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The Care and Keeping of Contacts

A recent survey unearthed the horrible truth (?) "that people have turned to beer, baby oil, Coke, petroleum jelly, lemonade, fruit juice, and butter as oh-so-wrong alternatives to contact lens solution." What! The upside, though, is that people who clean their contact lenses with Coke and baby oil maybe deserve to be blind. (I hear Qream works in a pinch, though.) And the flip side is that sometimes people use contact solution as beer.

Unasked-for anecdote? Why not. ("It's boring!") Anyway, a couple years ago I realized one eye had gotten much blurrier than the other, so I went to the eye doctor to ask her to strengthen my contact prescription on that side.

The eye doctor took some fancy pictures of the inside of my eyelid, and pointed out all these white spots that were apparently [some horrible disorder, I don't remember and had never heard of it], and told me that if I hadn't come in right then, I would have come in the next week because I would have gone there en route to the emergency room, or something like that. Oh no, I thought, that IS fortunate. So she said I had to wear glasses and use some fancy eye antibiotic (eyentibiotic, wheee) for a week, and come back after that. It cost a bunch of money, but of course I bought it, because what do I know, and why would anyone gamble with their vision! So I did it, came back the next week, and she took more pictures of the inside of my eyelids. (Also, I never had any pain or redness or anything, so the whole thing was sort of surprising, but she's the eye doctor.) It still wasn't completely cleared up on the second visit, apparently, whatever this symptomless ailment was, so she gave me a different prescription for a different eye potion and the same come-back-in-a-week instructions. New eye potion, also expensive. Plus I was paying a hundred or so dollars for each visit to her office, so the whole thing was already costing upward of $500.

Third time around I was finally all cleared up, according to her and my latest round of eyelid photos (for which there was also a fee), and she gave me the stronger prescription for the lagging-behind eye that I had originally come asking about. So, that's the end of the story, but what was up with that, you know?? Ayyy, that's so crazy about those cookies!!


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The Lady of Shalott

I love Diet Coke WAY more than is healthy and/or appropriate and I would never use it to clean anything that went in my EYES.

Didn't these people ever do that experiment where you dissolve a tooth in Coke???? What could that do to soft squishy eyes???? (Not that this stops me from drinking it by the case, somehow.)


@The Lady of Shalott but that was REGULAR coke! The diet is much better for you, obviously.


@contrary One time my stepfather got a stye and tried to rinse out his eye directly with club soda. I guess he had heard that it works for stains so why not styes? Anyway it turns out that no, no it doesn't.


I'm just going to hide under my desk and not mention that I leave my contacts in for 6 weeks straight.


@christonacracker I have settled on 4 weeks. My boyfriend, however, is in a firm believer in wearing contacts months at a time and he hasn't died yet. So I wouldn't feel so guilty about 6.

Waiting for that time in my life where that $450 my last eye doctor visit was seems easier to part with than dealing with fear of going blind. Right now I am all about keeping those dollar bills.


@districter When I first got contacts the lady at the place told me that I could wear them for up to a month because even though they're aren't approved for that in the US, they are in Europe, so it's ok.


@christonacracker I heard about someone doing that and having the contacts fuse to their eyeballs. Of course, I can't cite my sources, so take my fully-reliable internet gossip for what it is: the gospel truth.


@christonacracker But you take them off to clean, right? At night, when you sleep? Right?

one cow.

@figwiggin That actually happened to a college friend of mine. He slept in his contacts, one fused to his cornea, & it tore when he tried to take it out. He had to have kind of major eyeball surgery! I still do it, though, on occasion. <--smart


@christonacracker @figwiggin I used to leave my contacts in for up to three months at a time when I was in high school. I could never figure out why it hurt my eyes to take them out until I finally admitted to the eye doctor what I was doing. He said, "Yeah, I know. You have actual grooves on your eye from your contacts. Your eye was essentially growing over your contacts."

I stopped wearing them for a year to let my eyes basically heal.


@gobblegirl I used to sleep in my disposables, and then I got an ULCER in my EYE. Luckily, it was below my sightline (or I'd be even more blind), but I had to wear my then-10-year-old glasses for 6 weeks while it healed. (I was broke, no money for new glasses because I had to pay for the treatment for the ULCER in my EYE). I'm soooo lucky - it healed completely, and now my eye doctor can't even see a scar, but oh, it could have been so, so bad. Seriously, kids, don't sleep in your contacts!


@AniaGosia There was actually a class action lawsuit about this which I remember reading in a Readers Digest at my grandparents in the late 90s. Daily lenses are exactly the same as the 2-week/month ones except that they don't have that blue stripe on them. Of course I'm hoping that when you say you wear them for a month you mean only during the day. Otherwise yikes.


@ormaisonogrande OMG please let people be really saying they take them out at night, please please. Because I wear contacts and I wear the 2 week ones for way way longer than 2 weeks but oh God I can't imagine sleeping in them for more than an emergency night.


@RosemaryF i have to say that I always take mine out to sleep for the night because I use them for weeks (months?) at a time, but I just read that and immediately removed my contacts. after, ya know, I was done screaming in horror.

alternate thought: so if we left them in and eyeballs did grow over them, would it count as an invasive immune system triggering thing, or would our bodies accept that we'd never need lenses again? clearly I'm being absurdly hopeful here


@RosemaryF AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. My eyes my eyes the visual OMG NO.

Faintly Macabre

@summerkitten26 Bionic eyes!!!

Also, I have never needed glasses/contacts (yet!), and all of these comments made me gape in horror. Torn eyeballs? AAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!


WHY do eyes grow over things? How is this beneficial for an eye? How did we evolve this trait? Is there an optometrist out there???


@christonacracker I had that same thought about "hey, this fixes my eyes forever!" but it really doesn't work that way. Blindness would have been the REALLY-BAD end result, the medium-bad end result would have been that I could never wear contacts again. As is I have to wear the kind that you throw away daily. My eyes are a bit gun-shy since the experience even 15 years after the fact.

@sox I try not to think about it.

