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Go Halfsies On ... The Beauty Product

Edith: Jane! Let's say we want to buy something really nice and fancy, but it's too expensive, so we don't buy it. But we never stop thinking about it, and over drinks or coffee we find out that the other one wants to buy it too, so we decide it's affordable if we split it, and share this thing. What's the best way to do this? For instance, ahem, let's say we've both read enough magazine articles and Amazon reviews and everywhere reviews about a certain kind of face cream named after the ocean to become semi-convinced of its magic, except this face cream costs $135 per ounce, which is insane. But if it does even a quarter of the things people claim it does, it would be worth it. But it probably doesn't, so then that'd be $135 down the drain for a cute little jar that sits in a medicine cabinet gathering dust.

Jane: Blasphemer! It would never gather dust. Here's the great thing about splitting a big purchase: we both take the risk, but if one of us down the line gives up before it "works" or whatever, the other one gets the spoils. I drink your face cream. I drink it up! See, I am of the school of thought that it doesn't totally matter if a singular beauty product delivers on all of its promises; it's more important to have a routine and make an effort. In the long run, the ladies who put lotion on their necks and go to bed with hand cream on just, well, maybe they don't look younger or more beautiful, but they are a brand of woman and I am buying what they're selling. Is that terribly shallow? Who cares? What I'm saying is stop being a wimp and let's do this thing with the magical face cream. Send me a check for $67.50. I don't have checks, because I am alive in 2011, but I know you have checks because I've seen them and they have horses on them. Wait. Can't we just split the check like at a restaurant somehow?

Edith: I got those checks a long time ago, and I thought the horses were cute, although I somehow missed the life stage where everyone learned how to do electronic checks or order checks from their bank's website, or whatever it is that everyone else does instead of writing checks. Anyway, if we're being honest the truth is that I bought a jar of that cream last year and it HAS been gathering dust in my medicine cabinet, because I used it for a couple months but wasn't crazy about how thick it was and how it didn't transform me instantly (why??). This came up over drinks with you a couple months ago, and you said you wanted it, and now I'm going to mail it to you, and you are going to give ME the $67.50 somehow, I guess not by check. I hope you like it more than I did! Also, YOU are basically one of the women who falls asleep with hand cream on, for me, if that makes sense. I buy what you're selling!

Jane: If you're buying what I'm selling, how come I'm the one sending a check? Just kidding, Edith! I love you. And I would like to hear oh-so-much more about why you didn't like the cream — but not so much that I talk you back out of sending it to me. In fact, scratch that! It's the worst. The worst ripoff cream on the planet and I bet the reason they don't sell it at Sephora is because their return policy is so generous and the cream sucks so bad they'd probably have to create a whole "Magical Cream Return" line at the checkout. So yes, get rid of it in this direction. Great idea. I'll go to the bank and see if they want to weigh in on our method of money changing hands. If shipping it didn't cost an arm and a leg, I'd send you $67.50 in pennies because that joke never gets old for me.

Edith: Ahhh, that would be so many pennies!!!!!!!!!

No, but you know this is the first time in the history of our friendship that I've been ahead of you on the beauty-product front, so let me enjoy this for a second. [...] Okay, so you send me a check (???) for $67.50, and I'll mail you this 90%-full one-ounce jar of this absurdly expensive face cream. You're getting the better deal here, I think, except so am I because I always wanted to try it, and probably would have eventually no matter what, and now I get half the money back. And it makes me happy to know we're sharing something. Is this like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Face Cream or something? JANE what do we buy next, this is fun, I love you!!

Jane: I am building a fort next to my mailbox.

Tied neck-and-neck with slathering things on our faces, our other favorite thing is putting stuff in our faces, so let's dream big and splurge on something for our kitchens? Or, oops, I mean "Let's cook up a spectacular kitchen addition." (The Food Network is on in the background; I can't help it.)

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You two have such a will-they-or-won't-they thing happening.

Any One Ninja Plot

I think I like y'all's friendship (or at least the public version of it?) more than any of the ones in my actual life. Is that creepy?


