Wednesday, January 25, 2012


The Color-Matching "Game"

Person One: This is stressing me out.
Person Two: [Five minutes later] Ughhh, what a horrible thing, why did you send me that? The quarternary stuff was awful. I got a 5.7.
Person One: Hahaha. That's when I gave up. I feel so tense right now!
Person Two: Me too. I wish I hadn't done it.
Person One: Haha.

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RK Fire

Quarternary? I was getting freaked out by the complimentary color phase.

Pound of Salt

@RK Fire Totally bombed the complementary.


@Pound of Salt

I thought we had to get the perfect complementary for each color so I was doing each one exactly the opposite in that section....

Porn Peddler

8.0 omg I got all my little buttons super out of whack by the end.


OMG QUARTERNARY. I have so much agita now.


@monicamcl I've played this thing so much now that I think Quarternary is a month.

Katrina Hall@twitter

I got a 6.7! The countdown part really got to me; I always freak out with a limited amount of time to accomplish things.


@Katrina Hall@twitter Yes! The countdown! I feel angry now.


That was the most stressful thing I have done in ages. Never mind the colors, I couldn't even figure out which circle corresponded with which pie at the end. And much as in life, I started feeling pressured, and so I chose poorly just so the choice would be made.


@redonion Right? It took me ages to even figure out that that part was important! I thought the colors were showing up opposite each other because, you know, complementary colors! They're opposites on the color wheel! This is why I got zero on that section.


@miwome Yeah, I got better, but by the time I got to quarternary I was all "Stop this ride, I want to get off!" And now I want to make everyone I know try it.


7.8! My art degree is not for nothing! Of course, now I can't see.

nevernude cutoffs

@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher graphic designer with a 5.8. THIS is why I'm unsuccessful?!??!


@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher Round 2: 8.3 I am improving, but my eyes are not. Knowing me, I won't be able to stop until I hit a 10, and by that time my retinas will just be fused together.

nevernude cutoffs

@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher You are a better woman than I. I quit. (<- this is actually why I'm unsuccessful)


@nevernude cutoffs Round 4: 9.2. I am going to go bliiiiiiiiiind but I can't stop someone help.


@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher I can't stop either. My round 4 was 9.4!! I'm graduating in May with a Graphic Design BA. Only when I reach 10 will I feel I can actually find a job when I graduate!


@heathnic It's like a Ouija board for arts-related job seekers! Or a magic 8 ball!


I got a 7.8, but the quarternary circles sent me into a terrible panic that might've also been a partial LSD flashback.


@applestoapples Ditto, and I wish they'd had some kind of disclaimer along the lines of "trying to do the quaternary with a laptop touchpad will make you insane. Use a frickin' mouse."


@Ophelia I did it with a mouse and realized that some weird part of my brain had split my hand-eye coordination.


8.9! By the end I was getting soooooo confused about which cursor corresponded to which quarter of the screen.


@drlolo I know, right! I got 8.4 but I'd have totally aced it if I hadn't gotten confused about that. I swear, I really would have.


@MerelyGoodExpectations yeah, i also feel like i was doing great, except for the parts where i got twisted around and ran out of time entirely. 6.3. weirdly, 63 is my favorite number, so maybe i just cant escape my destiny??


@drlolo Wow! I'm no longer proud of my 7.0 :/ The complimentary dragged my score down.


I wish there had been a practice round for each of the phases. I was art-deprived as a child and am only vaguely aware of what half of that meant.


8.8!!!! would have been more, but i clicked too soon on one.



@cc YOU AND ME BOTH, SISTER (brother?). Anyway, at least that $120k has made me feel superior in online color matching games.

Party Falcon

Oh god. 7.0. The hand-eye coordination thing really got to me. My mouse and the wheel and the timer and oh god, I need a drink.


8.3! And now I am awake!


I'm feeling abnormally proud of my 7.7. My college art professors were wrong about me!


I got sooooo confused initially with complimentary and what I was supposed to do. But I ended up with 6.5, so I guess that's not the worst. My little sister got an 8.8 but then, she's an art major.

hahahaha, ja.

It took me a while to figure out what the hell was up with the cursors in the "analogous" section. My brain totally freaked out when I got to that section and gave up. Now my eyeballs hurt. I'm going to use this as an excuse to take the next few minutes (or hours ...) off of work.

Anna Jayne@twitter

I liked it. I got a 7.8 overall but a 10 on quaternary and I'm going to tell everyone I meet today, because I'm so proud.


I got a 9.2 and now I am blind.


Also: was I supposed to learn something about color theory through all of that? Because all I did was match colors and figure out that saturation = brighter (I think?)

I am art student now.


@breccia Hear me roar.


Saturation is the "vividness" of a color... basically, how far away it is from being gray.


I did all right once I figured out what I was supposed to be doing.


@area@twitter I'm still not sure what I was supposed to be doing. I just tried to match all the colors, always? Not successfully, mind.

Faintly Macabre

@area@twitter Yeah, at first I thought that I was supposed to find the complement or something equal in saturation to the given colors, so frantically spun the little thing around. Oops!


I got like a 3.8 because I got to complementary and had no idea what I was supposed to be doing.


@Megan Patterson@facebook Complementary made no sense to me. I spent most of the rounds thinking I was supposed to put the colors in the opposite quadrants - so each half had both colors. If that makes sense.


@Megan Patterson@facebook Yes, me too!! I was super good at that leading one that was making the rounds a few months ago though. At least I have that skill to put on my resume, lol.


8.0... by the end i felt like i was in the twilight zone. what day is it?