Don't sleep in your contacts, y'all.


man I also got pink eye after sleeping in my contacts once (something I used to do far too often in university) and have been the perfect example of an optomerist's daughter ever since.

pink eye! The worst was when I would wake up like IT BURNNNNS WHY DOES IT BURN and it started to hurt so bad that I went to the ER and the triage nurse was like "what." and I was crying because it hurt so much and she was like "well, you have pink eye. SO? why are you crying? what do you want me to do about it."

great experiences with the quebec health care system


@christonacracker How do you do this?? If I wear mine for more than seven or eight hours, they stick to my eyeballs!


@christonacracker I'm not really one to judge on contact wearing time frames, as I have been cursed with near perfect vision (There are SO MANY awesome glasses out there!). I do however feel the need to mention a good friend in college got ulcers IN HER EYE from not cleaning her contacts well enough. IN HER FREAKING EYE. It was really really gross.


@likethestore I don't know they don't bother me I guess? They say I can sleep in them for a week at a time on the box, I just add an "s" to "week." Goodbye eyeballs.


@christonacracker and @everyone with fucked-up contacts stories

I am a glasses wearer and sometimes think "Oh, wouldn't it be swell if I could get over my squeamishness of touching my eyeball and were able to wear contracts" but after reading these comments I am shaking and horrified and feeling absurdly grateful to my humble spectacles, which my eyeballs will (hopefully!) never graft themselves on to.


@redheadedandcrazy Most of my experiences with nurses have been wonderful and I think they have a really important job, but I also had one experience with a bitchy nurse that was really similar to yours. I went into the ER crying with pain (because I had an ovarian cyst the size of a baseball which was twisting my ovary, not that I knew that at the time) and she kept asking me why I was crying in the judgiest voice ever. She had just asked me what the pain was like on a scale of 1-10 and I said 10!! What did she expect?!


@pterodactgirl A nurse once told me I couldn't be in pain because I was so pretty. ?!?!?


@RosemaryF Gahh!!!!


@pterodactgirl My sister had this happen, and the doctors kept sending her home saying it was just cramps. So then her ovary died. And when they finally figured out why she was in excruciating pain they had to operate to remove one of her ovaries.

Then I got an ovarian cyst the next year and freaked out, but the doctors figured out what it was right away because unlike my sister mine was on the side where your appendix is so they were all worried it was appendicitis.


@MissMushkila The same thing happened to me, except without the sister. I was sure that it was my appendix, and discovered that you get seen pretty quickly in the ER if you say you think it's your appendix. The ER doc: "I have good news and bad news. The good news is that it's not your appendix. The bad news is that you have a grapefruit sized ovarian cyst!"


@MissMushkila @thebestjasmine Yes, they also thought it might be my appendix. That story about your sister makes me glad it wasn't on the other side though. :( They thought they might have to remove my ovary too because the torsion can cause it to die, but it ended up unscathed (or so they told me.) I'm not sure appendicitis could have been any more painful though? Alas I was not too pretty for the pain!


@pterodactgirl My ovary did have to be removed along with my enormous cyst, so you are lucky!


@thebestjasmine I am lucky, although I do have some scars that make bikini season a little awkward. This is also reason #14,782,310 that I am glad I was born in the age of modern medicine. I went in at 9AM and was out by 7PM minus a cyst, but otherwise none the worse. I feel like this is the sort of thing that would have carried me off if I'd been living pre-twentieth century. Shudder.


@pterodactgirl Yeah, I had my tooth out earlier this year because it had started to die and it was AWFUL because I have long roots and it nearly cracked off in my gum. I have officially hit my 'would be dead' age, because back in the day it would have just rotted and gone septic and then I would have died a horrible death.

@Decca I hear you. I've been toying with the idea of trying contacts but OMG NOOOOOOO.


@Bebe Same thing happened to me! I've had dailies ever since I had mysterious white spots develop on my eyes, so I've slept in them plenty. Then I woke up one day and thought I had pink eye (which I've never had, so...) and ended the day needing a friend to drive me to intensive care for a diagnosis and some vicodin. And of course I was at school and nowhere near my regular eye doctor, relying on the bus to get me anywhere. My ulcer ended up getting infected with herpes too! I just about gave up on everything.

I'm still sometimes stupid and sleep in them on accident, but now it gives me major anxiety, which is super fun.


@christonacracker Goodbyeballs?!


@Craftastrophies would be dead age!!! OMG between my terrible vision and MY own dead wisdom tooth I had removed a few weeks ago... I'D BE DEAD TOO!! I've never thought about that :)


@allerby Yes, I frequently think that I would have been one of the first ones left in the desert to die, with my inability to see farther than a foot in front of my face. Thank God I live today.


@thebestjasmine How far do you need to see to dig potatoes? And it's not like I would have been able to read, so I wouldn't have ruined my eyes that way.

Thankfully, I have good childbearing hips. I would have popped out a good dozen kids by now and probably be grateful to be getting some rest. In a cemetery. Really, 27 years is a pretty good innings, for the Middle Ages.


@districter Despite all of its problems, comments like this make me love the NHS. I don't want to run the risk of going blind because I can't afford medical treatment!


@pterodactgirl I went to the ER with chest pains and ended up having a panic attack. I was convulsing on the bed with an IV sticking out of me and the ER doctor just kept saying "Stop shaking," all nonchalant and annoyed and shit. Why are ER people so mean and unsympathetic?


@gladfanny *I'm sure not ALL ER people are like this. Really - why was your nurse and my doctor so mean?


Dailies, y'all.


Photorefractive keratectomy, girlfriends.


@sarabara My dailies are probably the most indispensable thing I own and could never do without AND they are actually more environmentally friendly than reusable lenses because the process to make them uses less plastic AND The little containers are totally recyclable (not that I recycle them - bad self)

But they are the most expensive option so I feel like they are not a realistic solution for a lot of people. Luckily I have an in, because I could not afford them on my own.


@melis well, that solves that!



Well I make my contacts out of the plastic bags I find blowing around on the street, so MINE are more environmentally friendly! And I leave them in for years at a time. Now, of only I could see anything ....