@Any One Ninja Plot These days I interact with my bff mostly over chat and text. But occasionally we'll do our thing in front of other people and I get to see their eyes go all big. I think our public version is pretty amazing. And confusing, apparently.


I still have checks (they are purple). I love conversations between Edith and Jane.


@thisisunclear I have scenes of Canada. I'm down to my last book and wonder what theme I should go with next...


@Xaxa My phone company sent me a refund check. I'm... not really sure what to do with it.

I mean, I don't have a rotary phone! What are you doing to me, phone company?


@Craftastrophies My company sends me cheques when they refund my travel expenses (though they pay me by direct deposit.) I just put them in the bank machine.


@Xaxa I don't... what is a 'bank machine'?


@Craftastrophies ATM?


@Xaxa Oh, right, now I feel dumb :P I was imagining some kind of complex scanner thingy. My bank is a little credit union, I don't think their atms have a deposit bit. And they are only ever open late in the suburbs, where I can't get to. I'm going to cash it next week, when I'm on holidays and can go in during the day.


@Craftastrophies "Bank machine" is a bit of a utilitarian term I guess. I'm from a small town. I don't always speek good.


@Xaxa No, no, it is totally descriptive. I just wondered if it was a thing we don't have in Australia, and assumed it was a fancy thing.

Any One Ninja Plot

Also, for a second I got really excited that this ad might be for some kind of new daily deal or social networking site wherein you share beauty products with strangers.


@Any One Ninja Plot I have this idea all the time, but locally, and for food? For instance: cilantro comes in a giant bunch for $0.50, but you're never going to use all that cilantro before it rots, wouldn't it be nice to just have a network of people you could give that extra cilantro to? I guess have seven roommates is the answer, but despite this fairly hippyish idea I am not that much of a hippie.

Faintly Macabre

This discussion of the absurdly-expensive face cream reminds me of reading one of many Vogue articles about even-more-absurdly-expensive face creams (yes, they exist!) wherein the author decided to MASH A PEARL in wine or something just for the heck of it. Face creams are the new alchemy for rich people.


@Faintly Macabre
"That's, what, like, a million diamonds for $400? A million [bleep]ing diamonds!"


@Faintly Macabre Likely because that's what Cleopatra apparently did once, but she was only making a point about crazy expensive shit too :S


@Dancersize You beat me to it. That's the only thing I ever think of when I contemplate face cream (which is next to never, because I am not high class, I guess). Until I can afford a million diamonds, it's soap and water for me.


@emilylouise Until I can afford a person to remind me to smear things on my face, and actually do it for me, it's soap and water for me. And sunscreen. I saw a colleague's photos on facebook of her visiting her older sisters in the UK. You can tell who lives in Australia. Yeeesh!


@Craftastrophies Oh, what you said. Sometimes I worry that I make a visible face when running into people I went to high school with. I don't mean to, but come on, everyone -- sunscreen!


@Hellcat I am so bad about the sunscreen. I hate the way it feels. Most days in summer I wear a hat, even just commuting, but jeeeeez.

Maybe I'll just embrace the feminist lesbian look. Comfy shoes, some sort of dungaree/fisherman pant combination, chracterful wrinkles and mini moustache. Hot, right? (I am kind of not kidding, maybe)


@Craftastrophies I just buy face products with sunscreen in them but I'll carry a travel-size of "real" sunscreen in my bag just in case I end up outside for longer than it takes to walk from the apartment to the car, etc. There are some made just for faces but they seem to feel just as thick/sticky as the ones for the rest of your body. And I know that people say that those sunblocks in the moisturizers are bunk... but I've managed to stay relatively pale and wrinkle-free in my 40 years. But...

punkahontas featured a moisturizer/makeup hybrid on her blog that is so, so wonderful and has a 45 SPF. It's called Dr. Jart's something or other and it is delightful! And easy if you're a makeup klutz like me! And it makes your skin look all nice and even and pretty in the tiny amount of time it would take to just put on moisturizer -- you don't even need anymore makeup if you're feeling lazy! Ahhhhh, I love it!


@Hellcat Yeah, but, here is my daily face routine.
1) wash it
2) dry it
3) ???

