Thursday, December 22, 2011


You Don't "Need" a Champagne Saber...

Although master sommelier David Glancy would beg to differ. No, he actually agrees: "you could use a heavy chef's knife, [or] you could use a real sword ... but it just needs to be heavy." The Times also has a colorful written tutorial: "Why would anyone take a blade to Champagne?" Toby Cecchini asks. "Well, frankly, it allows you to embrace your inner jackass under the guise of being dashing, with the entire drippingly elegant historical pageant of Champagne to lend your puerile posturing legitimacy and panache. I still can’t decide if sabering Champagne is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of, or one of the greatest, but it’s precisely that tension that makes it so stirring." If you decide a Champagne saber is something you or someone you care about does need after all, they're available for $299 at Wiliams Sonoma, among other places.

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I've embraced my inner jackass and sabered a bottle of champagne after I saw Zane Lamprey do it on his "Three Sheets" show. It's a lot of fun! Although, I didn't prep as much as this dude. Maybe I should have been more careful? At least I was outdoors.


Anything to bring the people more knives.


I love the comment bubble about not trying this when you're intoxicated - but frankly, that's exactly when I'd want to try doing this. Maybe I should appoint a "designated saber-er" on NYE - my best friend is knocked up maybe I'll make her do it.


@allinmycar Yeah, I didn't mention the part about my perhaps already having had several adult beverages when I thought trying this out was a good idea. "Hey, it's cool, guys! I saw it on TV!"


i just can't get over how douchey that guy seemed. and how i would SO much rather drink out of a smooth, intact bottle end than that mess.

Edith Zimmerman

This brings back memories of being at one of Adam Z.'s basement parties in high school -- one time the star of the basketball team was there, and I couldn't open my beer, and he helped me by bashing it against Adam's weight-lifting bench (or whatever it was) and glass flew everywhere and foam poured out the top, and we both laughed, and it was awesome, but then he handed it to me and kept talking to his friend and I had this jagged beer bottle all freaky and broken at the top. Ahhh. Remember?! Youuuu guyyyssssss.


@Edith Zimmerman I wouldn't know; Adam Z. never invited me to any of his parties. Sounds like you guys all had a really great time without me, though.

Edith Zimmerman

@melis Oh it totally wasn't a PARTY party or whatever, it was more just like this get together, I don't know, seriously not a big deal? You know? No but seriously it was really lame. I mean, not literally lame, lol actually thinking about it I'm remembering so many of the funny and amazing things that happened, but honestly NOT a big deal def not a party


@Edith Zimmerman All I'm saying is, when my parents finally get that pool put in this summer, I'll know who my real friends are.

Esther C. Werdiger

@Edith Zimmerman One time, in Puerto Rico, I opened up all these beers ON A PALM TREE for these kids who asked me if I had a bottle opener. I felt cool :( literally


@Edith Zimmerman this Minnesotan dude I met once used a butter knife to slice the top off a bottle of Miller High Life. Then he handed me the bottle, and I wondered how I was going to enjoy the champagne of beers with blood in my mouth.


@heyits I actually like High Life? But blood kind of ruins it, obvs.


@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher me too. It's so damn refreshing.


@Edith Zimmerman I DOOOOO remember parties in Adam Z's basement! High school was so weird.


The faces he made! In slow motion! I think I might know what his O face looks like now.

Sunny Schomaker

Maybe it's my Midwestern frugality talking, but that just seems like a waste of booze.


Does the saber come with the Dr. Strangelove costume?


@teddyv: I just spit out my Champagne...


Wait wait wait did he put the foil IN HIS POCKET to get rid of it? I think I love him.


I think you lose any cool points you may have gained from the "cutting off the top of the bottle with a goddamn saber" by dressing like that for the act.

sorry your heinous

I have my great-grandfather's old army saber and have used it to open champagne a few times. It is fun.


I'm in love with him in his protective gear, only.


I learned how to do this with some bottles of Andre and a butcher's knife. It's easier than it looks.


So am I the only one who was super-excited to learn how to saber champagne, but then fucking failed? Like, just stood there wacking champagne bottles with a saber for, like, 10 minutes, under the tutelage of a professional champagne saberer and just couldn't do it. Shut up champagne saber man. Shut your stupid face.

Sabrer le Champagne@facebook


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