Monday, January 2, 2012


Janopause vs. Drynuary

If you're looking for a reason to bail on your plans for an alcohol-free January, the Daily Mail is dependably right there with you, murmuring about liver health. (The British Liver Trust is, too, if you'd prefer a more-reliable source.) The Mail does appear to have coined the term "Janopause," however, which must have been a fun editorial meeting, while "Drynuary" is more popular ("popular") in America — although "Can we find a better word for it?" asks Jolie Kerr. "'Drynuary' sounds like a vaginal affliction, and frankly things are hard enough, you know?" I know.

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"White Month" is best. Please don't tell anyone an alcoholic, cross-dressing alien taught me that term.



Jolie Kerr

I'm so thirsty you guys.


@Jolie Kerr I really hope you'll live-blog your dive off the wagon come Feb. 1.

Unaccompanied Lady

I plan to stop menstruating in Janopause. But just wait until February! Shit's gonna flow.


@Unaccompanied Lady: Your description of menstruation concerns me.


Yeah those both sound like Lady Problems ("You might be suffering from Drynuary"). Maybe we should just move the whole damn thing to February and call it Sobruary? I mean, February is also the shortest month, so.


@Layla This is clearly the correct thing to do.


@Layla But February is my birthday AND also everyone's favorite love-to-hate holiday, ol' Valentine's Day. Two occasions that, for me, always mandate shockingly large amounts of alcohol.

I know a couple people who do "Sober October" but frankly, rhyming is just not a good enough reason to give up booze, in my opinion.


@Layla Yeah. Ugh, those are both awful names.


@emilylouise There's always the third month: Parch.


@Layla It has the advantage of easily going from Drybruary to Febrewary.


@emilylouise Sober October becomes Oc-Sober here, for those that are really keen (ie. not me)


@kiamaria I did Oksoberfest this year, and it was pretty manageable. Plus, Halloween is a good way to break the fast.




Read as Wangouary, might resolve to bed as many wangs as possible this month?


@laurel I'm going with "Straightedguary" in homage to my (unknowing that it had a real subculture name) straight-edge high school days.


I didn't know that doing an alcohol-free month after partying down for the holiday season was really A Thing. Can't we just have allocated three months' worth of booze budget to 6 weeks?


When I saw the headline, I thought it was going to be about how my skin is so dry in January with the cold outside and wind and heat inside. I hope Jane has some cures for that.


@thebestjasmine Yes please. Also a how-to-not-look-like-you're-dying-of-consumption-because-you-turn-beet-red-and-white-when-it-gets-cold makeup tutorial.


Plan ... for an alcohol-free ... January??

hahahahaha okay. yeah.

I already would have failed this one.


@redheadedandcrazy although i would like to say for the record of me not being a horrible person that i do DD frequently in the winter - mainly because it's too cold otherwise, but STILL.


Is this a bad time to mention I just bought a new bottle of Bloody Mary mix?


@area@twitter Nah. Typed she who just opened a bottle of Winter Ale.


i have made an attempt at this for years, have always called it "sober january." not very catchy, but not as wretch-inducing as janopause or drynuary.

ms. alex

I think this would be better for maybe springtime or something, because in January it's freezing (here, at least), and I just discovered the greatness of mulled wine and wassail, so until I'm out of brandy, it's not time to go sober.

Marion Corbett@facebook

Dry July works in Australia but then it is cooler here then and there is no 4th of July to fall off the wagon for


It's obviously Januwagon, y'all, though I'm a four year veteran Octsober practitioner myself.


@Exene Also, regarding Octsober, I eagerly awaited the advent of "Novembooze" this year, while my bf kept calling it Novembutt, alcohol being the most effective known anal sex lubricant.


But if you aren't drinking in January how do you get through the freezing worthless emptiness that is the month of January?


Dude. It's too cold in Chicago NOT to drink in January. Just saying.

Faintly Macabre

What if you don't think you've drunk enough (like...4 drinks total?) in the past month and need to drink more? Ginuary?


@Faintly Macabre I am definitely on board with the idea of 'Ginuary'.
Anyway, not drinking in Jan was never going to work, it's my mother's, mine and my father's birthdays once a week from next week. Champagne, y'all.


@Faintly Macabre If some sort of "Januarwine" were established, I'd be way ahead of the game.

femme cassidy

Huh. That sounds weirdly easy, actually. I wonder if it would be easy in real life. But I've had a beer with dinner the last two nights--can I start late?


Just move it back three months and call it Sober'tober.


May be an abbreviation ST- 'Sober Time';)
Sounds imposing! I had it after the NY parties. That was absolutely necessary, you know.
Aww, and if you don't know what to do in your 'white month', you can try this crossword puzzle maker/a>.


May be an abbreviation ST- 'Sober Time';)
Sounds imposing! I had it after the NY parties. That was absolutely necessary, you know.
Aww, and if you don't know what to do in your 'white month', you can try this crossword puzzle maker.


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