I am so scared to change anything because my skin is stupidly sensitive but also oily. I don't want to go back to dry peeling skin with acne! I WON'T GO BACK.


@Craftastrophies Oh, you don't have to go back! if it ain't broken, don't fix it... or, if "fixing" it makes it "broken" again, don't do it... or something. I think I just love to rave about that product!

I remember when I was little -- well, not little but early teens, I guess -- when I would insist on doing everything the magazines and commercials said to do... wash in little dainty, foamy circles on my cheeks, happily throw water into the air at my face (this does not work!), gently pat dry (with an impossibly fluffy towel per the ads), apply some kind of toner (which I still don't know the point/purpose of), and put on moisturizer with oh-so-delicate strokes of the ring fingers so as not to pull (?). This is not something I do anymore, thank god.


I have heard that this certain absurdly expensive face cream named after the ocean is actually the same stuff as regular old heavy-duty Nivea cream (which I have been known to put on my face sometimes). Is this true? Also, do any over-30 people with dry sensitive skin have specific recommendations for fancy creams that DO work really well? CERTAIN EMBARRASSINGLY VAIN PEOPLE WITH CORGI AVATARS NEED TO KNOW. Currently I'm using some goo from Caudalie that I'm liking so far, but what is the very best goo in the world to slow the inevitable process of your face collapsing like a souffle made of tissue paper?


@werewolfbarmitzvah I am hopelessly devoted to Jan Marini's C-Esta serum and Transformation cream. On my third bottles of both. I like her stuff because it seems like what you'd get if you went to a cranky surgeon that thinks alternative medicine is quackery. No plant extracts or bio-sdjhskdjh in this shit, just straight up Pretty-Making Chemicals. JM is not Fucking Around.


@werewolfbarmitzvah I have some thick lotion in a white bottle from Kiehl's, and I like it. I use it as a night cream because it's pretty heavy, but I use the lighter stuff in the blue bottle for the daytime. My skin is dry and sensitive, but under-30.

Pseudo Pseudonym

@werewolfbarmitzvah I have come to love Clinique's Even Better moisturizer. I cut it with a light weight Clean and Clear moisturizer so that I can afford to use it every morning (it has a bit of SPF). It has evened up my skin with just that tiny dab each day so I'm totally impressed. I've tried other fancier brands and even when I've been on medications that make my skin freak out at the slightest irritation, I always come back to Clinique.


@werewolfbarmitzvah Fancy it is not, but I think I just found my perfect daily moisturizer and want to share the wealth - Eucerin Everyday Protection SPF 30
I'm sensitive, pale, acne-prone, and dry in the winter and I'm digging this stuff quite a bit. It could be a bit heavier, but it's cheap, finally gives me daily sunscreen, and doesn't feel greasy or chalky or break me out.


@werewolfbarmitzvah The certain cream of which are you speaking that has a certain Germain dupe. (okay, this is silly - can I just say what they are? I'm saying what they are. There is a cult of beauty enthusiasts that swear that Creme da la Mer is the same as the German version of Nivea) Nivea is made in Mexico and in Germany and the US we get the Mexican version. They are slightly different and I've tried both. The German one has an ingredient list that is similar to the Creme de la Mer minus the seaweed.

I don't think either one is that great. I've also tried Creme de la Mer and its precious seaweed extracts and I think that it is one of the most ridiculously over-hyped beauty products of all time. Also, all of these products have high concentration of mineral oil. If you are in any way comodogenic (prone to clogged pores), or break out - it's so not worth it.


@OsGirl I am still in search of the perfect night cream, but I'm really into this new day cream I've been using, because it's thick and moisturizing but doesn't make me break out! And it's a lot cheaper than the Murad stuff I was using AND you can buy it at Duane Reade.

Also, I love all this feedback about La Mer because I've always wanted to try it too!


@OsGirl Aha, this is what I suspected! And honestly, some of the best results I've had have been from using either straight olive oil out of the kitchen, or a big slathering of shea butter.


@werewolfbarmitzvah Ooh!Ooh! Coconut oil is what I use at night on my face. And in my hair. And on my hands. EVERYWHERE.

