal, though, so.


Who's to say what's normal? If you wanna smear mud on your ass, smear mud on your ass - just be honest about it. Look, Gene, I've never told anyone this before, but I can suck my own dick, and I do it a lot.


@melis Why don't you just go fondle your sweaters already?


@wee_ramekin I never said that. I said I was gonna make...fondue with cheddar. Fondue with cheddar cheese for dinner tonight.


@melis Now, we need to make 8 gallons of bug juice by snack hour, do you know where the powder packets are?
In the pantry, above the sink, right next to my bottle of dick cream... Uh, wait, forget that last part.
Did you say dick cream?
No! I said next to my... stick... team, you know, stick team! Stickball! Shut up, go away, leave me alone!


@emilylouise And who would blame you for that! Fondle the sweaters!

Have you guys seen this:


@whizz_dumb You listen to me, you cigarette-smoking piece of shit. Mr. Kickass. Mr. Rubber-burner. I was in the Vietnam War.

The Lady of Shalott



@The Lady of Shalott Ahahhahahahhaaaa! I love that part so much!


Listen, Coop - last night was really great. You were incredibly romantic and heroic, no doubt about it. And that's great. But I've thought about it, and my thing is this: Andy is really hot. And don't get me wrong, you're cute too, but Andy is like, cut. From marble. He's gorgeous. He has this beautiful face and this incredible body, and I genuinely don't care that he's kinda lame. I don't even care that he cheats on me. And I like you more than I like Andy, Coop, but I'm 16. And maybe it'll be a different story when I'm ready to get married, but right now, I am entirely about sex. I just wanna get laid. I just wanna take him and grab him and fuck his brains out, ya know? So that's where my priorities are right now. Sex. Specifically with Andy and not with you.

Also @Hellcat NO I had not seen that. I looooooove Chris.


@emilylouise OMG you ladies are my people! One of my favorite lines from that scene is the last one "Specifically with Andy and not with you. But you're really nice, everyone thinks so." Best. Movie. Ever. I quote it way too much and no one ever knowssssssss, they just think I'm weird!

sarah girl

@emilylouise I am actually, physically incapable of pronouncing "journal" correctly after seeing that movie so many times. I ALWAYS say "gournal."


@emilylouise Oh, me too -- he is totally my celebrity BF. There's also this (I laughed and laughed):

"Special Victims Uuuuunit, baby!"

fondue with cheddar

@Hellcat Well guys, we've made it to the end of the summer in one piece, except for a few campers who are lepers.


@jen325 The best thing is introducing this movie to people who have never seen it!


@Hellcat Well guys, you rock. I am going to stream this movie on Netflix tonight, because this thread was so fantastic.
I only saw the movie once while drunk four years ago and all I remember is saying, "Niles! Niles?!" over and over again.

fondue with cheddar

@Hellcat It is! That and Arrested Development. My boyfriend and I are watching AD right now, and it's so much fun watching stuff like this with someone who's never seen it before.

The only problem is that he has this habit of immediately repeating lines that he thinks are really funny, and he ends up missing the next joke. I rewind a lot, because there's so much subtle humor in both, and missing any of the funny is just not an option.

fondue with cheddar



@BoozinSusan @Jen325 Yes, you guys -- NILES! Anything with Niles! Frasier is another one to introduce to people who haven't seen it (...how? What? But there are these people!) I think my own BF had some weird idea that Frasier was something else entirely and now he really likes it... which is good, because I have been know to drag out the DVDs when times get tough!

fondue with cheddar

@Hellcat Oh my goodness, that video was the best thing ever. Chris Meloni is my celebrity boyfriend too, but I'm willing to share with you. :)


I did six internships in college, and some were awesome but some were terrible. Before someone says, "Pay your dues, young one! You have to do this to advance!", I get it. But there was one place where I was basically expected to kiss my boss's feet every day as a thank you for letting her let me work for her for free. "Thank you, O great one! I get to stuff folders so you don't have to! THANK YOU!"

Also, I have major, major anxiety dreams about driving cars too fast and crashing.

apples and oranges

@bonnbee Ah! When I was in middle school I had a few dreams about being in parked cars that would just roll backward infinitely/until I crashed. Then a few months after I got my license, THAT HAPPENED and it was so terrifying. Turns out I was an idiot teenage driver and just didn't realize the car was in neutral.

