Wednesday, November 16, 2011


The Tiny Premade House

Heads up: tiny houses are currently available at Costco, where they start at around $4K for a furniture- and appliance-free shell. More information is available at Home Place Structures, although the appealing "Chalet Garden Building" page seems to be broken. (All of this via the glorious Tiny House Blog, collector of all things tiny house, whose recent highlights include an exploration of the sinktoilet and a tour of the adorable Fortune Cookie caravan.)

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Thank you, Costco! My christmas wish list is complete!


Just to take this to a whole 'nother place, has anyone else read Room recently?


@Ophelia Eep. Suddenly tiny houses don't seem so darling.


@Ophelia :( Yes.


@tortietabbie I know...I just saw this one in particular, and that's what I thought of. Gulp.


Really, Edith? It's come to this?

Sheds disguised as tiny houses are now good enough?




:: Aw jeez, she's thinking about "settling," isn't she ::


sink toilets: eerie and surprising at first, but then totally normal. and strangely adorable. Architects houses, sigh.


@hotdog They need to make it clearer in the name that the sink is not actually the toilet.


@hotdog Those sink toilets are flat out weird when you're house shopping in a small town in Texas. Also, how do you brush your teeth without being a giant water waster?

Faintly Macabre

The Marriage Was Built To Last But the Shopping Cart Was Built Too Small.


The ultimate Tiny House: TARDIS. Small footprint, spacious interior. It's so green!


@ingrid.tuesday With an indoor pool!


@teebs IN THE LIBRARY. Give up, everyone. Perfection has already been attained.


We *could* build a hairpin commune of tiny houses...


@punkahontas Upon moving from crowded Cali to non-crowded NM, my dream was to have a small ranch upon which I built an array of tiny houses in which my urban-fatigued friends from all over the world could live for a season or a year or whatever. The only requirement would be that they agree to adopt a pet of some kind that they would take care of and let me play with.

So far, I have adopted several pets myself. The dream lives on!


@laurel My friends and I have an imaginary retirement home called "Gumwood Manor" where we're all going to live when we get old. I'm going to push for tiny houses.

I think your tiny ranch is a brilliant idea. You can name it Rancho Poquito. Also, all the pets have to be miniatures. (Sorry, but you would just have to.)

@atipofthehat All we would need is a big plot of land upstate. I bet Lucia could figure out the plumbing and electricity.


Mom, Dad! Great news; I'm moving back home, but you'll still get to keep my old room as Mom's office! Here's how:

Quick Brown Fox

It's just a shed?

Seriously though, my dad just bought a shed (that matches their house) and he is OBSESSED with it. A lot of trees fell on their property in the Halloween blizzard, and when I asked about their house, his reply was, "Yes, it's fine. And the shed was also undamaged." Dad! Dad? Dad!? I don't care about the shed!


So has anyone started constructing a tiny house out of hairpins?

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