Thursday, December 1, 2011


"The Photo That Brought AIDS Home"

Today is World AIDS Day and a nice/sad way to spend part of it is with this LIFE photo essay about one of the most iconic images of the epidemic. (Be sure to click "Read more" under the photo descriptions.)

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Fascinating, beautiful, and heartbreaking.
I find the 5th slide particularly interesting. I am too young to remember the Benetton ad when they came out, but I knew about it, and even studtied it in classes (art history and political science). She right - the one voice that is never heard in those discussions is the family's. Her explanation of why they agreed the photo to be used is very moving.


Oh god, sobbing at work now.


I- oh my God. Um, wow. You should definitely read about these, but probably at home, or else you're going to wind up trying to discreetly sob at your desk like I am.


this is phenomenal--thanks for posting it.

Pound of Salt

Such overwhelmingly beautiful, sad, alive photos. I was particularly struck by the one of Peta swimming and of Peta in the wheelchair with the Kirbys by his shoulder.


This is wonderful, and I like that Time doesn't make you register to report a hateful comment.


Wow. I was holding it together until I got to the part where David's parents came back to care for Peta, his caregiver, when Peta was dying a few years later. That is some touching fucking shit.


This has made me feel that photography is Important in a way I never did before. Thanks for posting it. I am really indescribably moved by the actions of the Kirbys and Peta and Frare. They are all wonderful people. I don't really have the words for what I want to say here, but again, thanks for posting.


I've always thought that it was the image of David's father, a stout midwestern dad-looking guy, anguished over his dying son, that softened homophobes' hearts.


Wow. Those photographs are brutally touching.

Have you guys seen the Julie project? http://www.darcypadilla.com/thejulieproject/statement.html

Tits McGee

@Craftastrophies That was amazing, thanks for sharing. I hadn't heard of The Julie Project before but now I won't forget it (in a good way.) Thanks very much.

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