Thursday, January 12, 2012


Okay, Maybe It Wasn't Super Original

Screw you, New York Times, you just stole my 3 p.m. post for tomorrow. INCLUDING a recommendation for David Cannadine's The Decline and Fall of the British Aristocracy. (It's really, really excellent.)

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Did your list have Rilla of Ingleside?

Nicole Cliffe



Then you win! Post it anyway!


@Nicole Cliffe Please post it anyway! Or just list the books in a comment or something. Book lists are the best.


@Nicole Cliffe Agreed! I want to see it! I trust your recommendations more than the NYTimes.


I'm sure that requested new edition of Parade's End will be out any day now, as filming for the new BBC series ended a week or so ago. (I would mention that it stars Benedict Cumberbatch, but I am abashed by the amount of times I've mentioned that man on this website.)


As soon as that NYT article hit my twitter feed I was hoping for a follow-up here! Please do your post anyways, I love the book recommendations on this site!


Is it recommended reading because Downton Abbey is on? I'm going to imagine it is.


's on Flavorwire, too. Good grief.


Hah, I posted on Twitter two days ago asking for Downton-like book recommendations, and it was like the NYT was reading my MIND (or my Twitter feed, but I doubt that). But YAY Nicole, I am excited to read yours too! One that a friend recommended but was not in the NYT article was House at Riverton, and the amazon writeup of it looks amazing.

Also, I was seriously going to email to the What Old Book Should I Read Lady this very question. I should have known that Nicole would take care of us.


AHHHH NICOLE. I had to register just to tell you that I HAVE read all 850 glorious pages of The Decline and Fall of the British Aristocracy based on your recommendation from Lazy Book Reviews, and then I spent the whole summer forcing people to talk about the slow, inevitable collapse of the landed gentry.


@Interrobanged I want to read it but it's not available on Kindle! But you're telling me it's worth procuring a copy of the, like, actual dead-tree book?

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