This is, in fact, my all-natural, cheap, at-home cure for S.A.D.
1. Take long warm shower.
2. After, slather your whole hair face and body in coconut oil
3. Listen, sing, and dance to Prince the whole time.
4. Go forth and feel awesome.


@werewolfbarmitzvah God. I am so bad at being a girl. The last time I used any kind of night cream was when I worked in the beauty aids department in a supermarket, nightfilling, and I used to steal any opened (the cardboard not the bottle! Only ones that people opened to smell, no finger dipping strangers!) ones and try them. Too thick and smelly, all of them. Also, I was not yet 20 then. I just realised that that was almost ten years ago. Guuuuuuys I've never freaked out about an age but I think I might be ready to freak out about 30?! WHY? Do I need to learn a whole new skill set for dealing with my face?


@OsGirl I recently decided to try a Boots moisturizing face wash that was mineral oil-heavy. I have tubs of cold cream in my bathroom but I really only use them for heavy duty makeup removal - the Boots stuff was the first I actually used every day. And my face FREAKED OUT. It didn't even break out, but my eyelids are now all dry and scaly and rough and I can't even cover it with makeup because that just makes exacerbates the problem. I've switched back to my old Neutrogena face wash and I'm just praying for this disgustingness to leave my face.

In short, this one is not a fan of mineral oil cleansers anymore.


@NeverOddOrEven I want to know more about this coconut oil regime! Does it smell coconutty (oooh!)? Can I just buy it anywhere? But, oil... will I feel all slick and weird? Is it expensive? Will my hair get all stuck to it?

I like the Nivea and Eucerin products too -- and they're cheap and you can get them anywhere! But I do have an Avon kind of age defying" stuff that I like too (it's not cheap-cheap, but nowhere close to La Mer territory). The thing is, I have no idea if it actually does anything or if maybe I just got lucky in the wrinkle arena.

ms. alex

@NeverOddOrEven I love Eucerin Everyday Protection SPF 30! It's so hard to find an SPF 30 moisturizer that doesn't make my skin do weird things/cost a bundle, and I'm not willing to give up my addiction to retinol just so I can use SPF 15 moisturizers.


@Hellcat It's awesome! Buy a jar of extra virgin, unrefined coconut oil. At the grocery store. Usually by the olive oils and such (at my co-op at least. But it shouldn't be hard to find. I paid maybe $8 for a 16oz or so jar?)
It's solid at room temp but melts very quickly/easily. There's a link and study out there showing that it's the only oil that actually penetrates/strengthens the hair shaft. Some say it clogs pores but not mine. Jojoba oil isn't supposed to but it breaks me out so, as always, your mileage may vary.
I just put it straight on my face. A little goes along way and it'll feel greasy for a bit, but once it absorbs it's pretty complete and feels to me like a drier oil.
It's very lightly coconutty smelling. I only like young coconut, the shavings n stuff in candy make me want to vom. But I really like the smell of the oil!

Give it a shot. Not a huge investment and if all else fails, cook with it. Healthy fats and such.


@NeverOddOrEven Wait. Is this like copha?


@NeverOddOrEven Thanks! Is it crazy to be all excited about this? Because I am! Maybe it will even help my chronically dry, horrible cuticles!


@werewolfbarmitzvah The incredibly cheap Lacura stuff from Aldi. No don't laugh it's amazing :(


Up until about a month ago when I ran out, I had Disney princess checks. I am 25 years old.

christina tesoro

@Dancersize I still have Disney checks! But they're like Bambi and Thumper, Mickey and Minnie, Donald and Daisy, etc. I think there might be a princess or two in the mix, actually, but I can't remember...


@Dancersize I didn't think it was possible, but this actually makes me want to get a set of checks. For my own personal entertainment only I suppose.

Setec Astrology

Sponsor's ad: "You can send and receive money instantly via email."

Edith to Jane: "Okay, so you send me a check..."

Clearly, advertorial this ain't.

Emma Peel

@Setec Astrology Haa! Also, seriously people, Paypal. I got it to work with my mother, who has never used an ATM card. If she can do it, anyone can.


