Thursday, December 15, 2011


The League of Ordinary Tote Bags

Yes! Fans of Esther C. Werdiger's League of Ordinary Ladies comics can now enjoy the series in tote bag form! Run-click, do not walk-click, to Esther's Etsy store, where each glorious $18 tote (of which there are currently 41) has an "ENTIRE original comic printed on the bag," writes Esther, "and the comic is about shopping. Having bags to suit specific occasions is good and special."

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This is amazing/going to sell like hotcakes &c.



I know! But when is the Hairpin Store opening?


Ahhhhhh where was this last week when I was shopping for a Secret Santa exchange with my ordinary-ladies-obsessed bff???? WHATEVER I'M STILL EXCITED. All the caps-lock, all the time!


AMAZING! Oh my god, but I am so broke.


Aaargh I wish I had even a little need for a tote bag. The dishtowel cravat guy!!!

Katie Scarlett

@Probs I was so thrilled to see that was the comic she picked! Probably my favorite character in literature ever.


This is perfect timing because last night on my way home from a potluck I dropped my tote containing my casserole dish on the subway platform and the dish broke and now there are holes all over the bag from the glass poking out.


@phlox I was thinking the same thing, due to a combination of unravelling and an unexpected dog food disaster.

oh, disaster

I need a tote bag that says "And I was like UGH" so that instead of saying that a thousand times a day to my friends, I could just point to it.


Ooooooh and it has those lovely big straps...


Can you pretty please make a tote with this one? Because it totally summarizes my life.


I'm not sure whether the fact that the "favor" for guests at my wedding was a tote bag means I am a) awesome, and ahead of the zeitgeist, or b) kind of insufferable. Hmm.


@Ophelia I take joy in being insufferable.


@figwiggin You would, Gary. ;-)


@Ophelia Elaine, that's rude! Just for that, you're not getting a tote bag.


i didn't even finish reading this post before i was already checking out on etsy.


@chicago79 Ha! Me too! I'm kind of unreasonably excited!




AAH! I need to buy this after the holidays because I have zero disposable income right now. Birthday present for myself? Yes.

Elvis Costello's Spectacles

For some reason, when I glanced at the picture it looked like the fruit was a hand and I thought it was an amazingly tiny fist-sized tote bag. Then I started to worry how people would manage to see how awesome it was in real life if it was so small. Then I realised how silly I am and now everything is fine! The end.


AAAAAAh they sold out already! I was going to buy one even though I'm poor and Esther's mom whooped my ass in WWF (does she use a cheat program? just wondering!)


Ohhhh please put more up soon! Maybe after December's wages have come through (I am so broke).


More! More! More! I want one!


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