Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Blockhead and Lizzy, Sitting in a Tree

Hip hop producer Blockhead  made a song with Lizzy Grant before she was Lana Del Ray and he really liked her and he wrote all about it, then and now, and posted the track today and I CAN'T FEEL MY FACE!?

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Anyone else listened to the full album? It's...not as good as the YouTube stuff. Waaaaaaay too overproduced.


great job.@l


huh, interesting. i really like the original beat; i would've liked to hear the song with that. also, man, that snl performance is painful to watch


What an interesting layer to this whole thing, and the first blog post by blockhead about what it was like to watch the process in the studio was pretty amazing. This totally made my morning, I really didn't expect it to!


Did anyone else listen to the stuff she released in 09 that has since been disavowed (am I using that word correctly?)? The whole authenticity argument is weird, I don't know how to feel and my face gets too twitchy if I think about it too hard. I emailed her once and got an mp3 of a demo track. We follow each other on twitter nbd.


I dislike Lana del Rey. Before reading this article, I viscerally hated her. +1


Sitting in the tree is really good. They will have to make sure that they get this thing going. - Ellerslie Mission Society

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