@Emma Peel I found out that my boyfriend has never used internet banking. I just stared at him for about ten minutes. What? How do.. but why?

Then he explained to me how to cash a check, so I guess we're even?


@Craftastrophies To be honest the only internet banking I do is logging in to check my accounts. I don't actually pay anything with internet banking. I don't understand how it works and I'm afraid to ask.


@Emma Peel The only problem with Paypal is that if you want to take your $$ and put it in your bank account, it takes like 5 days. That's garbage.


@KeLynn I use it to pay all my bills, and do basically everything ever, but my bank is actually a credit union and makes everything super easy. And they are SO FRIENDLY if you ever have to call and ask anything. My boyfriend doesn't even have an internet login, he checks stuff by phone.


Face cream that does not live up to its hype tends to end up as my elbow and heel cream. Which I slather on nightly AND daily.

Beck Rea@facebook

...I still use checks. For rent! Seriously, just for rent!

...and dance class.

...and also...other things.


The Girls and I were chatting about buying a pot of LUSH's "Gorgeous" and splitting it between the three of us--brings it down to $30 each, which ain't bad, and it is made of love, unicorns, and probably the blood of virgins.

@werewolfbarmitzvah: I tried rubbing my face on my Corgi to get some of her cuteness, but I just started sneezing instead. Try LUSH's "Skin Drink" or "Gorgeous". For serious, they are awesome.


@Beck Rea@facebook Yes, seconding Skin Drink (!) or Gorgeous. I've been cheating on Lush with some nice-smelling pots of cream from Korres but now that it's winter and my skin is dry dry dry I should go back to the Skin Drink.

I've only tried a tiny pot of Gorgeous, and while I liked how my skin felt afterward, it also had that slight smell of corn chips that some people say they can smell with it. It doesn't work so well that I'm OK with smelling Fritos every morning, so that's a wad of cash saved.


@Beck Rea@facebook I use checks for rent too! They're just the hideously boring Wells Fargo checks, though, I have like three boxes of refills so I will be using Wells Fargo checks until the end of time. One of my roommates in college was a big-time check user, and once at the farmers' market she whipped out her checkbook and used it to pay for some fruit. I was somewhat bemused that apparently farmers' market vendors will take personal checks! (Maybe this is only in Santa Cruz?)

Also, when I used to work in gift processing at my current university of employment, we had TONS of checks every day that had to get processed and copied and filed. So someone's out there using them.


@Beck Rea@facebook Ooooooooh, I was just in Lush yesterday for gift shopping and should've gotten this! There were three salesladies on me at once, though, tearing out my liver, and I was too overwhelmed to browse properly! (Have you guys noticed this about Lush? That when you walk in the door, half a dozen salespeople immediately descend upon you and tear out your liver? I want to shop there more often because their stuff is gorgeous, but I only have so much to spend in a given shopping session, and those sales pitches are aggressive!)


@Beck Rea@facebook Wait. People don't use checks? How the heck do you pay your rent, then??

I have like 15 checkbooks, because I keep losing them and ordering more.


@werewolfbarmitzvah Yeah, their salespeople are overbearing. I get my mom a gift box from Lush every xmas and I never get a chance to check them all out, I usually just give up and get whatever one they're pushing, because mom's going to be happy no matter what and the smell in there drives me nuts.


@Beck Rea@facebook Same here with the checks -- just rent. I think I'll have the ones I have now (Hello Kitty) for the rest of my life (along with the millions of address labels the HSUS sends me!).

@Craftastrophes I don't know why that made me laugh about your BF. It reminds me of when my BF told me he'd never been on a train. And my friend's husband had never eaten an orange! And my friend who thought -- in, like, 2002 -- that call-waiting was only for rich people. Why are these things so funny?

Beck Rea@facebook

@werewolfbarmitzvah: Yeah...they can be seriously pushy. I've found that a good way around that is to get to know my local store well enough that when I walk in, I can say "hi", find out about new products, and generally be left alone.

(...I'm also really good at giving a "fuck-off" vibe to salespeople)


Do ask for samples--it's the best way to discover what products work for *your* skin without dropping a ton of cash. :)


Beck Rea@facebook

@rewil: Corn chips? Wow. I wonder if that's like some folks can smell asparagus in their pee and others can't?