@melis Want. Has it been worth it so far?

Although I'd probably still have to wear these whack green glasses that make me look like a Bond Villain or an escape from Oz.


@Kneetoe what I hear you saying is that friendliness to the environment is not the first priority people think, let alone care, about when purchasing their eye wear...

to be honest, it's just a justification for being the laziest of contact wearers. no care required!



That is kind of what I was saying (and I do environmental policy for a living!), but, looking at my comment, I hope it's clear I meant it in a goofy and not a jerky way. Just having fun here.


@Kneetoe but wait ... so then you DON'T wear plastic bags for contact lenses?!



I don't think I said anything that you can quote that proves that.


About a month ago my filthy dirty contacts gave me a massive chalazion (don't google that) that got so infected that I have to have surgery on it (and I missed a pin-up because it was so gag-inducing). So, um, be a clean person and clean your contacts, kids. Don't be like your dumb friend parallel-lines (who has to wear glasses for the next two months)

rhapsody in bleu

@parallel-lines Of course I googled it. Of course.


Poor you!

Jolly Farton



One time my eye was really bugging me and my eye doctor reached in there with tiny tweezers AND PULLED OUT A CAT HAIR.

Today is revolting overshare story day, right? In addition to being Robyn dance party day.


@sunnyciegos One time my grandfather lost several contacts in a row. And then a year later his eye was bugging him and his eye doctor reached back in there and FOUND THREE CONTACTS HIDING BEHIND HIS EYE.

Jolly Farton

@sunnyciegos everyday is revolting overshare story day! why does autocorrect think "overshare" is misspelled? and now it thinks "autocorrect" is misspelled! ironic! also, does autocorrect in fact "think"? I don't think so.


@sunnyciegos OH MY GODDDD

Tragically Ludicrous

@sunnyciegos AHHHHHHHHH


@sunnyciegos giantgiantscreams


@sunnyciegos I have a friend with a story about contact lenses lost in the eye. It makes me squirm whenever he tells it. I try to get him to tell it as often as possible.

Faintly Macabre

@sunnyciegos My sister's roommate's eye was really, really hurting her to the point where she was crying. After ages of rubbing her eye and I think looking in the mirror, she found AN ENTIRE HAIR from her head behind her eye and pulled it out. As in below-shoulder-length hair. I don't know how neither of them vomited.

Faintly Macabre

@sunnyciegos Wait! How did the doctor reach back there? I'm imagining him, like, shoving the eyeball aside and rummaging around.


@sunnyciegos I was having a lot of eye irritation and dryness and it turned out that some of my lower lashes were growing in a way so that they poked my eyeball. So my eye doctor had to pluck those tiny tiny lashes that were right in the corner of my eye, and it was a) terrible, and b) a reason that I will never get laser surgery, because just that was so scary, I can't even imagine worse.

(also that eye doctor taught me to take flax seed pills for eye dryness, and it totally helps, though now I wear contacts that are meant to get more oxygen into your eyes, and they are more expensive but totally worth it).


@sunnyciegos OH MAN I have been wearing contacts since I was 2 weeks okd and therefore have all manner of disgusting/horrible contact lens/eye stories. Decades' worth! Like the time I got surgery where they put stitches in my actual eyeball and then when I woke up I had to actually lie there, conscious, and stare up to watch the surgeons tugging on the THREAD THAT WAS HANGING OUT OF MY EYEBALL before they tied the stitches off. For some reason nobody ever asks me about this stuff! Like, at parties or anything. It is weird, I don't get it.

Feminist Killjoy

@Faintly Macabre i want to know this too


@flannery The face I am making, there is no emoticon for it.

My uncle got an ember behind his eye. The doctor popped his eyeball out and had him hold it while he removed it.

Now that I think about it, I feel like maybe that story is made up. But my aunt told us that story and she has no sense of humour, so it must be true!


@thebestjasmine That sounds like torture! I had the same condition, which is the main reason I got put in contacts in the first place. It's still a bitch to put on lower-lash mascara.

My veterinarian aunt says it's a fairly common condition for dogs to have. [/fun fact].


@sunnyciegos Ack! No! Ack! Actually BEHIND the eye?? My optician promised me that this could not happen, because all the muscles around the eye sort of form a barrier. Why would she lie?? *sob*

One time I realised that one of my contacts had just... disappeared... and I looked under the eyelid, found nothing and then just assumed that it had popped out somehow (although I counldn't see it anywhere around me...) Maybe this missing in action contact has been nesting behind my eye all this time!!

She Saved The World, Alot

@sunnyciegos I used to work as a tech in an ophthalmology office (several, actually) and I remember once we had a patient who looked like a 70 year old Lady Gaga walk in with the same exact problem. The lens had been stuck for MONTHS, her whole eye was RED red and she had to be on antibiotics for weeks.

Shortly after I met that woman, I developed the ability to take my lenses out even while completely hammered. I didn't always manage to put them neatly in their little case, but I ALWAYS get them out of my eyeballs.


Butter?! Noooo! Why would anyone ever put butter or beer onto something they know is going in their eye?


@Dubliner I can kindasorta understand the beer. I mean it's got alcohol in it... Maybe if you're drunk or high or something enough it would make sense. But butter? Petroleum jelly? That shit is oil.


This article was really helpful because in the 15 years I've been wearing contacts, no one's ever told me not to wear them IN THE SHOWER. All the YEARS I've been exposing my contacts to the amoebae in tap water!

I may print this out and take it to my eye doctor tomorrow and ask him/her to clarify everything. Well, not everything. I know not to use butter as contact solution. But, y'know, how often DO I need to change my case?


@sam.i.am You're...not...supposed to wear contacts in the shower? For real? WHY DON'T I KNOW THAT?!


@oohdarling But then how can you SEE in the shower???????


@sam.i.am That part sounds like the bullest of bullshit to me, but IANAS.


