Friday, December 23, 2011


Rihanna's "You Da One" Video

Rihanna spends some time alone.

Talk That Talk is out now, and Rihanna got 20 top-10 Billboard hits faster than anyone in history.

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she seems to be a bit... itchy?


Hee, Quite excited to see this was shot in my part of London - you can see Hackney Council bins in the background.


Girl, you gotta pee or something? Oh right...overalls. You gotta get naked if you wanna go.


@parallel-lines yes, either that or she's brewing something down south. gurl, you gotta take those tights off more often, let things breathe!

Claire Carusillo

this video would be even better if ri's diamond grill was actually braces with turquoise rubberbands (what i originally thought/hoped was going on)


I find myself bored as shit watching this.
I love me a good Rihanna song, and she's pretty to look at, but the moving fonts in this video seem more exciting. Let's revisit Rude Boy or something.


Every week, a new song! I think she might be a machine.


Ri Ri for President! (Of my heart).


Is anyone else just waiting for her to release "Watch n Learn" as a single? Because that is 100000x times better than everything else on that album.


So, this is just the black and white outtakes of Rude Boy? Come on, Ri Ri, you used all those moves to perfection in RB! The squat-and-walk, mouth close-up, point-and-flow are already in my dance-move cache.

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