Wednesday, November 2, 2011


The Wisdom of JoJo

I know it’s been a minute since the last JoJo album, but I hope y’all haven’t forgotten about her. The girl who told her cheating boyfriend to “Leave (Get Out)” (still such a jam!) is back with an intense new track and equally dramatic video. In "Disaster," JoJo laments the crumbling of a relationship and its heated conclusion. The video shows JoJo (looking a little LiLo from certain angles) in a series of arguments with her biker boyfriend, who clearly doesn't appreciate everything she's done for him. But, in true JoJo fashion, she takes the high road and moves on a stronger woman.

Everyone who remembers JoJo is talking about how she's grown up and matured, as if they've forgotten how mature she's been all along. JoJo's appeal is that not only is she so real, she is also so wise. She doesn't get enough credit for how smart and in control she is (outside of the whole age thing, which people need to get over [she's 20]). Some select nuggets of realness/wisdom she's imparted over the years:

“In letting you go, I’m loving myself.”

“You don’t like the clothes I wear, how I wear my hair. I don’t really care, it’s not for you.” (And all of “Not That Kinda Girl,” really.)

"I realize that people in the record industry may not love me just because I'm a wonderful person, they love me because I'm about to make them a lot of money."

“I would never consider a reality show.”

“I’m not afraid of what people are going to think about me, or my truth.”

"When you're in her I know I'm in your head." (You've heard her straight murder that Drake track, right?)

“Got the whole gym to myself. That means I can sing and grunt and make stupid noises. Awesome!”

“The truffle is the very diamond of gastronomy.”

Blanca Méndez writes about music sometimes.

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So glad I have another JoJo jam to play on turntable. I think my friends are getting sick of Leave (Get Out). (I will never get sick of Leave (Get Out))

Edith Zimmerman

@elizabeast ME NEITHER


@Edith Zimmerman now if we can only get dream to reunite.


@elizabeast Oh gosh, I looooove "Leave (Get Out)" even more than I usually love songs with parentheses in their titles. My absolute favourite is the angry, spoken word "leave!", "why!", "now!" interjections during the chorus. So good.

oh, george

@elizabeast amen!!!


maybe it's just the music that gets played in canada, but I have to say I actually really appreciate that this fall has been breakup central music-wise. Everybody is singing about breakups!

Except for Bruno Mars. Screw you Bruno Mars, I don't think I wanna marry you. (I actually do like that song though)


@redheadedandcrazy I accidentally love that song. As in somehow it snuck onto my ipod and now I listen to it All. The. Time.

Whatever, it introduced me to the term "dancing juice".


She shares my birthday. But a younger one than mine.


JoJo deserves more comments! Now I know we all love the classic jam "Too Little, Too Late". But have you heard Daniel Rossen's version? I usually get exasperated when listening to breathy acoustic white boy versions of awesome pop songs, but Rossen's version is AMAZING. It's catchy and heartbreaking and also kind of creepy? It's one of my favourite songs of all time, which sounds like a ridiculous statement to make until you hear the song.

Listen here. Thank me later.


i fux with jojo so hard! between this and the vincent d'onofrio post last week, and tv's best new show - revenge - a few weeks ago, i am feeling all sorts of validated! now if there would stop being posts on kreayshawn...


a) love JoJo, this made my DAY! b) i have a fantasy about doing that Drake song for Karaoke and really singing the JoJo version. Ugh, that would fucking nail. "she's not crazy like me, I bet you like that." for real, she nails that response track.


does anyone else think she sings like the chocolate rain guy?


Jojo was on an episode of Cribs once and it was the best episode ever. Instead of the tacky McMansion with Cristal in the fridge, sadly empty cavernous rooms, and a lambo out front, she showed her mom's house in New Jersey. It was awesome. It was a cute house, like a normal person would have. In the basement she showed the play area for her little brother or nephew or something. Her bedroom was like a normal girl's bedroom. I was in 9th grade at the time and was so happy to see that she was kind of a normal human being.

ETA: link to her segment! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=11aNdNaXo4E


~*SHAMEFUL SECRETZ*~: "Leave (Get Out)" made me WEEP/do the thing where you cry so much that you laugh maniacally about how ridiculous your crying is. On the Highline. On the fourth of July. Of 2011. Also the song wasn't even playing? It just, like, popped into my head, I think because I overheard one of the BILLION PEOPLE who were on the Highline on the fourth of July use the phrase "get out" and then I kind of started singing it softly. And then the tears came a flowin. It went something like this: "Get out, right now, it's the end of you and—WWWHHHHYYYYYYYYY??!?!?!?!?" (For the sake of context/seeming like less of a crazyperson, I had been dumped, like, two days before.) The Best Time I Cried in Public on a National Holiday After Being Reminded of a Song by a 14-Year-Old Pop Star?


@Heygirlhey I like this a lot!


@Heygirlhey And "hey girl heyyyy" on random inappropriate crying in public places. Recently I was on my way to work, sitting on a packed early morning tram. It was maybe 8:00, one of those really grim mornings, everyone just silent and looking so downcast. A tram full of weary people staring into space, nobody talking. I was listening to the radio through earphones and all of a sudden, "Love Train" by The O'Jays started playing. And there was something so ridiculous poignant about the lines "People all over the world / Join hands / Start a love train" in contrast with all this bleak workaday greyness that I was surrounded by. I began to mist up a little which morphed into full-blown sobbing that lasted the duration of that entire song. Ridiculous!


@Decca Public weeping solidarity! Even though your public crying episode was way more poignant than mine!


@Heygirlhey @decca @heygirlhey I cry in public ALL the time. It's New York, so really, what are people going to say? But still, sometimes you do have to laugh maniacally (while crying) over the cheesy ass shit that sets you off.


@Decca I remember being a Youth (maybe in university or late high school?) and seeing a middle aged woman on the bus reading a book and sobbing. Like, SOBBING like she might break in two. I felt disdain.

Now I am a frequent PT cryer. It seems to be my favourite place to cry, even with making sure I keep This American Life episodes for home. Karma?


@bunB That's one of the best/worst/weirdly comforting parts about living in New York. There's no privacy and there are tons of crazies everywhere, so nobody will acknowledge a lone crying lady.


I love that we're pro pop music here. No shame.


You guys. Does anyone else think that Jojo looks like what Ali Lohan could have been?

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