Also what a shitty boss. You shouldn't have to suck up for the privilege of working for free.


@bonnbee I have these dreams too, usually they involve me being unable to see out of the windshield and going over lots of hills/around lots of curves. I had one the other night. I usually don't crash, it's just scary, but no one else in the dream seems to understand the problem.


@bonnbee I used to have those driving too fast dreams too! They were awful. And then I bought a car and learned to drive fast (like, highway fast, not racecar fast) and the dreams went away!

You'll be sorry Jo March

@bonnbee I have crazy driving anxiety dreams! Like, the pedals don't work correctly, and the steering's all off, and I'm so out of controooooool


@bonnbee There is a rumor floating around my industry that I very much believe - I work in film and one of the "grandfathers of the form" bahblahblah is bald and has a scalp disease. It is an intern's job to rub ointment into his diseased scalp daily. Like, with their bare hands. And people do this, presumably before quitting and going to work on Wall St or at a hospital or wherever it is you go to get as far away from film people as possible.

I am so glad I don't work for that company and never had an experience like that.


@redacted Ahhhhhh!!!!!!! I never had to rub things on my old crone boss' head, I would have died! I can't imagine. I guess for a young film student, rubbing lotion on Clint Eastwood or whomever's head might feel like a "foot in the door" thing but AHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

All I had to do was plan their events and write their ad campaigns for free.


@bonnbee me too! The brakes never work right!! Parking is impossible!

apples and oranges

I trained in martial arts for several years, and AFTER I took and passed my black belt test (probably the single one thing I have worked the hardest for, ever, sorry schoolwork/career opportunities), I had a series of dreams that I kept fucking up my test. Like I went to the dojo and the floor was tilted plus my feet were really sweaty so I kept slipping. Or I forgot to wear my brown belt to the exam, and all the old, super advanced black belts were very disappointed in me. Those were the worst dreams. Oy.


@kangerine I think this is like my most common anxiety dream, which is that I'm back in school in a class that I never went to in all semester and now I have to take the exam and it's terrifying. When I was in college, all of these were set in high school, and then they migrated to all being set in college. I haven't yet had one set in grad school yet, but it's only a matter of time.


@thebestjasmine Oh god, the dream where you realize that you somehow ignored a class all semester and now it's exam time. I thought I would stop having that dream after I graduated. Nope, it's still a regular. Sometimes I have it about the same imaginary class. Lately it's been geology. I've never taken a geology class in my life.


@yeah-elle My mom is 60 and still has these dreams about college!


@kangerine yep, i didn't have any anxiety dreams about taking the bar exam until after i'd taken it (and was waiting for results). I suppose we should be grateful that we didn't have them before, when they could've psyched us out? but, ugh, they sucked.


@thebestjasmine Me. Too. The worst part of this dream is how real it always feels...never fails to get my heart racing.


@Equestrienne Ha! I always think during my dream, "Well, I used to have an anxiety dream about this. BUT NOW IT'S REALLY HAPPENING." And I fail my test and my gpa goes down the tube and I wake up. I graduated from college 5 years ago.


@kangerine And it's always a math class...


@kangerine I have had more than one dream that I found out I couldn't graduate from law school this spring because I didn't take a required math class. "BUT I HAVEN'T HAD TO TAKE A MATH CLASS SINCE HIGH SCHOOL! I EVEN PLACED OUT OF IT IN COLLEGE!" No dice. I wake up in a panic every time.

Harbinger of Something

Esther! I got a tote (as a gift)! It arrived! It is the creeper-with-a dishtowel-cravat one, and I like it a lot. :)

ms. alex

Ugh, computer stress! I'm surprised that I don't have nightmares about that all the time, because I have had less-than-dependable computers/computer situations. The other day my husband's computer got a virus and maybe hacked (someone's been using our Netflix to watch Arthur cartoons and J.Lo movies, WTF?) and I had to reset all of my passwords that I've used on his computer because I'm paranoid and I kept forgetting them right after I changed them because it was like 2am and I was maybe a little tipsy. ( I now have an envelope of passwords.)
I can't believe it didn't turn into nightmares.


