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Louis C.K. Chats on Reddit

Did you talk to Louis C.K. today? Why not!? We didn't because our only question is "Will you marry me?" and we want to wait to ask it in person.

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i love him so much.

Miss Michael

Well, now I know I will be spending my evening reading reddit.


My dude thinks I'm insane for being in love with Louis CK, and he'll mostly laugh at me for it.
Every so often, though, I'll notice that he's watching Louis CK standup routines with a furrowed brow, trying to really get what the hell is going on in my head.


@applestoapples Mine too! One day, I said that I just could not see what other people see in Ryan Reynolds, to which BF replied, "...But Louis CK is cute to you?" Yes. Yes he is.


@Hellcat Even though Ryan Reynolds is an objectively attractive man, his decision to play every smarmy juicebox fratbro comedy-hero between the Jeremy Piven Era and the Dane Cook Period has left me deeply ambivalent about finding him subjectively attractive.


@wharrgarbl It's his mouth! It's too small and... pinched! And we must have summoned him last night; flipping the channels, my BF found the new version of Amityville Horror, in which R.R. is strangely buff for his role as a suburban stepdad losing his shit.


@Hellcat The thing you don't see in Ryan Reynolds is the thing I don't see in Bradley Cooper. Sexiest Man Alive? Seriously? I don't get how THAT dude won the "Alias" war over Michael Vartan.

But Louis CK, yeah. There's something earnest and easygoing about him (even with his neuroses) that is attractive. Plus, I have a soft spot for the Gingers.


@applestoapples He (Louis) has a beautiful smile and he's funny. Good enough for me! And though my BF doesn't (or pretends not to) understand, I think that, as as a self-perceived "funny guy," he's pleased about my Louis CK crush (...that, or he wonders about his own looks based on the idea that celebrity crushes are typically "better looking" than "regular" people.)

Bradley Cooper is just OK appearance-wise to me -- like, I can see why someone might like him, but he's nothing special, IMO. But this is also coming from someone who looks only at Edward Norton if I happen upon Fight Club on TV, and gets angry if someone says that Rob Zombie isn't handsome.

fondue with cheddar

@Hellcat He DOES have a beautiful smile. His whole face is really expressive, which is one of the many things I love about him. And he's totally sexy.


Love for Louis C.K. < Hatred of Reddit, that's why.


@Diana Things that ALSO appeared on Reddit's front page today: a guy posted a picture of his girlfriend and most of the comments were dedicated to mocking her weight. Seriously fuck that place.

Jillsy Sloper

@Diana @Polina It's a really big site, and some parts are better than others. Here, try this:

Or this:

Or maybe this?


@Jillsy Sloper Even in the subreddits people are obsessed with upvoting and downvoting people just so they can get their comment to the top (or even just to be visible). Besides the idiocy of the "hivemind," the way reddit's structure works is not conducive to good discussion. Seriously, I've given it many chances.


@Jillsy Sloper Oops, I can't edit anymore, but also I just want to say that it's fine if other people get enjoyment out of Reddit. I just don't. Which is one reason of many why I spend the majority of my commenting time on the Hairpin.


No I didn't, for the same reason. I had nothing useful to ask or say to him except "omg i love you". He is brilliant. His show is brilliant, funny, sad, and sweet all at once.

sorry your heinous

Yesterday I got a forward from my mom ("Fwd: FW: FUNNY") of Louis C.K.'s "Everything's Amazing and Nobody's Happy" bit, so he has apparently reached the middle-aged, still use AOL, housewife demographic.

Agreed with the comments about Reddit kind of being full of some serious shitheads, though, even if I made an exception to visit for this. Louis telling them to shut up is kind of magical.


I cannot believe this is a thing. And, it's a thing I missed out on. For my money, Louie is the best show on TV.


"I own, oh my God, all the black t-shirts."

Louis CK talks like me!


Okay, I'll admit I haven't seen much of this guy's standup, but my impression of him is is that everyone seems to see him as sort of caustic-clever-liberal-funny? But the few times I've watched clips of him, he seems very caustic-clever-liberal-funny on some issues, and then just like a jerk who doesn't get it on others. Can't cite any specific instances, I'm afraid, as I've not been paying that much attention, but am I right or have I completely missed the point somewhere?


@glitterary FWIW, I agree with you. He's like every angry Libertarian-but-still-enlightened nice guy I've ever encountered, but then again, I've only see a few stand-up clips.


@charizard I've watched a lot of his standup and the TV show, and I'm puzzled as to where you got the Libertarian impression from. Can you point to something specific?


@glitterary It's hard to say since you don't describe what you think he "doesn't get" but I think overall he's just really funny and honest. Sometimes he goes into "marriage is shitty" or "women won't fuck me" or "I JACK OFF SO MUCH" tirades which could be seen as over the top or anti-woman (if that's the kind of thing you're talking about not liking) but I'd just chalk that up to different tastes in comedy, not you missing the point. He isn't really so much a "liberal" comedian, he's not explicitly political (he does have an episode of his show that is, tho, where he gets in a fist fight with a Republican friend but his character isn't exactly his real self.) Really, his stand up is funny but his show Louie is excellent in a different way- sometimes very funny, sometimes very poignant, sometimes something completely else but always really interesting and well crafted. I'd try the show even if you don't love his standup.


@shantasybaby Yes, that is EXACTLY the kind of thing. Thank you. Sorry, I'm in the UK so the only source I have for him is YouTube, and a couple of times I've thought "huh, he seems funny and smart" and then watched him be funny and smart for a few minutes before he'd suddenly say something that struck me as a bit misogynist. But he's got practically no exposure here, so I'm not getting the media context you get for different comedians that tell you (for example) that someone is actually just very incisive and dark. All I've got to go on is YouTube snippets, so I don't get all of the in-show context for his jokes either.


@glitterary His show Louie is really great (just as everyone else is saying). I watched one episode of it while I was folding the laundry and thought, "ugh who is this guy?" but then I saw another episode and thought, "wow, who is this guy?!" (First tone disgust, second tone awe).

Louie, the show is a real cohesive work. It's sort of about this sad guy who is really self aware and it's sort of raw and painful and beautiful and cloaked in this dark humor. Think of it as philosophy masquerading as humor. The individual Louis CK jokes don't work as well, stripped of all that contextual understanding of who he is.


@shantasybaby I, too, have only seen you tube bits. But the thing I like about his humour is that it is often really liberal and point out his privilege, but also that when he does slip into essentialism and woman-hating there's this sense that... that he knows that really, he's being a dick. And also, he kind of hates everyone just because people are awful, and he doesn't think he's any better than the people he's saying are awful. Self awareness saves a lot of things, for me.

Lily Rowan

@Craftastrophies The White Privilege piece should be required viewing for everyone.


@Lily Rowan I just watched that again last night. Also, this. He does the most successful acknowledgement of privilege that actually makes people think about it rather than get defensive that I've ever seen.


I prefer to communicate with Louis CK by retweeting his tweets. AIDS.

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