I loved "Gorgeous" and "Lovely Jubblies", but was totally nonplussed by "Enzymion". I think it's like so many things--find what works for you and stick with it...until your skin changes.

As mine does.

Every five years.


Jolie Kerr

I'm allergic to La Mer and have paper checks and it's been nice being Janie's friend but she's absolutely going to break up with me now.

Jolie Kerr

But for those of you who want to try it, here's a lil' tip! They have sample sized containers and if you've got a salesperson at a dept. store who likes you he or she may be able to get you one. They're pretty stingy with them because obviously it's such an expensive product that people would take advantage, but it's something worth knowing about. You could maybe even be like, "I want to try La Mer but one of my friends told me she's allergic to it and I'm afraid to commit until I know that I won't have a bad reaction."

Jane Marie

@Jolie Kerr jolie! i think allergies AND checks are adorable. you're still in.

Jolie Kerr

@Jane Marie Achoo!


They have teeny-tiny samples on eBay if your curiosity is getting the better of you. My understanding is it is super-heavy, though, so if your skin doesn't take to that kind of stuff you might not like it.


Just how generous is the Sephora return policy? I went in the other day because The Hairpin finally convinced me to get Makeup Forever HD (it's awesome btw) and I also wanted to get some red lipstick because I have decided that I will now be a Lady Who Wears Red Lipstick.

However, I am the type of person has a very hard time asserting myself. I wanted one shade of red and the sample looked great on me, but they were out of it. So I let the lady bulldoze me into getting another shade. Which is a HOTPINK! kind of red, and I don't like it on me. I've used it a couple times. Can I return this? And also, how can I learn to be a lady who can say "no" to people who are trying to sell me things?


@teebs Pretend you'll come back for it. Just say "This looks really nice, but I want to see how it looks in different lights and how it wears. If it suits me I'll definitely come back and buy it!"


@teebs 1. I have a friend who once bought a clarisonic skin brush for funsies and returned it a week later. It's that generous. 2. My go-to line is "thanks so much for your help! I'm going to keep browsing." I don't know why this works, but salespeople seem to understand it as the universal "leave me alone with your products, man!"

Lily Rowan

@teebs You can totally return it. You return it to the people who ring you up, not the sales people, so they totally don't care.

Lisa Hanawalt@twitter

@teebs Sephora's return policy is verrrry generous! Just bring it back! I always say, "Ok, I need to think about it but thank you" and then I walk backwards until I'm outside of the store.

The Lady of Shalott

@teebs The people at Sephora are usually really super nice about returns, like one time I bought a Tarte liquid eyeliner (hi, poor financial decisions!)and it turned out to be totally defective, as in, THERE WAS NO EYELINER INSIDE IT AT ALL, and I took it back to the store and they gave me a replacement one and one of their samples for my trouble.

Also the method I always use for deferring persistent salespeople is "I like it, but I need to wait a while and see if my skin reacts to it--it's really sensitive!" and that's usually the end of it.


@teebs I returned used nail polish once. I bought two colors and when I used one at home I realized I didn't like the texture/consistency. I felt very horrible bringing back something I had opened but they didn't even ask me why I was returning it. I'm serious, no one batted an eyelash.

Lily Rowan

Let me also be clear that Sephora still intimidates the crap out of me, and I use it on purpose to practice doing scary things. I walk around the store until I get my gumption up to ask someone to sell me something. They literally never approach me in there.

But anyway, my point is that returning is easy.


@teebs Agreed with the above. Sephora's return policy is ridiculously generous. I've never been hassled. If you've forgotten your receipt though, they ask for your driver's license and you get store credit.


@Lily Rowan I'm terrified of Sephora. I've never been inside.


@Xaxa Seriously? I love it so much that I wrote a loveletter to Sephora on my blog last spring.

I will say that I hate the other customers in there though, so try to go to one that isn't too crowded.

And the return policy is BANANAS. That's why I shop there almost exclusively, I know I can always take it back if it doesn't work out.

