Monday, January 2, 2012


Portlandia Season Two, Episode One: The Allergy Pride Parade

The first episode of the second season of the delightful Portlandia, which officially debuts Friday, January 6, is available online — above, and on the show's Facebook page — if you're working today but didn't realize other people weren't.

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just coming here to express solidarity for the "working-today-but-didn't-realize-other-people-weren't" camp. who's with me?


@frushka GUESS IT'S JUST EDITH & I. (hay edith let's party)

one cow.

@frushka Mememe! The bus to work this morning was the saddest. Everyone looked super downcast. Our building is basically closed & the heat was off until just now. It's kind of nice! (Nope).


@frushka I didn't even realize it until I got all the way to the train station for my commute and saw there were only 3 cars in the normally full parking lot. And then discovered that the next train wouldn't show up for almost two hours since it's on a holiday schedule. I'm now working from home for the day.

David Buchta

@frushka I totally did this. Got to work, noted the barren parking lot, realized it was a holiday. Kinda nice to hang out alone at my desk for an hour though!

dracula's ghost

I am an academic, so every day is kind of equally a work day or non-work day depending on my level of motivation.

THE BATTLESTAR SKIT KILLED ME. To think they found an actual guy in portland named Ronald D. Moore and just cast him in that skit. And to see Adama and Gaius back together again!!!!! "I NEED YOU HERE. GET OUT OF HERE!"

My major crush on Gaius is reactivated though, damn it all to hell, that tiny little man shall be the death of me. I don't even know his real name!

"It's Ani DiFranco playing guitar with a nose ring"


@dracula's ghost RE: Gaius Baltar, the actor's name is James Callis. And I feel similarly.

dracula's ghost

@rosemaryandthyme WHY IS HE SUCH A BABE???


@dracula's ghost Floppy hair? British accent? Deep, soulful eyes? Oh no, wait, ALL THOSE THINGS. :)

I will admit that I watched some episodes of Eureka on Hulu largely because I saw him in the preview images. Lordy.


@dracula's ghost The best part is that the "random" dude with the longer hair joining the reading is the ACTUAL Ronald D. Moore.

Edward James Olmos passed out at the end was the best.


@madamvonsassypants The ending was perfection.


Just a little rant about Portlandia/IFC. This episode -- like the DVDs of the first year -- lacks subtitles or closed captions. That makes it/them pretty worthless to me. I have sent email and snail mail to IFC to complain, but have heard not a word of apology, explanation, or even acknowledgment. I think they're missing out on a sizeable demographic -- but what do I know, I'm just a deaf-ish person.


@purefog the Netflix instant stream of Portlandia season one has closed captions!


@aliceandstuff That's so weird. How can Netflix have them when the DVDs don't? Anyway, I kept my Netflix DVD membership and dumped the streaming, so, thanks but. . . .no.


@purefog Oh, boy. You're screwed then.

Kitten Mittens

Between this & "The League," Jeff Goldblum has been making a comeback in this Kitten Mittens' heart. (Oh, how I agonized over that apostrophe.)
Did anyone else see a Portlandia promo where Carrie works an awesome shorts-with-tights combo? This girl, I tell you, 2012 all-around inspiration.


@Kitten Mittens Jeff Goldblum is on The League which it never crossed my mind to watch. I love Jeff Goldblum since he became older. Really digging the older Jeff!


Hey Katie Walsh! Not sure if someone else reported in but at the SF Portlandia show someone asked Carrie about her lipstick but she gave a non-committal answer.




well I for one only realized just now that there would be any posts at all on the hairpin today, which if I had a new year's resolution to express gratitude for one thing every day, that realization would be my thing for today!


Iknow the stilt walker in that parade!

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