Friday, December 2, 2011


Liz Taylor Auction Update!

The scorpion cape. THE SCORPION CAPE!

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Did anyone else immediately go to Netflix to look up "Boom!" based solely on that description? Just me then? Oh, okay...

Also: "I just hope there are enough midget drag queens in the world." Me too, guy, me too.


@bitzyboozer "Sissy Goforth"


@bitzyboozer I didn't even make it to the end of the first sentence before looking it up. It could have been John Waters' favorite ANYTHING and I would have looked it up.

Any One Ninja Plot

@bitzyboozer That guy also describes movies the same way my little brother did when he was five. "And then there was this lady who was a man but he liked men and then there were midgets and there was this cape with a GIANT SCORPION!"


@bitzyboozer I was just at a costume wedding last month and my bestie and I went as White DIEamonds-- aka Zombie Liz Taylors. He went as Boom Liz. (I was Cleopatra.)

This movie is the shit.


And I just shared this with my friend who went as Boom Liz and suggested he save his pennies and he said: "Elizabeth was only 5' 2". They're drag queen clothes but you'd have to be a little drag queen. You need a very wealthy munchkin drag queen to buy these clothes. We wouldn't be able to wear them sadly."


@bitzyboozer YES. Also because of that crazy gingham quilt kimono action.


can make friends with ryan gosling's scorpion jacket. :D


<--- Scorpio here, also coveting that cape!


@saywhatnow? I want to have a Scorpion Ball, like Grace Kelly.

The Widow Muspratt

@saywhatnow? Another Scorpio here (and about the same height as Elizabeth Taylor) Also coveting that cape. It would give me a reason to throw my own Scorpion Ball.


I want it more than I've ever wanted anything ever. I need it in my life.

Maybe my mom will make me one.


I'm a Capricorn. Do I get a goat cape?


@Decca I just get a virgin cape :(


@figwiggin: And can you imagine a Virgo Ball? All of us standing around silently judging each other while constantly making sure drinks were on coasters, ashtrays were emptied and cocktail napkin stacks remained perfectly spiraled...


@ejcsanfran My partner is a Virgo. I would have to go to that ball. And everyone would judge my 'adventurous' Sagittarius clothes and straighten my collars.

Although I AM on the cusp of Capricorn (although maybe not anymore? I'm so confused) so my sock drawer is very organised.


I will fight someone for that cape.


ohhhh my godddddd. Also the idea of a Scorpio-only party is ludicrously awesome (because I would be invited).


@martinipie On the flip side of that (Leo speaking), I love that the coat is basically a giant fuck you to Grace Kelly for her exclusiveness. Not only did she crash the Scorpio party, she did it wearing a giant scorpion cape.

Or maybe that's just how I see it.

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