Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Starbucks Evening Blend

Chicago is the latest city that can make good on the silent promise of the New American Wine Glass: beer and wine are set to be introduced within the year at seven local Starbucks shops, via the Trojan horse that is the poetry reading. (Related: wine has been in a few Seattle Starbucks locations since autumn 2010, although it doesn't yet seem to have changed anyone's life.)

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Yess, I can now gesticulate wildly and not worry about spilling! Man, my poignant wine-drunk ramblings will have SO much more gravitas!


How are they going to reconcile their booze-selling with their no-public-restrooms zealotry? Or is this only a New York problem?


@boyofdestiny I was just thinking the same thing. Starbucks, prepare to be peed upon thoroughly!


@boyofdestiny I think this is actually a New York problem. In CHI, I rely on the kindness of the usually clean Starbuckses or else I'd be a peed on mess.


In my smallish town I wouldn't really see the point in stopping by Starbucks to buy booze, but I still want this because I know Pennsylvania will never let me have it. Actually, I just want my damn Wegmans to let me have wine. Then I'll be happy.


@Polina Ahhh Wegmans! The only reason I'd consider moving to PA, but then I think about buying liquor on Sundays.


@Polina Don't know where in PA you are, but if you're near the NJ border there's an exceptional Wegman's in central NJ with an amazing booze section. Every time I got in there I twirl around with my arms spread wide, Sound Of Music-style.


@Hamsterdam The state store in my town is actually open on Sundays. This just changed a few years ago, but unfortunately it's not statewide just a handful of them. But yeah, hooray for Wegmans!

@tortietabbie Yeah, there's a Wegs with wine in the Philly area (4 hrs from me). So that at least gives me hope that we will get our wine too! And if it happens, I will totally be twirling around in there!


If you want people to come to poetry readings, you have to serve booze. That's science.


@tortietabbie This is true. Unfortunately, the combination of free wine and socially awkward poets has led to ... unfortunate events.

(The Best Time I Drank Too Much at a Poetry Reading and Spilled Red Wine on All The Books)


Is this going to be like the chocolate cake and only be available after a "reasonable hour" like noon, or will it be available for purchase along with, say, breakfast oatmeal? A friend needs to know.


if my store is one of the lucky stores, being at work is going to be a WHOLE LOT better... whee! i'm pretty excited for/interested about this.

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