@oohdarling I've never heard that you're not supposed to, but I absolutely cannot take a shower and then take my contacts out. Something about the heat and the humidity makes them stick to my eyeballs. The last time I did it one of my eyes made a ripping noise and it HURT when I took out my contact. Now I either take them out beforehand or wait at least a few hours afterwards.
@sox I've gotten used to be being half blind in the shower. The only part that's still hard is shaving my legs -- I have to like rub my hand along them to be sure I've got all the hair off.


@ormaisonogrande Y'all, I will ask tomorrow and report back.

Also, I have to take my contacts out before taking off my eye makeup, otherwise my eye makeup remover gets all over my contacts and makes them too slippery and I can't get a grip on them.


@sam.i.am Wait, not in the shower? I need to know if this is real.


@sam.i.am No contacts in the shower?! About the case, my doctor told me to replace it every three months. I had no idea about that either.


@ormaisonogrande Yes, it makes my eyes hurt too to take them out after a shower (or bath)! But the main reason why I wear contacts in the shower is that otherwise I would not be able to see, and would brush my teeth with shower gel or something.


@sam.i.am um, WHAT?


@sam.i.am I don't wear mine in the shower, but maybe that's because I wore glasses all my life until three or four months ago, so...being able to actually SEE in the shower would be really strange now, I think.


@area@twitter So as I said below somewhere - I have always worn my contacts in the shower and swimming - my mom is an optometrist and the things she says not to do are: contacts in the hot tub (i still do this), contacts while you're sleeping, and not cleaning the contact lense case/contact lenses properly

even with the no-rub solutions you're still supposed to rub a bit! and you have to clean the cases out every few weeks!


@redheadedandcrazy Great, thanks for the info! It would be nice to see my legs while I'm shaving. (This shower-blindness is incidentally why I broke down and got an electric razor.) And swimming! You mean I wouldn't have to fumble around the pool like a shortsighted walrus? Infinite joy, madam.


@area@twitter Before I gave up and stopped shaving my legs, I would miss huge strips of hair, even being able to see. So, maybe you're not losing out?

Also, people who swim in glasses. HOW?

Ladies Who Punch

@sam.i.am Have you ever tried Prescription goggles? They are kind of AMAZING! And not that much more expensive than regular goggles. You just need to have an idea of what your RX is & get ones that are in about the same RX.

For example My eyes are R -6.25 -0.75 L -6.50 -0.50 I could get either the -6.0 [which I did] or a -7.0. I chose the lesser one so my eyes don't have too much correction.


@redheadedandcrazy Thank you, because I am NOT EVER going to take out my contacts to shower. Otherwise there will be a bloody massacre of my legs by razor. HOW CAN I SHAVE WHEN I'M BLIND?


@sam.i.am I'm in optometry school at the moment, have worked for an eye doc for years, and I've never heard that. I wear mine in the shower all the time, so *shrug*. I also use my saliva as saline solution when I've got nothing else though, so maybe I'm not the best person to dole out advice.

I WILL say that if you do the spit-as-saline thing, don't eat cheetos right before. I'm gross, y'all.


@area@twitter Every once in a while I shower with my contacts in and the strangest part is suddenly realizing your shower is dirty! Augh. And then you think about cleaning it, but then the next day you can't see again, so, meh.


@sam.i.am According to my eye doctor, you are not supposed to wear contacts in any kind of water. There are microorganisms that float under the contact and can get stuck there, causing an infection. Or stuck to the contact, which can cause infections later. When it's just your eyeball in water, your natural tears will wash them away.

BUT!!! We are allowed to sleep in them!!!


Uh... I feel kind of woozy at the thought of beer as contact lens solution.

Tragically Ludicrous

I try contacts every three or four years. It tends to last about two weeks. I just can't deal with them, no matter what kind of fancy new variety I try. I can just always feel something in my eye and hate it. Should I bother again in a year or two?


@Tragically Ludicrous I have never even tried contacts, thanks to years of TERRIFYING stories about the problems contacts can cause. reading this thread is making my eyeballs hurt and yet I can't stooooooooop. I'm just going to sit here and gently stroke my (extremely cute!) glasses until I calm down again.

so instead of trying contacts you should just get a bunch of fun glasses from Zenni Optical! Between my friends and me we've ordered at least 8 pairs and they've all been good.

Tragically Ludicrous

@Lorelei@twitter oh man I LOVE my glasses. I have great glasses! I have considered laser surgery, though. My dad and aunts have had it, they love it.


@Tragically Ludicrous I've been wearing glasses since I was 9, they're basically a permanent part of my self-image at this point - my eyes look too small without them! Plus once as a child I fell face-first onto my rabbit's cage and the corner scratched up one lens, and, OMG what if the corner had gone INTO MY EYE?? so it's sort of like always wearing low-level safety goggles.

I have sort of a thing about eye injuries, maybe.

Tragically Ludicrous

@Lorelei@twitter Mine since I was 13, and I love them. I have little eyes too and it would look weird! And I did scrape up the bottom once falling off of my bicycle. SO MAYBE THEY DID SAVE ME.


@Tragically Ludicrous I like wearing glasses, but I like peripheral vision more.


@klaus Agreed -- I have adorable glasses, but wearing them for longer than a few hours drives me crazy, and I don't understand how people can deal with wearing them all day and having something sitting on your face like that. But the lack of peripheral vision is the thing that I really can't deal with, especially driving. It feels so dangerous.


but you guys, peripheral vision is mostly motion detection. I can still see motion out of the corner of my eye, I just can't like, read signs or anything. Which no one can do from their actual corner of their eye anyway. I seriously spent several minutes waving my hand around at the edge of my vision to see if I could tell a difference beyond the edge of my glasses, and the answer is no. I can only even "see" the frame edge if I'm specifically thinking about it.

as for the rest, I imagine the answer is the same as for "how can you stand having something sitting ON your EYE? and poking yourself in the eye EVERY DAY?" You get used it.

sarah girl

@Tragically Ludicrous I'm not saying you have to keep trying contacts, but it might be worth considering the type of contact solution you're using! I learned a couple of years ago (after wearing contacts for several years with no issues) that I am allergic to one of the types of contact solution; it made my eyes dry out like crazy and feel all crampy and weird. Yes, I know your eyes can't really... cramp, but that's what it felt like! So I told my eye doctor, he gave me another brand and I was totally fine. Now I just know to avoid Opti-Free and similar formulations.


