Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Liz's Trinkets

The biggest of Elizabeth Taylor's jewelry auctions went down at Christie's last night, and it "shattered expectations" by bringing in roughly $116 million (ahead of the projected $30 million), which of course you know because you picked up one or two of the 80 lots on sale. Which ones? I bought this Bulgari Emerald Suite. "Bought," of course, meaning "pasted onto myself a printed-out and cut-up picture of."

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They really took that photo like they KNEW we were going to print and cut it out.


@rootmarm They are actually selling printouts! I just don't know how to find them.


I've never been moved to tears by beautiful things before - but Liz had such an out of this world collection (and GREAT taste). And what's more, she had the confidence and poise to pull it all off. *dies of envy*


But have they always brought you luck?


Good choice, Edith, I'm sorry you got there first. I look great in blue as well, though, so I snagged the Bvlgari Sapphire Sautoir, and of course the Granny suite for my mother for Christmas (she's not a grandmother, so it's basically a prank gift! So hilarious).

Oh, squiggles

It's like Scandals of Classic Hollywood and Estate Jewelry had a baby post! The Estate Jewelry of Classic Hollywood.


A Million effing diamonds, Michael!


@Janellio I think my nipples are bleeding.


If I'd known there was jewelry involved, I would have tried much harder at ping pong.



You guys, artinfodotcom is very excitedly tweeting the #liztaylorauction and it is *almost* like you are in the room with them. Sigh... I almost tweeted my bid for the grand finale Liz Taylor diamond, but I calmed myself and put my tweet down just in time.


@maevemealone Ahh that diamond! And for only $8.8 million!


I'll just take this little guy , if nobody minds.


does anyone know where the proceeds are going? none of the forbes articles say.


@wheezy Her AIDS foundation. (I am 99% sure.)


I mean, we all knew those estimates were crazy low, but estimating that a charm bracelet might fetch $6k when it actually went for $195k? Come on, guys. You weren't even trying.


Ahhh, crap, I've been working all day so I hadn't checked in here! Day 2 of the jewelry auction is currently winding down (around 22 lots to go) but you can still watch it live on christies.com. Prices have continued to smash the estimates into oblivion.

The Mythical Codfish

I'm dying to know who bought La Peregrina. If Queen Sophia of Spain shows up wearing it, I will just about shake out of my skin with joy. Of course, if I find out that it's disappeared somewhere into Asia, I might have to go and cry.

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