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Are You Seeing Young Adult This Weekend?

"I have a lot of the same addictive qualities as her. I feel like Mavis is self-destructive in a lot of ways that I can be. She’s addicted to fast food. She has an unhealthy relationship with alcohol, which is something that I’ve dealt with in my life from time to time. She is obsessive-compulsive; you see her pulling out her hair and binge eating and binge drinking and obsessing over her high school boyfriend, and unfortunately those are ugly qualities, but I do relate to some of them.”
—Young Adult screenwriter Diablo Cody outlines the ways she resembles the movie's protagonist, Mavis (as played by Charlize Theron). The movie currently has a 79% on RottenTomatoesevil queen Charlize forever.

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I almost universally loathe trailers for movies, even movies I want to see and end up enjoying (Bridesmaids), but that I find this one tolerable gives me great hope for this movie.


you see her pulling out her hair and binge eating and binge drinking and obsessing over her high school boyfriend,

So this character is Facebook, the person?

Setec Astrology

@JessicaLovejoy - So this is what one should do if one wants to look like Charlize Theron?

one cow.

Aww, man! At first I thought the quote was from Charlize. I was all, "She's so screwed up, just like meeeee!" and then, nope! She's probably just sitting around, being perfect. OH WELL.


@one cow. Her mom shot her dad in self-defense when she was a teenager, he was an abusive alcoholic. She just got divorced. And English isn't her first language! She is large, she contains multitudes.


Great. I was wondering if you might be willing to go.

You’ll pay me?

Not... not for sex. You’re going to think that I’m Jack the Ripper, right? Didn’t he kill prostitutes or...?

I’m not a prostitute.

Then I shall let you live.


I want to have grown up fun!


@melis Gonna go eat a whole thing of candy beans.


"I've been having such fun on this spaceship."


"I wouldn't. I'll make you blue."


God, I have been SO. EXCITE. about this movie for months!

girl wearing glasses

i saw this! at a screening with a panel discussion after with diablo, charlize, patton, and the wife of the ex-bf in the movie....
it totally made up for JUNO. and made me stop hating diablo cody.


@girl wearing glasses ME TOO ME TOO ME TOOO!!

I was so relieved I could actually like Diablo Cody after seeing it.
She's always saying things I respect and is a hometown girl so it was really bothersome HATE Juno SO MUCH.

girl wearing glasses

@JoanTition wait.....were you there with candace bushnell as the moderator?!
and if so... wasn't she the WORST!? all i could think was "if this is real life carrie, i am SO not a carrie...or a samantha, or a charlotte, or a miranda...or anyone ever associated with this woman."


@girl wearing glasses Oh god.. that sounds horrific! I was at the one in Chicago where there wasn't a moderator.. .just a lot of weird Patton Oswalt fans (our panel was only Oswalt, Diablo, + Reitman). So..win?

also: every time I hear "Candice Bushnell" I think "Candice Bergen".


@girl wearing glasses Yesterday my bf asked me if I wanted to see this movie and I was like, "I wanted to see it more before I knew Diablo Cody wrote it." Your comment has given me hope!


@girl wearing glasses UGHHHHH CB came and spoke at my college and was THE. WORST. She essentially implied that if you didn't wear Christian Louboutins and prance in front of bankers to OOOH MARRY MEEEEEEEEE you aren't a woman. So, get fucked for encouraging unrealistic, misogynistic ideals in a generation of women, Candace Bushnell.


@girl wearing glasses Have you ever read the book? Because they're all pretty repulsive human beings.


@girl wearing glasses Weird, considering how a lot of people point to "Sex and the City" (okay, not the movies) as rather feminist and empowering for women. I guess the line between sexism and enlightened sexism can get pretty thin.

girl wearing glasses

@rossiferous there are really great moments in the show about relationships, female friendships and careers... but then there is also a lot of terrible moments that make me sad to be a woman...

@liznieve that sounds about right. she also spent so long asking a question, but instead talking about samantha jones, that someone in the audience yelled for her "to ask the question!" and got a round of applause. THE. WORST.


I love LOVE Charlize Theron, and heard an interview with her this week where she talked about how much she loves to play women who fight through really hard shit, even if they're not that lovable on the surface. And she said, really earnestly, how charmed and blessed her own life has been since her rough childhood, and I just love her. Like Ashley Judd.

Beck Rea@facebook

I love LOVE the wrinkle she gets in her nose when she talks about the baby.


"Oh, you don't live in New York?"
"You know what?"
I'm seeing The Muppets, thankyouverymuch.

Lila Byock@twitter

I saw a screening last week and it is SO GOOD, you guys. I give it <3<3 <3 <3. Totally the antidote to Alexander Payne, who is barf.


Look, I want to, but I still haven't even seen Shame yet. I can feel myself falling behind and it's making my chest hurt.


@melis I got this newsletter in my email today and had a mild panic attack. I NEED TO SEE ALL THE MOVIES. But especially Shame. Shaaaame.


@emilylouise I have a mental note (and Fandango alert) to go see "Shame" when it comes out, simply because I don't understand how Abi Morgan could write both "Shame" and "The Hour."


@sam.i.am Really!? Now there are two reasons to see it (actually, 3, no wait 4, if I'm also counting the Fassbutt).


I LOVE that line about the ex's wife not having seen her in a while...so awesome and evil!


I saw a screening of it this week! It was really dark and funny and I loved it.


I'm excited for this! And at least I've finally moved to the point where I don't look at her and shout "REEETAH!" in my head.


@Polina I feel bad about this, but I always kind of see Charlize as special needs now. Like, it takes a moment for it to register when she plays a character of average intelligence.


@travelmugs The Other Sister ruined both Juliette Lewis and Giovanni Ribisi for me pretty much forever.


But I kind of hate going to movies where I relate with a character acting terrible? Like, I do bad things to myself enough without having to relive them by watching them be acted out on screen by someone prettier than me.


wait wait wait - charlize theron played RITA?!

*face smack*

what is wrong with mee


i saw this last week and was kind of disappointed. which made me really sad, because jason reitman! diablo cody! i so wanted to like it.


No, because it didn't open in my flyover state. I will, however, watch its Netflix Instant substitute.

peachy lefever

yiiiikes. this one is hitting a bit too close to home (as i'm downing my 2nd bourbon at 6:00 in my parents' kitchen on an extended..ahem..stay)

Helen Carpenter@facebook

@peachy lefever Drinking my second glass of red wine, that my mom bought, in my childhood bedroom, where I have been, under-employed, for a few months now.


I want to see it so baaad, but no one else in my life thinks it looks funny! Clearly I'm spending my time with the wrong people.


I don't know about you ladies but Charmaine from United States of Tara was an amazing character for such a short lived show. Charmaine needs her own show, dare I say? I have a feeling she is similar to this Charlize character, the DID issues aside, if you haven't seen that show watch some of the first season for Charmaine. (Don't bother with the third season.) I know people like to hate on Diablo Cody but Tara and Charmaine's relationship was so real and fun to watch, I can't hate on that.

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