Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Goodbye, Martha Stewart

Fans of The Martha Stewart Show will be saddened or not tremendously surprised to learn that the show is reportedly going off the air in April, due to poor ratings. The Post claims, however, that "Martha’s TV family is planning a lavish Oprah-style send off for the program," so that's something to prepare for. (Jolie, what should we do?)

In tribute, let's remember one of the times she was drunk on air and talked about hot guys and wearing bikinis. Love this woman.

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Nooooooo! I legitimately love this show. Plus I went to see it in December and it was super fun, and as a member of the studio audience I got so much swag I had to fill out a W9 form.


@solidgold Ah, jealous! The one time I was in the audience was for a health episode, and all I got was some lousy contact solution.


so niceeeeeeeeeeeeee @a


awesome. does this mean it's my turn?


@Lucia Martinez I don't know what you'd do, but I would support it.


@JessicaLovejoy it would be like martha, but queer. and legal.


@Lucia Martinez

I'm glad they got Martha for her insider trading. It nearly brought down the economy! Without accountability, where would we be?

Jolie Kerr

Let's get hammered and fold a whole bunch of fitted sheets in tribute!


@Jolie Kerr I can't really even do that all that well sober.


@atipofthehat So, I do it basically like that, but it NEVER comes out all pretty and square. Sigh. Fail.


My favorite Martha Stewart moment ever: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Ocre0kXgvg

I'm seriously going to miss that show. :(


@J Keems@twitter I never really watched it but thinking of favorite Martha clips inevitably brings me to this one. Baby Thanksgiving!



@boysplz THAT IS NOT OKAY!!

My favorite moment is when she told Lindsay Lohan she should maybe stay in for a night instead of going out. She was basically trying to be a real mom to lindsay instead of a disaster mom. There aren't any good quality clips of this...


No. No no no no no no no no no no no. No.


Martha Stewart is a stone cold fox and puts all other domestic show hosts to shame. (Actually, I don't know of any other domestic show hosts, but if there were any, rest assured Martha would still be the best.)


I still miss the original Martha show from way back, without the live audience, but this makes me sad. I might pay tribute by finally making her macaroni and cheese > which apparently is THE mac and cheese recipe.


@curryspice IT IS. So delicious. We should all make the amazingly rich, gruyere- and bechamel-laden mac n cheese in celebration/memoriam.


@hulia -This is a great idea. Then we can fold our fitted sheets, as Jolie suggested.


@curryspice You will not be disappointed. I think there are a couple different versions of the recipe out there. Definitely go with the one that calls for gruyere.


@curryspice Agh, fitted sheets! Could we watch the youtube videos 34 times and still not figure it out? Because I've totally done that before...


@hulia - We can! It will be just like that time I tried to learn how to knit by watching youtube videos.


So best. Soooooooooooo best.


my mother and i have both been on vacation for the past two weeks and we have watched reruns of this show every day. what's on right now? THE STICKY SHOW.

elysian fields

Edith, you almost gave me a heart attack! I read the headline and thought "OH NO! MARTHA IS DEAD! I'm not ready for this!"

Inspector Tiger

@elysian fields haha, I thought so too!


One of my besties used to work there - part of her job was getting Martha her scripts every night. For a while, Martha was staying on some gajillionaire's yacht, so my friend would have to bring said scripts to the pier, where a guy in a dinghy would pick them up and motor on out to the yacht, where MS would then receive the script and not read it. Yaaaaaaay!

I hope she gets another show set in one of her gorgeous homes so she can get back to Martha Basics. I don't really like her with an audience... I'd rather she teach me about edible glue and lavender water without a guest to sneer at.


@Megoon Agreed. I want to see her walk around a yard that I don't have, with dogs that are far cleaner than mine will ever be, and cook things that I JUST might be able to make at home, if I were to successfully harvest my own produce.


@Ophelia Ahhhhh the clean dogs! Yes!


@Megoon I prefer the old format as well.

:Cinnamon Girl:

@Megoon They made her get an audience after the whole jail thing because people thought she was "stuck up" and a "perfectionist" and "not relatable enough." She also used to memorize the scripts, too, but I think they made her stop doing that... Dumb asses. Martha doesn't need your help. She knew a good thing.


I used to watch her old show (without the live audience) after school every day when I was in elementary and middle school. It was a Good Thing. Marthaaaaaaa.


Was anyone else getting really really strong Mallory Archer vibes from her once she started drinking? I was just waiting for her to bust out, "Do you want ants? 'Cause this is how you get ants?!"


First of all I love drunk Martha. She is someone with who I would want to drink sidecars while dishing about stuff we did when we were young.

I loved her old show so much. She really knew how to sell the dream. I have some of her older crafting/entertaining books and they are just so over the top and fantastic. Like her.


Is it just me, or does she look like Aunt Zelda from Sabrina the Teenage Witch in that picture?

Mrs. Coach McGuirk

As long as she continues her magazines, books and twitter, I think I'll survive. But I really really do LOVE Martha.


@Mrs. Coach McGuirk But I also heard Home Depot is cancelling her paint line. I guess eveyone was like me and color matched her paint chips to better quality paint.

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