One of my secret dreams is that one day my brother and I will be on the Amazing Race. I honestly think we'd be pretty good at it. We work well and have fun together most of the time, but when the pressure's on we'd make good tv, if you know what I mean.


@isitisabel I'd be the worst. I have no sense of direction, I am impatient, and cannot drive a stick. However, those challenges on Survivor that involve standing on a narrow thing or hanging from something for a long time -- I'd have those in the bag.


@isitisabel I'd love to be on amazing race, but I don't know who with, and I'm not a us citizen :(


I promise not to harass you anymore about an empty etsy shop so long as we get comics less than a week since the last one. And on a Monday!!

Esther C. Werdiger



I actually do have those passwords written in a notebook! It stays in my apartment though. And not my banking ones though. Those ones stay in the ol' brainbox.

Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that)

@Megan Patterson@facebook I have my work-related passwords written in...
oh, crap, where did I write them? I should probably remember where they are.

I keep my banking numbers written down in the safe at home (yes, we have a safe, it came from Costco) just because you never know if your debit card for your savings account is going to disappear inside your house and you, like, need it for online banking.


I LOVE WFMU!!! That's all.


Hey yay!!!! Me too! Yahoo! You don't happen to be a best show listener?


@acanthe seven second delay. when it's good, it's just so so good (and it is NOT always good, lord knows). I don't tell people about it, though, because i don't think i know anyone who would find it funny.


@acanthe I was just dancing my face off at the WFMU post-holiday party in the studio the other night! I don't listen to it as much as I should (had to take the antenna off the car just to get a "blank" station for my iPod, so now no radio stations come in, and I always forget to listen online), but I have good friends who work there and it makes me so happy to see other people around the internet who are fans! Yay! (And, coincidentally, one of the friends there is the one I mentioned in the KISS Navy thread. Oooh.)

bouncy castle

@lue ME! I AM! It is one of my very favorite things in the world right up there with the hairpin and I have long dreamt of finding other listeners here yay yay yay


@bouncy castle
I'm So Excited About This!! If you happen to live in Portland (as in, Oregon), we should listen to the show together, dere.


@lue & @bouncy castle THE BEST SHOW! So excited to see the Best Show and the Hairpin come together. Dream Team!


Heyyyy passwords.

As a computer guy, I would like to share a fairly elegant solution that I use. It's a program called KeePass (http://keepass.info/). What it is, is a secure username and password box. Basically, you stick all your important info in there, and then remember one master password to open it up. It's encrypted, so there's no chance that it can be broken open if lost or taken (as long as your master password is decent.) And it has some nice automation touches, such as right click/copy username and right click/copy password, that makes populating login forms nice and painless.

So what you do, once you install this little program, is the program actually creates a tiny database file that has these username and passwords in it. So then, you basically back that file up to somewhere safe (Dropbox!), and there you go. Safe, permanently saved passwords.

I keep: All of my bills and student loan stuff in there, my tax PIN, my Sprint cell info, and my router/technical passwords in there. I trust it implicitly.


@Too Much Internet Oh, thanks! We have all of our mutual passwords (banks, retirement accounts, bills) on a thumb drive which is kept oh-so-carefully tossed in the back corner of a cabinet in our spare room. So if we lose that (which we probably will) we are screwed. This seems MUCH better...

Michaela Daniel@facebook

Most of my anxiety dreams have been taking place in high school band settings for years. Usually I'm fucking up and everyone can hear it, but there are also variations like missing sheet music, instrument, or clothes. Also, missing practice, chasing after a plane or bus. Ugh. I'd almost prefer my childhood falling-off-cliff ones to come back and replace them.


@Michaela Daniel@facebook Being late or forgetting important band and marching band related things is my anxiety dream too! Forgetting concert dress or uniform, messing up my solo, having the wrong instrument (?), being late or missing transportation to site, and going to the wrong place have all featured in these dreams. To make it worse about five years ago I really did oversleep and almost miss the bus on a two day marching band tour (and I was an instructor at the time! So irresponsible!) so the dreams seem even more realistic now!

