Monday, December 5, 2011


Someone Else's Children

The New York Review of Books has a fantastic piece by Christopher Benfey on Reed Bontecou's images of his time as a surgeon-photographer of the Civil War.

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Toby: We're not talking about the President going to Asia or the President going to Rwanda or the President going to Qumar. We're talking about the President sending other people's kids to do it.

C.J.: That's always what we're talking about. And in addition to being somebody's kids, they're soldiers and sailors, and if we're about freedom from tyranny, then we're about freedom from tyranny, and if we're not, we should shut up.


Given the (relatively) early hour, I think that link deserves a "Warning! Severed feet within!" disclaimer. Think of the people in California!

hahahaha, ja.

O_O It's been a grisly Monday morning so far.


@ietapi Maybe we should send an Edible Arrangement to the Hairpin's offices to cheer them up?


I am a huge Civil War nerd, and used to frequently take nerd trips to the battlefields.
If anybody wants to truely understand how horrible this war was, just go to Antietem and stand in the "Bloody Lane" and picture it filled with bodies.
These battles routinely saw 30% casualty rates! If something like that happened today, we would call it a blood bath.


If anybody wants to _________, just go to Antietam and stand in the "Bloody Lane" and picture it filled with bodies.

Okay booking through Expedia right now, but I'm not sure if I can get the time off work. Updates to come.


@melis I have some vacation time coming up, count me in!
It does sound silly to want to go to such a place, but they can be amazing and humbling experiences.
Read The Killer Angels by Michael Shaara and then tell me you don't want to go to Gettysburg.
Do it and you will be emailing me with long winded opinions on Pickett's Charge and Little Round Top.


@graffin I've been to Gettysburg! It was a pretty big field. I don't know how long of an email "Didn't think Pickett's Charge seemed like a super great idea, but then again, I'm no tactician, but there's a place that serves pretty good ham sandwiches down the road, I forget the name, but they put grape jelly on the ham sandwiches there! Who ever heard of such a thing, grape jelly on a ham sandwich, but it was pretty good" is, but consider yourself OPINIONED.


@melis During the Civil War they put jelly on everything. You name it, and there was Jelly smothered on it. This was at the directive of the Secretary of War JM Smucker.


@graffin Is it really blasphemous to say that I really felt something at Antietem as opposed to Gettysburg? I mean, I was just a shitty 6th grader who wanted to see a ghost or something..


“I am the man, I suffered, I was there.” Mghhmnn.


Jesus, this is haunting stuff.

...Can we get a "cute kittens doing cute thing" post?


@tortietabbie Oh, didn't you hear? All of the cute kittens in the world are dead now.

Porn Peddler

@tortietabbie BEHOLD TINK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWwBdY1Yglg
AND CRICKET: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1FJefHrvaI
volume is essential for cricket. she chirps.


@Third Wave Housewife Bless you, kind lady!


@Third Wave Housewife, oy, now I feel better. Doctor's advice? "Take two kitties and call me the morning".


I went to a Civil War battlefield for the first time over Thanksgiving and was more humbled than I would have expected. It was Prarie Grove in NW Arkansas. The battle was fought mainly in an apple grove rather than the broad field behind the grove. The whole site has an otherworldly beauty about it, and my mother and I were utterly spellbound.

Also, re PTSD: I'm not a big Dickinson fan, but she nailed it with her description.


I think it's important to see and read about things like this. As nice as it would be to have life be full of sunshine and kittens, it's not. Also, Louisa May Alcott dosing herself with mercury? Such a badass! It's interesting that it seems she wrote herself as basically a mixture of Jo March and the father role. I need to re-read Little Women now...

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