Monday, January 9, 2012


One New Single Baby (One New Single Baby)

The Pregnancé came to an end this weekend, and the folks at Taiwan's Next Media Animation were clever enough to sneak their cameras past hospital security. Here's how it all went down.

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I can't watch this right now cuz I'm in class, but do they use The Sims to make these things?


Beyonce and respects her new-born baby and estranged. In their family influence fortune expense.@j

apples and oranges

"Lucky sperm club lottery" HA

I read somewhere else about other parents not being allowed to see their NICU preemies.. if that's true, then the hospital and BeyJay screwed up. That is not ok.


@kangerine I want to read all about this gossip! But I haven't seen it mentioned anyplace else.


@kangerine I place the blame for that squarely with the hospital. It's not shocking that a pair of celebrities would want to take over the entire floor without any regard for anyone else, but shame on the hospital for complying.


Oh, the beautiful song of childbirth. I can't stop watching 0:05-0:08 over. and. over.


Is anyone else really disappointed with her name choice? I had such high hopes for them. This is the most passionate I've ever been about celebrity offspring, I promise.


@travelmugs I know. Blue Ivy... it sounds like a perfume I'd wear in middle school. Sigh.


@roadtrips I know! We were assuming she'd go with a quirky classic since she grew up with an unusual name-- getting inspired by old Hollywood or Harlem Renaissance writers or something.


@travelmugs - I'm furious. I believe Jay once said:

"If we had a daughter, guess what I'ma call her
Brooklyn Carter".

Brooklyn Carter isn't the world's finest name (Though one could do much worse!). It's just a feeling of borough loyalty betrayal.

Also, they have set her up to become a Batman Villain, like the evil offspring of the Ice Guy and the Plant Lady.


@leon.saintjean Excellent point. I take it back!

Porn Peddler

@leon.saintjean Re: Batman villain, so accurate I cannot even deal.


Oh my god, I'm so out of the loop! The BeyBe is born?! Shit! Must go Google...


Why is she Blue Ivy and not Ivy Blue, as was initially reported? WHY WHY? Ivy Blue is cute! Blue Ivy is terrible. Oh Bey/Jay.


@thebestjasmine My thinking is that they wanted to avoid the "Ivy Blue is just past tense for Ivy blows" and "Ivy Blue Carter? No, she blew Adam!" jokes that would be sure to proliferate.

Porn Peddler

@thebestjasmine Ivy Blue sounds very very porn-ish. For some reason, making "Blue" your second name is A Thing in porn.

Blue Ivy...definitely sounds more like a Batman character.



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