Wednesday, December 21, 2011


The Grouper Christmas Cookie

"Cielo makes pancit: rice noodles with chicken, sausage and vegetables. I make beef adobo, a stunningly rich braise of short ribs in soy sauce, coconut milk, chicken stock, vinegar and garlic. The first year, none of our guests had ever tasted it before. Every year since, I have been asked if I’ll be making it again."
—The Times' food writers of today and yesterday jangle their chains while fondly remembering their favorite holiday meals — all of which are immortalized in icing on adorably decorated sugar cookies.

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WHOA that beef adobo looks out of this world. Oh hey, way to please my parents while I'm at home.

Tuna Surprise

A few years ago I hosted my first Christmas and carefully planned out a meal with input from Martha Stewart. Martha recommends a standing rib roast with mashed potatoes and brussel sprouts for Christmas Eve and then she suggests using the leftovers for beef sandwiches with horseradish sauce for Christmas lunch. Imagine my surprise when I got to the meat counter at the supermarket and a standing rib roast large enough to feed my family was $160. In keeping with the Christmas spirit, I pretended not to have sticker shock and just charged it.


@Tuna Surprise This deserves a high five, at the very least. And if you consider that it served as two meals, you can pretend it was 50% off!


@Tuna Surprise I made a standing rib roast for family friends (my extended family would not appreciate it, they like their meat well done) a few years ago, and holy hell was it expensive and also incredibly delicious.


Oh wow - I totally thought you were kidding about the sugar cookies....


I think the fact that I'm surrounded by only sweet, chocolatey, sugary snacks right now, but that beef adobo sounds absolutely mindblowing right now. I can has?


Oh man, should not have read this when I am hungry. Also I might have to make that eggplant macaroni.


I grew up with Honeybaked Hams at Christmas! I didn't realize it was an 80s phenomenon.


@okay My family had Honeybaked Hams too, but now that I'm thinking about it, only in the 80s! Those things are good. Due for a comeback, for sure.


The gingerbread cookie story made my eyes water worse than pollen in spring. Dang allergies.


@sox Me too! Generally, cookie recipes are pretty safe reading...


I just arrived at my Filipino in-laws' house last night and we ate the shit out of some adobo. Also pancit, which my mother-in-law is some kind of champion at making. And lumpia, which I ate approximately one thousand of. And, in the spirit of them being completely random and weird, also chicken nuggets. For some reason.


Holy cow. I was going to make a Moravian chicken pot pie for Christmas Eve, but I might have to make that adobo instead. YUM.

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