Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Oh, Hedwig

Here are a bunch of reasons to hurry up and get a crush on Hedy Lamarr, aside from her awesome name. And face.

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oh wait, it's totally not.


@PistolPackinMama: JINX


@PistolPackinMama IT'S HEDL---dammit don't you people do anything besides wait for new posts? Just once in my life I want to be the first person to pull out the Blazing Saddles joke.


@Yahtzii No, not usually. But I am on winter break still, and I am extracting every minute of pointless faffing out of it that I can.


"It's not Hedy - it's Hedley. Hedley Lamarr..."


Everyone always forgets that she also has a headcrab named after her.


@DoctorDisaster: You mean a Hedy-crab?


what a badass. this was like a mini Scandals of Classic Hollywood!


@heyits I know! So good!

But now I'm scared because I am worried that Anne Helen Peterson won't write about Hedy because now we know all about her...


@wee_ramekin I'm sure there's more to know! AHP has access to all the good dirt.

raised amongst catalogs



@wee_ramekin She was married six times or something. There's got to be more dirt in there somewhere.

Emma Peel

@wee_ramekin I read the book and could only think it would have been much better if AHP wrote it. (Too many patents, not enough personality, I thought.)


@heyits Hedy was definitely on my wishlist for future Scandals! Maybe we'll be lucky.

(And I delurked and registered just to second this. Surely that counts for something!)

raised amongst catalogs

I cannot think of Hedy Lamarr without thinking Elizabeth Enright's And Then There Were Five -- when Rush Melendy decided that if Hedy were a vegetable, she'd be a pearly onion. Anyone?

Emma Peel

@vanillawaif I don't remember that part but I loved those books as a kid. Even now "The Four-Story Mistake" is basically my mental comfort read and the book I secretly want to inhabit. (OMG, they've been reissued! With horrible cover art, predictably, but still.)

fondue with cheddar

Too late. I already had a crush on her.

I am disappointed that the simulated orgasm was not part of the video clip.


@jen325 Samesies! I've been obsessed with this lady forever. I mentioned her on another hairpin article because she's just... just crazy awesome.

fondue with cheddar

@insouciantlover She is! More smart hotties! And hot smarties!

Setec Astrology

I thought this is where you were going when I first saw the headline.

Can we get John Cameron Mitchell to write a guest piece (or four) for The Awl Network™?


"Legend has it that Lamarr approached him for endocrinological advice on increasing her breast size, but the two soon began chatting about weapons..."



@jen325 !!!!!!!

Miss Murphy

Plus she was Austrian. That's quite a feat, seeing as we don't have that many "most beautiful women in the world" on offer. Well, we don't have that much of anything to offer, really.

Pocket Witch

I have had a crush on her since following a link off of the Half-Life wiki.

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