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Whoaaaa wait Esther I met your sister! She's great! She gave me and my boyfriend a ride home from a party a few months ago. I sat in her kid's car seat. True story.

Esther C. Werdiger

@Sarah Wolf@facebook Ha! That's funny! And you must have a tiny bum.


My stress dreams are always about driving these days - I'm on the highway and I miss my exit and then I have to take all these crazy ramps and bridges to get back. Awful.


@AniaGosia Oh, and - when I was a kid I had anxiety dreams about giant waves rearing up to get me, but then one day while awake I realized that I could just dive into the wave and swim under it. Somehow I remembered to do that the next time I had the dream and I haven't had it since!


@AniaGosia I read in a dream book once (so, you know, grain of salt), that dreaming about water signified that's how you feel your life is going at that moment. So, if you dream of a lovely, peaceful lake, good for you, your life is lovely and peaceful. Maybe you were feeling like something was out of control/scary, and then you realized you can totally deal with it!

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God I love these comics. When they pop up at the top of the Hairpin (not that I have it open all the time...) I get so thrilled.


Esther, I can't believe that a fellow Melburnian has MARMITE and not Vegemite! I don't mean to mite-shame but I was shocked. Also I love you and please never stop making this comic.

Esther C. Werdiger

@Minnow I know, I KNOW.

Roxanne Rholes



@Minnow As a former Melburnian - Me too, lol.

I thought Marmite was for poms.... clearly I am wrong.

oh, george

Does anyone else actually love listening to other peoples dreams? I know its a convo topic that gets shat on a lot, but I really do like hearing peoples dreams! Especially the funny ones even the boring ones!


@rora I find dreams fascinating, my own and other people's. It is frustrating, though, to have these very detailed, ornate dreams and then trying to write them down/tell them to other people I never have the words to describe exactly what I mean.


@rora I like hearing themes of dreams (like "laptop" or "camp" or "I had a baby!"), but unless it's a very close loved one, I haaaaaate hearing detailed descriptions of people's dreams. I feel like they're all so dependent on the psychology of the person having them that I'm not going to be on the same page about the dream if I don't know the person really well... leaving me thinking "I know this means something to you but it doesn't mean anything to me so stop telling me about how your pants kept changing colors!"


@rora Are you sure? Because a few months ago, I had a dream that I was grocery shopping.

That was it.


Completely OT, but I just read the spam comment up there as "callous loving," not "casual loving" and thought, "Well, that's a pretty niche market, but yeah, I guess guys who work with their hands and have callouses are kinda hot...."

The internet has broken my brain.


@Bebe I DID THE SAME, but thought more of some kind of emotionally sadomasochistic relationship. Ignoring emotional needs, etc.

Roxanne Rholes

I recently decided my boyfriend and I should go on The Amazing Race, before realizing I had never seen it. I think this is A Thing. People probably just decide what "amazing race" means and invent the show around it.


@Roxanne Rholes In my head I always confuse it with the movie Rat Race, which I saw when I was in high school.


My most constant dream anxiety happens at the airport. I'm always going to Paris, and I never have any luggage.


@LaFabuliste Just remember, they have lots of good shopping there.


I still have dreams that I'm in danger and can't dial numbers correctly on a pay phone. A PAY PHONE. Why a pay phone? Still?

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@cc I solve crimes at the mall in my hometown! Which for some reason is attached to my old high school.

For a while I had a roommate I was quite close to who came along on all my crime solving adventures, but now it's just randoms I haven't seen in years unless you count Facebook.


My recurring stress dream is that I've agreed to married someone random (but that I know IRL), as just sort of a "yeah, ok, whatever, let's try this out" thing. And then a SOUL-CRUSHING FEAR of spending the rest of my life with someone I'm just "meh" about. Subtlety is not my not my brain's strong suit.


My recurring dream theme is toilets. TOILETS.
Way to keep it classy, self.
I believe they're supposed to represent how you view/value yourself. (The dirtier, the lower your self esteem etc.)


Lately all of my stress dreams involve minor social faux pas or something. The most recent one was about owing my boyfriend $20 that I kept forgetting to pay him back.

For some reason these still lead to me waking up gripped with the fear of the death and disaster.

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