@Lorelei@twitter I bet that's because you have much better vision that I do. Because I have no peripheral vision with glasses on, it's not a matter of reading signs.

See, I used to wear glasses every day, and yeah, there is no getting used to that for me. I mean, with contacts, if you do it right, you feel literally nothing, where you always feel glasses on your face. To me it's just like tampons vs. pads -- the difference between something that's there but feels like it's not vs. something that you always feel and see.


@thebestjasmine my biggest glasses pet peeve is how they get all sweaty in the summer and foggy in the winter and how if you wear sunglasses you have to take the sunglasses off then the glasses on then the glasses off again then the sunglasses OH MY GOD WHYYYYYYYYY

I also think it's worth trying different contacts every few years. You should get free trials from your optometrist! Obviously dailies are the best for your eyes and the most comfortable but they are also the most expensive so yeah. But contact lens companies, much like pharmaceutical companies always want to make more money which means they always have to produce more products, and better products. so the technology is always improving and different things work for different people!

What's the most popular one .. Acuvue Oasys I think? Works for the most people? Have you tried that one? I'm sure you have.


@redheadedandcrazy Yes! Also when I'm cooking and I open the oven and they immediately fog up totally. Oh, and how contacts protect my eyes while chopping onions so they don't make me cry or hurt my eyes. Though please, people, if you're chopping onions or peppers, either wear gloves or make it many many hours before even attempting to take our your contacts.

I am wearing Acuvue Oasis right now! They're my favorite.


@thebestjasmine that's fair. I mean, I think it would take like, planned desensitization training for me to get used to putting in/taking out contacts every day, just the thought of it is making my hair stand on end. also I am terrible at establishing routines, and I'm pretty sure the process of establishing a new daily habit of doing something I hate would result in a whole lot of sleeping in my contacts. And then TERRIBLE EYE DISEASES :(

But I get defensive sometimes, after years of being asked "but why don't you wear contacts? you should try contacts. did you hear about contacts?"


@Lorelei@twitter but seriously ... have you heard of these things called contacts? they've been around for a few years now, and, have you tried them? CONTACTS!


@Lorelei@twitter Hah, on like the four days a year when I wear my glasses for a day out in public (instead of just at nighttime in my house) I get "you look so great in your glasses! Why don't you wear glasses all the time? Those are such cute glasses!" etc. So I understand. I started wearing contacts when I was a teen, though, and I think that the younger you are with things like that it helps.


@Tragically Ludicrous For whatever it's worth, I just started wearing contacts at age 29 and it did hurt initially; I was kind of thinking, "oh man, is this really worth it". Then I went back for my followup appointment and (1) got the prescription changed in one eye, which was a big improvement, but also (2) changed the brand I wore, which was a HUGE improvement. Now I can tell my contacts are there, but they're hardly noticeable and not at all painful or irritating.
I should also mention that part of the reason I didn't try contacts earlier was that I'd tried them when I was thirteen or fourteen and the technology was much worse (I have astigmatism and the only option then was expensive hard lenses). Fifteen years later, yeah, things had really jumped forward.
Honestly though, it's completely what you're comfortable with. God knows glasses are cheaper in the long-term, and lorelei@twitter is right about the routine being a pain to establish. Plus, yeah, I work with chemicals occasionally and have started to uneasily think back to those training videos where Safety tells horror stories of someone's contact becoming permanently fused to their eye. AUGH.

Tragically Ludicrous

@area@twitter I know, I know, I know, all of this. It's not even the hurting- it's the feeling that SOMETHING IS IN MY EYE that I just cannot deal with. I can put them in, I can take them out, but I always feel them and I just can't deal with it. I keep trying because they always say the new ones are better, you can't notice them, but I always feel them and I never adjust to it.

But I feel like my eyes have always been sensitive- I can't even get water in them without freaking out.


@thebestjasmine Ack, stop talking about it! Now all I can think about is my glasses on my faaaaace!

I really love the idea of contacts, because one eye is near sighted and the other far, so it would be a simpler way of sorting that out that bifocals, presumably. But I'm also weird about sensations, so I've never worked up the nerve to try it. I am so weird about things on my face - I can't stand water splashing or blowing on it. Like, wind if fine but not someone breathing or a close up fan. I literally freak out and flail around until it stops.

And now I have dumb photophobia, so I have to wear these green glasses or I get migraines. Which is fine - they're built in peekaboo games, for when I see babies! But also they are so super expensive and not covered by my best-extras-coverage-there-is insurance. Anyway, the point is, I probably would have to wear them anyway, unless I could get colour tinted contact lenses??? Do they even work that way? Or would the whites of my eyes also be green and therefore creepy?


@thebestjasmine This reminds me of one of the world's most idiotic statements that I've heard maybe 45 times in my life, either when wearing my glasses for once or when discussing my contacts: "I didn't know you wore contacts!!"
Of course you didn't. That is the point.


@HeyThatsMyBike All the time, do I get that. Allll the time.


I developed an allergy to the buffers used in most contact solution (who knew that could happen??). I switched to the hydrogen peroxide solution, but after awhile, all contacts just became really uncomfortable. My doctor said I had bleforitis. Blephoritis. Whatever.

I wear glasses now.


@mfred Same here. I developed the allergy after 10+ years of wearing contacts.

Now I just wear the daily disposable contacts for working out. I wear my cute new frames the rest of the time.


Ok, so green pus and going blind sounds terrible, but I can't stop wearing contacts while swimming in lakes! Half of the reason that I have contacts is to wear them while swimming! Are we really supposed to be wearing prescription goggles? Really?


@AniaGosia plus, how will you be able to see the Lake Monster that is swimming towards you, if not for contacts?!


@AniaGosia I have never even heard of this! I used to swim in lakes with them on all the time!


@AniaGosia Prescription goggles are great - you can see *and* they stop chlorine from getting in your eyes and making them sore.


