Friday, January 27, 2012


Space Sex Secrets

TGIF! What's your sweatiest, most nauseating space-sex fantasy?

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Josh is like Germany Ambitious and Misunderstood

Getting all up in HAL 9000's "central core" and "shutting him down".


Just Awesome!@l


Good lord, Not Applicable!

I am terrified of space. Amazed and captivated and fascinated and geeked-out and all that too, but I would NEVER, EVER want to go to there.
Agoraphobia indeed.


Of course I would have sex in space! How often does the phrase "event horizon" get to be double entendre?


6 words: TARDIS


Anything involving Newt Gingrich. Well, it's less a fantasy and more a nightmare.

In related news, I highly recommend Mary Roach's "Packing For Mars", about living in space; there's a chapter there on this very issue. If, you know, anyone's curious. (She's both professional and extremely funny.)


Would you do Newt on a boat?
Would you do Newt with a goat?
Would you do Newt out in space?
Would you do Newt ANYPLACE?!?!


@area@twitter LOVE her books. I want that job.


@MoonBat I literally have my shoulders hunched up like a vulture right now in pure instinctive revulsion. Oh God nooooooooooo

You'll be sorry Jo March

@MoonBat Would not, could not, ever ever ever ever ever EVER.


I don't want to get into specifics, but tentacles are involved.

I mean, obviously, right?

The Mythical Codfish

@redheadedandcrazy Well, yeah. Tentacles are kind of a given.

Michael J. Levy

But what about the risk of floating away during space-cuddling?

Porn Peddler

How was this actually published on a news blog? How has this been such a hot subject that it was asked of fucking space agencies?


@Third Wave Housewife - If there was just a "Fucking Space Agency" we could have had a one-stop solution spot.


Mine revolves mostly revolved around Battlesstar Gallactica characters. Maybe Starbuck.


@klw I obvs hadn't finished my coffee yet...


@klw I claim Boomer and the Chief.


Probably kick back with a nice Tang and vodka cocktail, then engage in some Klingon foreplay.

Anna Jayne@twitter

In space, no one can hear you cream
(I'm sorry)

Anna Jayne@twitter

@Anna Jayne@twitter Also I'm not sure why this posted as a reply to you, but Klingon foreplay: sign me up.


Does space sex make anyone else think of Revenge of the Nerds? Hooking up with the nerd who stole your boyfriend's Darth Vader mask in the wall-to-wall waterbed moon room? Hot... Or sexual assult? No, no--HOT.


Hold up! Never mind. I'm switching to be hot and bothered by the James Bond space sex in Moonraker.


Sweatiest space sex fantasy - anything involving Daniel Craig. Most nauseating - anything involving Newt Gingrich.


@Bittersweet mmmmmmmmm, Daniel Craig. Did you see that new image from Skyfall? (This one.) Just, goddamn is all. Goddamn.

Party Falcon

You know how they say you can't spill anything in space, it'll just circulate around the cabin forever and ever?

You ruffle my feathers in space, it's gonna look like the tail end of the world's sexiest slumber party, if you know what I mean.


Wow... I didn't even think I HAD a space sex fantasy until I saw someone mention Battlestar Galactica. I may have some new ones, now!


I'm stuck imagining a couple just helplessly flailing at each other while getting inadvertently velcroed to the walls over and over again until giving up in crestfallen exhaustion because it would have been so fun if they'd just managed to get the vectors right.


C'mon Astronauts! Do it for science! Also I can't even believe that no one has even wanted to. It would be the first thing I tried when I got up there, not gonna lie (although I agree it probably would work, though it might do nice things to my boobs?)


The republican primaries are getting to me. I had a sex dream about Newt Gingrich last night. Calista watched. It was weird.

hahahaha, ja.

Oh my god there are so many astronomy-related terms that make me giggle. Like the SExtractor (which works with .sex files), and the gethead command, and the probing, SO MUCH PROBING.

Jon Custer

Ooh! Mine is that a highly respected political magazine('s blog) would expend several hundred words giving serious consideration to the depraved and fanciful musings of one of the most physically and morally repulsive national politicians in the United States.


...I'll be in my bunk.


Y'all have read Packing For Mars by Mary Roach, right? Such an awesome book.

Crow T. Robot

Kim Cattrall. http://mst3k.wikia.com/wiki/Oh,_Kim_Cattrall


If I had enough capital to fund a venture, I'd pour it all into a porn production company that had the vision to start filming in zero-gravity. Because think of the endless plots! "How ever am I going to pay for these space pizzas??"


Has anyone ever watched Stargate SG-1(the series)?...Daniel... Awkward and cute and into conspiracies, kinda shy but muscle-y...*drools a bit* Seriously though, am I the only person who loved that show? Well, obvi not given that it went on for like 10 seasons....ramble, ramble...

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