Tuesday, December 13, 2011


"Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" on a Glass Harp

If you're wondering how they're gonna handle that crazy breakdown in the middle, spoiler alert: NAILED IT. Do you think as a glass harpist you ever cut yourself? Does the blood then act as the lubricant and you don't have to worry about rewetting your fingers so suddenly you become like a super-fast glass harpist? Like the Twista of glass harpists? Is harpist a word? [via]

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Mad as a Hatter!

This touched my soul at it's grimy little core.

Princess Jasmine

That was so amazing that I actually started clapping at the end. Then realised I was on my own, in my bedroom.

social theory

what artistry! just devoted an extra 20 minutes to other glass harp songs. it was worth it.



one cow.

Time to take up glass harping for a week!


This just replaced youtubing hand-bell versions of "Carol of the Bells." Holy crap!


@yeah-elle hand-bell versions? When there's this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9hTazwpfwY&feature=related


I am so frustrated, because now I know what that song is called but I also know that I will forget in like a day, just like the other 9 million times I've learned.


Oh wow, I've been cranky ALL DAY and that just cheered me up. Thank you!


Sandra Bullock plays a mean glass harp in Miss Congeniality.


Plays audio for fiancé
Me: I will give you one million dollars if you can guess what instrument that was.
Fiancé: Water glasses.
Me: What the hell?? How could you possibly know that?
Fiancé: Well the bells would be a normal thing so it had to be water glasses.
Me: Fine, then how many people do you think we're playing?
Fiancé: Seventeen.
Me: What's your real guess?
Fiancé: Two.
Me: I don't even like you.


Yes, harpist is a word - it's someone who doesn't care for the Irish.

Pound of Salt

Something deep inside me wanted to hate this with all my grinch but. I couldn't.


For me, the Nutcracker Ballet practically IS Christmas for me, so this just made my whole month. Also, the water glasses are awesome. I love the Hairpin, because it brings me incredible stuff like this.


They didn't do the crazy end part. Loved it but WAS WAITING FOR THAT.



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