Tuesday, January 3, 2012


So, When Exactly Is a Dubstep?

MTV created a 2011: The Year Dubstep Broke infographic to not help you understand god-knows-what about what the hell are they even talking about anyway?

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...what did dubstep break? Inquiring minds want to know.


@wharrgarbl My brain.


@parallel-lines I would also have accepted:

"my heart"
"my speakers"
"into my house"


this is definetly one of my favorites@a


It's this! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e6ZD-EvWVJI


2012: The Year Dubstep Was Fixed (so it can't reproduce anymore).


This is all I've ever cared to know about dubstep personally.



No references to dubstep itself? That's a pretty stupid "info" graphic.


@Ellie The symbols were so confuuuuusing.


Wait, what??

Nicki Minaj's "Roman's Revenge" counts as dubstep?! I guess I loved dubstep all along and never even realized it, then.

Also, let's talk about the last line on the infographic: the reemergence of Korn??!?!!? Just when I thought I'd seen everything.


@emilylouise They never really went away, they just sort of sulked in a corner over Slipknot having merged their bit with an orchestra-sized ensemble.


@emilylouise Yeah, exactly about Korn. I was all, "Wait, what?"


@meganmaria They made a dub step album to remain relevant and it makes total sense because I think the same kind of people who were into Korn back in the day are heavily into dub step now- it's weird to me how it's become such a "thing" but people love that wobble.


The only words I understood in this whole chart were "Britney" and "Spears".


Let's all not forget that Zomby's other full-length was not dubstep either... ;)


Sigh. I need an infographic that starts maybe like twenty years ago. Once I actually tried to trawl through all the subgenre pages on Wikipedia in genealogical order (as in, you know, dubstep is supposed to be the child of bass music and dub, or whatever), and then I gave up and decided my existing habits of "listening to many kinds of electronic music" and "being friends with a dj" would hold me.

How times have changed. When I was 15 I would come home from school and spend hours on the internet trying to reconstruct/memorize The Entire Essential History of Rock and Roll instead of doing homework.


Since the only thing on there I know is the James Blake album, which they apparently hate (huh? what? boo! hiss!) maybe I kind of know what dubstep is? Or not. I have no idea. I am an old.


@AmandathePanda Yeah, what were they trying to imply there? That it's not GREAT? Fuck this infographic.


@AmandathePanda It's what all the chic vampire clubkids will be dancing to in sub-B horror-action movies a few years from now.

Though I think it's a little hilarious if the wikipedia article is accurate, and the more aggressive American subgenre is really called "brostep." Because when I think of bros, the first thing I think of if definitely...heavy metal.


So, just last night I wrote the following:
"Tonight I figured out what dubstep is and I figured out what house is and I realized that while I appreciate dubstep's formalistic relevance to the contemporary moment, I like house better."

This was after I was in either Express or H & M and liked the particular "Gucci Gucci" remix that was playing. Later, back at home, I tried to find this particular remix on youtube thinking it would be a good resource for ambient domestic swaggering music. I discovered that there are a million "Gucci Gucci" remixes and that 999,990 of them are classified dubstep. I don't know how I realized that the one I liked was house, but dubstep is what I imagine I would hear right before dying too soon.

Though I claim to have "figured out what dubstep is," I don't think I can explain it to you; sorry.


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