Faintly Macabre

@Xaxa Me too. I've spent about 30 seconds in a U.S. one before fleeing, and bought a clearanced gold eyeliner at one in France (there were like 5 in the center of the city where I was living, so it was hard to avoid!) and was petrified they'd snicker or comment on my skin.

Lily Rowan

@Xaxa I totally feel you, and actually like buying their stuff on-line better a lot of the time, because of better samples. But really, it's fine in there.


@punkahontas It's more like I would walk in there and have no idea what to do or what I would want. It's a pretty big store (or at least looks like it from the outside.)


@Lily Rowan Good point!!! Free samples, plus they almost always have a promo code going. I just got the "smokey eye prep kit" (using the code PREPKIT) and it has travel size eye makeup remover, a clinique eyeliner, mini primer, mini mascara, mini murad eye cream and stila eyeshadow samples. Pretty frickin' generous!


@teebs No seriously you can return ANYTHING to sephora. I've returned half used exfoliator and perfume that I purchased over a year ago. I've never had a hard time with it (got store credit in exchange for the perfume, which, fair enough) but I have a reply ready in case they try to give me a hard time, which is, that I buy ALL my skincare and makeup there BECAUSE of their generous return policy so why would you be giving me a hard time?


@teebs So if anyone cares, Sephora took back my lipstick no problem!

Jane Marie

@teebs way to go!


I can't think of a single beauty product I would spend $67.50 on, don't get me started on the full price. Wasn't there a scientist face cream post one time, where she compared many face cream additives to throwing thread at a hole in jeans and expecting it to fix itself?

I like straight-up shea butter as my intensive lotion, and St. Ives oatmeal/vitamin E for every day use. Face lotion I go with cetaphil spf 15, and some argan oil stuff I got on sale. I am the fanciest lady :) I also never know who to believe about night cream and combination skin. Does it make it oilier? Does it dry you out? For a while my big splurge was Burt's Bees Carrot face cream (which is like $25 and definitely the uppermost limit of my beauty spending) because it smelled and felt delicious.

Also I totally use cheques! That's how we spell it in Canada.


@illcommunication That's how we spell it in Australia, too, but it's one of those words I find confusing (like 'goal' for 'jail'. What even is that, England?) so I find it relaxing to spell it the US way.


@illcommunication yes! Cheques with a q! I'm always a bit taken aback when I see "checking" as an option on a bank machine (ATM).


oooh moisturizer talk! I need some advice: my skin is increasingly becoming drier because of the evil heating systems in my home and work place. The Aveeno I've been using just isn't cutting it anymore. I guess my skin is typically on the dry side, but it does get oily breakouts. What can I use that isn't super heavy (and skin cloggy) and doesn't cost a fortune?

Faintly Macabre

@acefreakly I've been using Nature's Gate's basic lotion on my face. It sinks in really fast, which is good but means reapplying if your skin's really dry, and is totally fragrance- and supposedly-scary-things-free. Whole Foods makes a heavier unscented body lotion that's good, too. Neither has any fancy claims, but they're cheap and shouldn't bug your skin.


@acefreakly I use Neutrogena's moisturizer for combination skin, and I really like it. It keeps me moisturized, but never feels clogged.


@acefreakly I've been using the Body Shop's Seaweed Mattifying Moisturiser (or it's called something along those lines) for a couple of years and I have crazy amounts of brand loyalty. It's never given me spots, it doesn't look greasy, it hydrates just fine and a little bit goes a long way, so it lasts forever.

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@acefreakly : Ooo! I love me some Kiss My Face Peaches lotion! Do give it a test run, as it has AHA in it, and may not be bueno for all skin types. For the record, I have SUPER sensitive skin, breakouts, and occasional dry bits, and I love that this lotion encourages new cell growth. Maybe ask for a sample at Whole Foods?

Beck Rea@facebook

@glitterary : I'm going to try that one.


@acefreakly Thanks for the suggestions!


Jane! Edith! Thank you so much for posting about this crazy expensive product to make me feel better for only buying (slightly less crazy expensive) fancy shampoo and conditioner. Which, still, yiiiiiikes. SBTMMHLPOIGTCTFT!

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