Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Throwing Down the Prune Gauntlet

"The European Commission's advisory panel ... has rejected 95 per cent of claims for plant-based foods, maybe in many cases with good reason, but among the claims rejected is the claim that prunes have a laxative effect. I have asked the Commission if it is satisfied with the criteria and the methodology used for testing such claims, because I know that prunes contain two substances, sorbitol and dihydrophenylisatin, which have laxative effects. ... I have also invited the Commissioner responsible for health and consumer policy ... to a prune eating contest to see for himself."
—Meanwhile, in England, they're planning a feast.

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also good: coffee.

since no one seems to have anything to say about prunes, I'm going to 1. declare my love of figs and 2. wish myself a happy birthday by linking to the following vids, both from Funny Face:
Clap Yo Hands and On How To Be Lovely.

you're welcome.


@Lucia Martinez Happy birthday to you and also me! It has taken me a while to warm up to figs, but no time at all to warm up to those videos. Thank you!


@Lucia Martinez

I also love figs.

VV la fica!


@hyphenanne happy twin birthday! (technically quadruplet because you're the third person I know with the same bornday.)

Vera Knoop

@Lucia Martinez
Happy birthday!

And figs are delicious, fresh or dried.

A fig-related recipe that I made a couple of days ago:
-core a pear (I used red bosc)
-remove the stem from a dried fig and plug the bottom of the cored hole with it
-chop a few other figs (and nuts, if you wish-- walnuts would be good here) and mix with honey
-pour the mixture into the pear and bake at 350 for about 20 minutes or until tender

dj pomegranate

"Last month, the EU concluded there was no evidence to prove drinking water can prevent dehydration." No more prunes and water! Cocktails and cookies for everyone!


@dj pomegranate

Dihydrogen monoxide is very real, and very difficult to avoid.


@dj pomegranate

So You've Decided to Drink More Cocktails


The prunes are revolting!


Ok, now I have to poop.


Prunes are awesome and there is a recipe for prunes cooked in Armagnac in Martha Stewart Living this month, FYI.



I prefer to get myself stewed on armagnac.


So, food dehydrator: good purchase or bad idea? The concept of infinite fruit leather in my future seems very tempting right now.


My baby has been shitting like golfballs and the doctor told us to give her prune juice!!! So I hope it is true that prunes work, because the look of terror on her tiny face when a poop is coming... : (


@iceberg I'm sorry, I laughed imaginging that face.


@Megan Patterson@facebook Not gonna lie, it's hard not to... they have no idea what is happening "ohgodohgodohgod my insides are coming ooooouuuutttt!!!!"



@iceberg - oh it will work. oh yes...god yes. go slowly. a little at a time. work up in volume if you must. but be warned. a vesuvius awaits. a pneumatic cannon shooting rancid chili one thousand yards is how one shocked father described it.


I love prunes! They're one of my favorite dried fruits.

Pocket Witch

@thebestjasmine I know! They're so delicious, but everyone I know is all like, "eww gross they look so nasty".

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