OMG Edith! So I have had the bumpies on the insides of my eyelids and my doc always said it was because I didn't clean the contact lenses well enough but then last week I visited some family and my uncle is an opthomologist (like a real honest to god surgeon?) and he said my eyelid bumpies are actually an allergy to the contacts themselves. Said he had the same thing and that's what eventually led him to get Lasik, which he said could be a good choice for me. But he emphasized not to go to a "doc in a box" (loved this) and therefore it will be approximately $5k. And he gave a script for drops that will help with the allergy. I haven't gotten it filled yet but guessing it will be spendy.
So I got new glasses instead and am wearing them for the very first time today!


@sox Dailies! The ones you throw away every day! That way your contacts don't build up gunk for your eye to freak out over and they feel SOOOOOO GOOD. (I mean, in comparison. Not sexy-times good, but my-eyeball-doesn't-itch good.)


@sox I have eyelid bumpies but I don't wear contacts! Why is this!

My ex-boyfriend used to always want to pop them because he thought they were pimples, but they weren't, but as much as I told him that and asked him to stop (STOP TOUCHING ME) he would keep trying. He also liked to try to pop my face pimples. We are no longer together.


@sox The bumps that you get, do they (a) hurt a lot and (b) coincide with chunks of eyelashes falling out? Because I've been to like 72 doctors and nobody seems to know what mine are.


@elizabee Oh, whoa. No, aparrently the undersides of my eyelids look like a cobblestone street and my eyes get irritable. Eyelashes falling out? Hugs to you! If you happen to be in or near Florida, I can give you my uncle's info and mabye he can be lucky #73 and know the answer!

@klibberfish This just reminded me of this one time my boyfriend asked me to look at a pimple in his ear and it ended up being one of the most fascinating/grossest experiences of my life. I was eventually conviced it was actually his brain coming out there was so much...sebum?


@sox Mine were the same and I think it was an allergy to the contact lens fluid I was using. Try changing that and see how you get on.


Also, did anyone see the link to an article that says that kids shouldn't be drinking at home? I am married to a wine maker. A wine maker. Our baby tried his first taste of wine when he was four months old (just a drop, I swear!). Are we screwed? Didn't our grandmothers give us whiskey for teething?


@AniaGosia The vast amount of beer making in the US is due to the inability to keep most water "fresh" in certain parts during like, pioneer days or some shit. (I have to find this article again). So they'd turn it into beer (or cider, that's why Johnny Appleseed supposedly spread apple seeds, so we could make cider) to give to children so they wouldn't get dysentery or any other, like, shit water diseases.

My mom used to give me hot toddies when I was sick. Or grashoppers when I had a sore throat. I'm fine, big brain, work in statistics. (ANECDATA!) Your kid probably won't turn out with flippers or anything. Alcohol in small amounts is fine for anyone (even pregnant ladies!) that's why we have livers. (Woo, biology degree! Yes, I work in stats, long story).


@DullHypothesis Whew. Livers - temporarily forgot about those in my Internet health scare induced panic!



Just to be clear, that's not the ONLY reason we have livers. But it's probably the most important one.


@AniaGosia The thing I got from that article is that binge drinking is bad, and that giving letting kids have alcohol at home doesn't protect against that as previously thought (or has stopped doing so for some other reason? Like sugary pre-mixed drinks, or general party culture, maybe?) rather than that giving alcohol at home causes binge drinking/liver failure.

But then, basically the only kind of drinking I do is technically binge drinking, so I don't think I can comment.

Bus Driver Stu Benedict

A long time ago, one of those eye-people told me not to even switch solutions while wearing one set of lenses. However, I have resurrected crispy ones I left over a year in one of those cheap cases you get free with the solution, and that seemed to work out ok.


Also, folks, it's weird, but full-sclera contacts are way easier to put in than regular contacts! They were for me, anyway, because they're heavier-duty and you can just kind of shove them up under the eyelid and then adjust. Of course, that's a pretty bold look for everyday.

Oh, squiggles

<---Horrified. Would only use tap water as contact lens solution in an absolute emergency...Terrified of getting a horrible blindness causing eye disease. Eeee!

Oh, squiggles

Also, your blood vessels grow into your cornea if you keep the contacts in at night, cause your eye isn't getting enough oxygen. Seriously, learning this scared me into ALWAYS taking my contacts out at night.

Four Horsemeals of the Eggporkalypse

And this (this post + all of these terrifying comments) is why I wear glasses. That and my complete inability to touch my eyes.


I've had my RGP contacts for 4 years. The same pair. Is that completely disgusting? I'm looking for new glasses because I've been wearing the same pair for 6 years and they are hideously scratched and also sit askew on my face. Does anyone know of an amazing, not-too-trendy eyeglass company? My friend is all about Warby Parker, but I'm not crazy about most of their styles.

Tragically Ludicrous

@heyits I have these glasses and I really like them. http://www.laeyeworks.com/catalogFrames/frame.php?m=CATHEAD&c=PLASTIC But they are kind of trendy? (Although the brand WAS on RuPaul's Drag Race which is just awesome.)


@heyits I've had great luck with LaFonts, though all the ones I've had have been pretty flashy (and fairly pricey, but I figure if I'm wearing something every.single.day for several years, I can justify splashing out).


@heyits I have a pretty weak prescription (I basically only need cheaters to read or work at the computer) but I like buying cheapies from Zenni Optical. You can get glasses for $10 for the whole pair! If you lose them or break them or they're fugly, who cares, because they were so damn cheap.


@heyits You should really do Warby Parker's home try on program. I did it twice and had a really positive experience with them overall.


@heyits seconding Zenni Optical. I have, I guess, a medium-strength prescription? I definitely need them to be functional, but not it's not so strong that Zenni charges more to make the lenses, and I've always been happy with what I got from them. I also like that they give all the frame dimensions, because I have a small head and have trouble finding frames that fit properly.


@Clare omg Zenni Optical is amazing! Where has it been all my life? Thank you!


