Monday, January 2, 2012


Scissor Sisters and Azealia Banks (as Krystal Pepsy), "Shady Love"

The 20-year-old rapper with the best song of 2011 teamed up with the "pop rock, glam rock, nu-disco, electroclash" band for the first track to surface from the Scissor Sisters' as-yet-untitled 2012 album. It'll be officially available as a download on February 12, but in the meantime, this is its school play-themed music video about champagne and disembowlment. Nick Levine of NME goes more in-depth, if you need it.

[Via the lovely Maura Johnston.]

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Katie Scarlett

Looooooved it... but then again I'm biased toward any song that uses the word "booty." So.


Sometimes I doubt your commitment to the Crash Test Dummies.


I spy Summer Brule in the audience!


Is that little girl supposed to be emulating Yelle?



Really, any chance to post Yelle.

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