Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Sam S. for President!

"I do not generally make a news year resolution because often times i forgot about it or that I don’t stick to it. I do feel like new years resolutions do work if you stay committed and have a plan to accomplish it I have never successfully completed a resolution, I have tried before but did not make one for 2012, besides living another year."
—Sam S. gives the correct answer to The New York Times' call for kids' thoughts on New Years' Resolutions. Good answer, Sam! Just a few years on Earth and it's obvious you already deeply understand futility. This may make you a lonely adult, but in happier news, I hope you run for President some day. Sam S. for President!

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"...However, the New Year should still be viewed with optimism and renewed energy. I definitely believe that people should cut back from technology. I do when i spend weeks at our house on Martha’s Vineyard with no electricity. Also i share with Mr. Maher’s cynicism about resolutions."



Wait, he's never completed a resolution, and his resolution is to live another year...



Kid! Why you stealing my lines! Aside from the very last bit, this is almost word for word what I tell people when we talk about New Year's resolutions!

Kitten Mittens

Maybe Sam could resolve to use correct grammar and punctuation?
(Is that mean?(tm esther))
Oh, God, I just grammar-snarked on a child. 2012, gonna be my year, everyone!


I could totally get behind Sam S. for president. You do mean Seaborn, right?

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