@klaus I will! I live in Alaska, so I haven't tried it out because I just assumed that it didn't apply to the non-contiguous US.


@heyits the glasses are really very good quality though - so be forewarned. Mine last about 3 months before the temple breaks. I am hard on my glasses. I keep buying them anyway because I *love* my glasses from there and would not feel like myself without them. You can buy just frames at zenni too so I bought 6 spare pairs and just replace pieces as they break.


@AniaGosia Oops, I mean NOT very good quality!!


@heyits I had the same pair of gas permeable contacts from 7th grade through grad school (12 years total)-- my doctor told me I had the office record! Never lost one, never broke one, and my eyes didn't change. You're fine wearing the same ones for four years.
What they won't tell you is that eventually you won't be able to wear them, and will have to change to something else. I have to wear soft now, and I hate them! Do not feel as good.


I think is where we take a long, hard look at the standards of science education in schools. If we aren't blind already, that is.
But seriously, though, I think that studies like this (and ones that point out the dangerously high number of people who don't finish an antibiotic prescription) just show that people DO NOT understand how their body works. It's sad and terrifying.
This is where MRSA comes from!!!!! (well, not from butter in eyes, but you know what I mean).

Faintly Macabre

@gobblegirl Ugh, I worked in a medical office, and one of the doctors said that patients often called like, "I think I'm sick. Can I just take these leftover antibiotics I have lying around?"




@gobblegirl I work in medicine, where you think we would know better, and someone in the office offered her leftover antibiotics to my boss for a sinus infection. Needless to say, both my boss (who's an RN) and I both went whaaaaaaaa?! Do you not listen to the long conversations we have with patients where we tell them how vitally important it is to take their medicine exactly as directed? And the interminable conference calls where we're CONSTANTLY reminded to do this?


My friend was once super jittery, couldn't sleep, yadda yadda. She realized that her ROOMMATE HAD PUT LIQUID SPEED INTO HER CONTACT SOLUTION. Yes. That happened.

Feminist Killjoy



If swimming and showering with contacts in is really so dangerous, wouldn't it be like Blindness out there?


@diesel_vontrapp yeah I totally swim and shower with my contacts in. I do everything with them in. I wake up and put them in first thing in the morning and don't take them out until last thing at night!

but apparently the worst thing to do with contacts is go into hot tubs because they have crazy bacteria and your eyes will turn to goo.

I still do it though.


Ew, I have never done any of these things! Because I need to use that crazy peroxide kind or I can't wear my contacts because apparently my eye juice is oily!! Which is DISGUSTING.


@Megan Patterson@facebook Which leads to the inevitable question of "Have you ever accidentally put your contacts in TOO SOON after using the peroxide kind?" Because I have and OMG WHAT IT HURTS SO MUCH OW OW OW WINDEX IN MY EYYYEEEEEEE.


Do any other contact lens wearers have totally itchy eyes for no reason right now? I just reached for my eyedrops.


@thebestjasmine My right eye suddenly really aches from the (hopefully) imagined lost contact that is hiding out behind my eye :(


@thebestjasmine YES. And I was already hungover before I started reading this. Now my eyes feel like they are going to attack my face.


@cherrispryte I took out and threw away the ones I was wearing yesterday, and am wearing brand new out of the package contacts today. I have no idea how long I'd been wearing those, but clearly TOO LONG.


Nooooooooo, glasses wearers! Don't let this terrify you! I wore glasses from second grade through my twenties and just got contacts in September and I LOVE them. Everyone says "ooh, you look so nice!" and I have finally discovered how to wear eye makeup properly and you can buy cheap cute sunglasses and wear them all over. And I haven't had even the hint of a problem, although I follow the rules pretty carefully as far as cleaning them and taking them out every night. (I'm cheap, so I hold on to my two-week ones for like two months instead, but I haven't noticed any problem yet.) ALSO. My vision is BETTER with the contacts in. So try them! Do not be frightened by tales of lemon juice and butter.
Butter. What.

Valley Girl

Cheap sunglasses! I am an all-waking-hours-glasses-wearer with many failed attempts at contacts in my past, and it's always the prospect of off-the-rack cheap sunnies that make me consider trying again. It would be so liberating to have a $5 pair of trendy glasses that I don't have to give a shit about. Or even TWO pairs, OMG! An embarrassment of riches, that would be.


@area@twitter Cute, cheap sunglasses (and peripheral vision, I guess) are my favorite things about wearing contacts! Over the last few months I've started wearing my glasses out in public a lot more often, but they're pretty much still saved for cloudy days because sunglasses!

sarah girl

Aaahhhhh I spent several years rinsing out my contacts case with tap water about once a week, I had no idea :( My eyes are fine, luckily, but eek.


the timing of this post is uncanny - I actually sent a question to Jane earlier today asking for recommendations for good eye makeup for contact wearers. I have really sensitive, teary eyes and love eye shadow, but nothing seems to stay put, even the 24 hour and waterproof stuff. Even with the primers too! Aaaah

Feminist Killjoy

@Kristy try THESE! slightly pricey but OMG the most amazing, vibrant, stay-put cream shadows ever. they blend like WOAH. you can apply them with your finger or a brush. fun fact, the brush has to be natural hair, not synthetic.


@Kristy I'm sorry to say I have pretty much given up on eyeshadow and mascara because they irritate my contacts too much. Clinique eyeliner doesn't bother me though.


@Rosemary McClure Love those. Laura Mercier creme shadow stays put nicely too.

@Kristy have you tried the Urban Decay primer? I know Jane doesn't like it but that stuff is like glue.


@ Rosemary - wow, that stuff looks awesome - I will try it and see if it works!
@likethestore - thanks for the tip on the Clinque eyeliner, too!
@Megoon - I tried the Too Faced primer and that stuff ended up running into my contacts and blinding me. While I was riding my bike, too - it was scary. It was actually worse than eyeshadow because I could not get the stuff off of my contacts. After that I have been wary of trying another primer, and the Urban Decay one doesn't look like it is opthamologist tested. :( On a side note, it is a amazing how many eye products out there do not indicate whether they are opthamologist tested or not.

