Monday, January 2, 2012


Scissor Sisters and Azealia Banks (as Krystal Pepsy), "Shady Love"

The 20-year-old rapper with the best song of 2011 teamed up with the "pop rock, glam rock, nu-disco, electroclash" band for the first track to surface from the Scissor Sisters' as-yet-untitled 2012 album. It'll be officially available as a download on February 12, but in the meantime, this is its school play-themed music video about champagne and disembowlment. Nick Levine of NME goes more in-depth, if you need it.

[Via the lovely Maura Johnston.]

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Katie Scarlett

Looooooved it... but then again I'm biased toward any song that uses the word "booty." So.


Sometimes I doubt your commitment to the Crash Test Dummies.


I spy Summer Brule in the audience!


Is that little girl supposed to be emulating Yelle?



Really, any chance to post Yelle.


The shady love they have is really good. It is going to improve their relationship if you were to ask me. - Flemings Ultimate Garage Reviews

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