Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Canned Whisky

"When the top is perfected, people will maybe have half a can with their friends and save the rest."
—Eight: the number of shots in a single can of Scotch.


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Oh good, portion control! I probably average about 12 oz of whiskey when I drink it, so this will keep me from going overboard.

(No it won't, I'd probably crack another can "to share".)


@Brunhilde Oh god then you'll have 16 ounces, that's "too much" for one so you'll need friends and that'll mean a third can, but then it's a party and you'll need even more...
And this is the poptart problem all over again.


@Onymous Oh wait 12 ounces, not 8...

Well still problem, maybe worse.


Dear Whisky,

I don't care where you have been in the past, I care that right now you are in my glass. I love you and will never leave you.


PS - Actually, I'm in love with your sister, Rye. But there's room for polyamory, no?

Four Horsemeals of the Eggporkalypse

They need to make a whiskey and coke travel pack you can mix together, like those yogurts that come with a little container of granola on top.


@Four Horsemeals of the Eggporkalypse - Or like the bottles of drano where the two halves don't mix until you pour.


Perfect after a meal of canned lettuce!

Oh, and the can liner? Undoubtedly BPA. But I'm sure it won't interact with the strong alcohol in any way.


I kind of want it to come in small shot or shooter sized cans, like how energy drinks used to be when they tasted like ass and shame instead of candy. Kind of because the prude in me is worried about people binging on big cans but mostly because the girl in me loves tiny sized things.


@OhShesArtsy Consider mini-bottles. (However mini-cans of whiskey would be cute, but too small to be practical.)


Giving new meaning to the phrase 'shitcanned'.


If you can't put it in your pack pocket then it's not good to me.

Aesthetically pleasing!
Keep it in your pocket!


@JoanTition I apparently can't type. Let's pretend English is my 2nd language. That's a good excuse.


@JoanTition And sustainable!


Scotch in a can is sacrilege. But at five dollars...I'll just transfer it to my metal flask and pretend it never happened.


@applestoapples Oh look at you, you baby genius.


*waves goodbye to liver*


This does seem to fit the Texas tradition of opening a fifth of whiskey and throwing the cap away.

Terror of the 416

My eyes, after that picture on the next post, read this as "people will have cancer with their friends and save the world," and that woke me up in a hurry.

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