I love how names have been removed to protect the innocent (or should I say the .. culpable?). BUT WHICH ONE OF YOU IS PERSON ONE?! That total jerk.


@redheadedandcrazy "person one"="patient zero"


You know what would improve that immensely? Directions.




@Bebe Yeah, right? I guess you have to have an art degree to even understand the concept.

:Cinnamon Girl:

@Bebe Yeah, like what did I just do? I played this color game and all they gave me was a bunch of numbers afterwards.


@pinkmoon I do, and I still couldn't figure it out.

Daisy Razor

6.7 with my daughter's help, which mostly consisted of pressing the caps lock and saying, "I helping! I helping!"


@Daisy Razor That is exactly what I did to help my husband last year while we were e-filing our taxes!


6.3......i didn't blink the whole time and i'm not even sure what happened.


Ack. My retinas are burned and I closed the tab before quarternary loaded. I'll try again when I get my vision back and need some extra stress in my life.


6.2! Auuugggghhhhhh my confidence is shot.


I got perfect or very good for hue and saturation so I chose to quit while I was ahead.


7.7, but I only got a 4 on complimentary.


Why can't I play the game?


I kind of loved doing this a lot and want to just try over and over.

But I also, back in the day, loved doing color correction. And like, room-noise matching when sound-editing. I am a loser.


@leon.saintjean I enjoy doing clipping paths on photos. I find it soothing.

Inspector Tiger

7.0 I'm so proud of myself. Also, I should study.


Holy crap that was stressful. I had to breathe between rounds. I also had no idea what I was doing. I still have no idea what I was doing.


um...1.3. so does this mean i'm blind or...i don't know what day it is...what year is this...who am i....


This thread is reminding me of the campus where I work, where the women are a bunch of freaked-out high achievers who MUST DO WELL MUST OR THEY WILL BE DISAPPOINTED IN THEIR FAILURES FAAAILURES...

I did fine until I couldn't figure out what I was supposed to be doing in the triad one. Googling the terms didn't help clarify what I was supposed to be making have happen.

fuck fuck fuck

@PistolPackinMama do you work at my school because that is me and everyyyyone i know.

i did it like 4 times. finally got that 9.3.


6.0 first time, 7.8 second time (once I knew what I was supposed to have done I got a lot better) However, now I think I need to get Lasik surgery again.


@iceberg 6.2. I did really poorly in the complement section...good thing my outfits tend to be monochromatic!


8.2, but now I can't see quite right


I much prefer this color game http://www.xrite.com/custom_page.aspx?PageID=77


@backstagebethy Yowzers, I am BAD at that one. I was mediocre at the one in the post (improvement the second time around, though!) but oof, that hues one? That is a whole 'nother story. I think I'll stick to wearing shades of black, white and gray since color is apparently not something I understand!


That was awesome. I got a 7!


@backstagebethy That game is AWESOME. Maybe I think so because apparently I have "perfect color acuity" ...

Auntie Maim@twitter

Feeling pretty good about my 7.2, but only until I tell my studio-art-trained husband about it ... he always kills me on these things. (Yes, we have done more than one color-acuity web challenge. We are nerds.)

Pound of Salt

I got 9s except for a 0 on complementary haha!


9.8! hellz yeah!


8.2 And probably having a heart attack.

All Mimsy

I got 8.4, but I could do better. MUST play again.

All Mimsy

Sadly 8.2, and I have stuff to do, so I have to stop playing with it.

Veronica Mars is smarter than me

I got a 6- or 7-something but that was because once multiple dots appeared I didn't understand what I was doing? I thought I was supposed to match the pies to their opposite (complementary) colors? 8.0 second time around. Perfect hue, very good analogous and quaternary, ok saturation, still terrible at complementary and ternary.


7.5 first round!!!

...mostly because I clicked on accident three times. Grr.


8.3 with a 10 in Saturation. I have to say though, I didn't find it stressful. But then, I tried to NOT use my brain much. I did it on a laptop touchpad and I just sort of moved my finger around until things matched...I didn't think too much about like, "Oooh, that is MORE saturated" or "Well, that is clearly more green, so I should move this way." There was a sort of disconnect. And that worked for me.


I am having trouble not just playing this game over and over. I have to get a perfect score! It has to be possible! (Highest score so far: 8.9) But work, I guess. I should also be trying to do that.


Okay, 9.7 on the fourth try. The key seems to be knowing which pie slice your cursor actually represents as early as possible. My worst one is consistently analogous for this reason. Time to call it quits, my eyeballs are pretty mad at me now.


I got a 7.8. I probably could have done better, but in my defense, I spent today putting together a horror show of a so-called "display" of purple, red, orange, and white in my textiles department, and I can't see anymore.



8.4 and I am an actual color professional! Haha.

My problem was time-choking.

I did like that I could do this in full view of everyone else and be like "what, I'm totally working right now."

fondue with cheddar

@MrsLlama I got an 8.3 and I'm a graphic designer. The time-choking was my problem, too. I know I'm good with color, I just don't work well under pressure!

Did you ever try this one? No time limit, so you can be perfect!

More covert than using my facebook account

@MrsLlama Oh yes, me too! I got 8.2 - I spend so much time every day matching colour, but I don't usually do it with a ticking timer. Also, it took me a while to figure out the controls, because my hand/eye coordination sucks.

Noelle O'Donnell

I managed to get a 9.2 but the timer on it made me feel something akin to seasickness.


9.8 bitches!!! I'm so glad my dad making me and my brother paint color wheel after color wheel at the age of 5 has finally paid off.

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