Feminist Killjoy

@Kristy You could try the MAC Paint Pots? They aren't as runny, they're like a thin paste you put on your eyelid. I've been using them for years and can't imagine the product running into your eyes


My eye doctor put the fear of god into me regarding contacts so I am super duper clean and careful. He said I had some minor eye disease at my last checkup from wearing them too much? Hmm.

I have to tell my best contacts story here, which is one time I was drunk and trying to take them out and my fingernail scraped my eyeballs and I started bleeding from the eyes. I had no idea what to do (also, I was drunk) so I called 911 and went to the hospital in an ambulance. True story.

Faintly Macabre

@likethestore A friend and I (and some other people!) were once trying to get our extremely-drunk friend in bed. She wore contacts. My friend wore contacts, too, and helped her, but that did not stop her from immediately forgetting which one she'd just taken out and poking drunkenly at her bare eye for a contact, or spilling the solution and lenses across the sink. Somehow she woke up mostly healthy, though!


I once went to my regular eye exam and the Dr, a nice man in his 50's, took forever doing the which one looks better thing and kept looking very closely into my eyes. Then he would look at my chart. Sigh. Flip around the little lenses, etc. Finally he stopped and just kind of looked at me.

I hope you don't mind my asking but, is there a chance you are pregnant?

And I said well, yes I guess there is a chance. So he went on to explain that my eye shape had changed in a weird way that can typically happen during pregnancy. So I went to CVS got an EPT and voila!

I am the only person I know whose optician told her she was pregnant.


@lucille-mcgillicuddy Only sort of related, I guess, because my anecdote is not about eyes or eye doctors at all, but a friend of mine found out she was pregnant because her dentist said her gums looked like she might be. And so she went to CVS and got a EPT and voila!

Tits McGee is on Vacation

Also, watch out for corneal neovascularization. I had to completely stop wearing contacts at 18 since not enough oxygen was getting into my eye and blood vessels were growing towards the cornea threatening to scar my vision permanently.



I sleep in my contacts every single night, for weeks on end, because I buy contacts that allow for this. There are so many different kinds! After a couple of weeks they start to bother me and I'll take them out for a day or so (I usually wait for a rainy day, because my eyes are super light sensitive and I can't be without sunglasses if it's clear) and then put them back in. But! My doctor says this is completely unnecessary and likely somewhat psychosomatic.

So what I'm saying is - not all contacts are made the same, and sleeping in your contacts isn't going to make you blind. And also, if you're a lazy person who doesn't relish sticking your fingers in your eyes every day, ask your doctor about the contacts you can sleep in. I've sworn by them for the last 6ish years.


WHAT??? Petroleum jelly?! Butter?! Beer?! Lemon juice?!?! WHYYYYYYY?!!! Wouldn't it hurt? Surely the lemon juice at least would hurt!

I just...This can't be. It should be basic knowledge that you don't put stuff in your eyes unless it was specifically designed to be put in them.

Also, don't be sleeping in your contacts. Seriously, so rough on your eyes. And I don't know how people stand it anyway. Mine get so dried out after being slept in that they don't want to move. It's grossness. Unless you have firm reasons to do differently, it is just generally a good idea to use products as prescribed by your medical professional, I think.


Enormous mindscreams throughout this thread.


Gahhh! This thread made me feel light-headed.

So, 'Pinners, anyone out there had LASIK? I have horrible eyesight and have worn contacts for years, but they've started bothering me lately. I would really, really like LASIK, but I've been doing reading about it online, and it's really scary.


I had those same white spots, but they were ON MY ACTUAL EYEBALL. During high school, I was an idiot who wore my contacts all day and night and never cleaned them well, and I got ulcers on my eyeball, which permanently damaged my eye forever. Long story short, get rid of your contacts; seriously, they are revolting.

And I occasionally feel like someone has replaced my contact solution with Draino in the morning, but I cannot imagine using LEMON JUICE?????? as a replacement solution. WTF.


What is going on in this thread? I have been wearing contacts since I was 11 so 17 years at this point. The worst thing I have ever done is put my contacts in before the cleaning solution was fully neutralized. These are your eyes people. Are you trying to go blind on purpose?


I have pretty much read all the comments & will now never stop screaming on the inside.


I am going to ask something horrible - am I the only one who, when my eyes are super dry and i don't have eye drops with me, takes out a contact and spits on it? Or, heaven forbid, actually puts said contact lens in my mouth? I do this super-rarely, and only in times of extreme emergency (and, obviously, never if I've been recently eating or drinking anything) but, um, saliva's a way better option for rewetting than anything else mentioned in that article, right?


@cherrispryte Nope, not the only one.


@cherrispryte I totally do this. Sometimes at the dojo my eyes get dry or a sleeve catches me in the eye and I lose a lens. I usually pick it up and put it in my mouth until I have a chance to put it back in. Definitely only in cases of extreme unction, but yeah, seems better than throwing the thing away or letting it get stepped on. And I haven't had any problems afterward...yet!


@cherrispryte Somehow the idea of spit on a cantact lens and subsequently in my eye doesn't bother me nearly as much as my tongue touching my contact lens. Thus why I have never done this, as I would gag. Which makes zero sense upon further thought.


the tap water amoeba thing actually happened to momus (electronic musician guy). the tap water in question was in greece. i have no real reason to believe that water treatment is poor in greece, but if i ever go there i will be paranoid since i'll never forget the momus story.

stories like this make me glad i'm a girl scout about my contacts. i think one time i spat on one, but that's the very worst i've ever done and it was an emergency.


ARGH. I hated contact lenses so much, and they were just daily ones (no putting them in petroleum jelly/leaving them in for weeks for me!); this is making me feel very grateful for my beloved glasses.


I once had an eye doctor YELL at me for not changing my contacts more often. She told me I had a mysterious disease where the insides of my eylids apparently had little bubbles on them? That I couldn't feel. I probably still have them for all I know because I wear contacts for 6 months as opposed to the "reccomended" two weeks.

It also really hurts when you use water. Water! To keep your contacts in.


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