Tuesday, November 29, 2011


The Photoshop Detector

"It's an interesting scientific problem: How much is too much?"
—Fergie appears to be the unwitting reverse-posterwoman for a new tool that detects how much an image has been altered. (And here's an addicting photogallery of it in action — what have they done to the young man in row three?)

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sorry your heinous

I label all my work. Or do I?


@sorry your heinous Wow, you need a 'careful of the rabbit hole' warning on that there link!

sorry your heinous

@sox Haha, thanks! [Danger: Insanity/Inanity]


ACK! Why does she look like Satan over there on the right? CREEPY.


George Clooney still looks completely hot in the before picture.

That poor guy in row 3! You don't realize how "flawed" he is until they do the retouching. If you toggle back and forth it looks like he had a stroke. :(


@punkahontas: I prefer the crooked mouth and the pronounced chin dimple in the "before" for Row 3 guy - also the fact that he doesn't look like he's wearing an entire bottle of foundation.

sorry your heinous

@punkahontas There is retouching and then there is reconfiguring. Toggle toggle toggle


@punkahontas: And did they really need to Photoshop the scar off the kid's forehead? He still looks wicked cute...


@punkahontas I think George Clooney is actually hotter in the before picture. I'd do him, and he's pretty far out of my demographic.


DUDE, this one where they moved Angelina Jolie's whole eyeball up a little bit? Yikes.


@itmakesmewonder Watch Fergie's breasts grow! First pic on the left. CAH-razy!

Oh, squiggles

@itmakesmewonder Oh my god, I saw it too! I didn't know they actually rearranged facial features! She is still so pretty, but real looking in the first photo. Honestly, I would be okay with them not retouching photos at all (excluding fixing lighting issues, playing with color for artistic effect ect.)It really creates such an unnatural and unattainable idea of beauty.


@itmakesmewonder why on earth would they move her eye up? I've been staring at her "before" and can't figure out what's wrong with her eye where it is naturally.


Nina Garcia. NINA GARCIA!


@ejcsanfran That one confused me the most. I'm used to see her look like that and the photoshopped version was completely non recognizable!


@Polina: It's from her new biography - which is a graphic novel.


I could click that "toggle" button and hate humanity all afternoon.


@julia I should hate humanity but I just find myself so amused by the absurdity of it. It's mesmerizing. I mean, teeth! Then no teeth! Then teeth! I may have hit my afternoon low point.


I just sat there with the toggle button totally entranced. I mean... I knew about all the airbrushing in the media, but with that visual, WOW. It's just. Wow.


I'm a photographer/photo editor, and it makes me so upset to see women compare their bodies to something that isn't even real. Photoshop takes the illusion to a new extreme, but hair, makeup, lighting, and posing can create unrealistic images on their own.

hot dog princess

@Chesla I agree. It's interesting because in the Kim Kardashian photo, her face looks almost identical even not retouched because lighting and makeup can also have a huge effect. Both those images are very different from pictures I've seen of her without pro lighting and makeup.


Egad! Insane. Also, was it really necessary to shrink the nice lady in the bikini's nose? (ps: Is that Sandra Bullock?) Prominent bump-ified noses unite!


I want more!!!!

Emily Eileen@twitter

Watch George Clooney's ear lobes shrink and elongate....shrink and elongate. It's just like that Cabbage Patch doll I used to have, where you "cut" her braids with fake scissors and then you can pull them long again.


@Emily Eileen@twitter Ahaha-- I missed the earlobes!


Who know that Angelina had a wonky eye! I don't want to live in this world any more with its wrinkles and discolorations and randon lumps and bumps. I want to live in Photoshop World.

raised amongst catalogs

@Trilby In Photoshop World, I have no stray hairs hanging out of my bun leaving my neck improbably hairless.

raised amongst catalogs

What was the point of taking the glisteny glare off of the guy's teeth in row 2!?! Teeth will be teeth, and they will glisten, damn it!


@vanillawaif It's gotta be that damn Glisten.


Heebie. Jeebie.


Remember that time Fergie peed herself? Yeah, me too.


I can almost understand a little tweak here and there (ALMOST) but the african american woman in the last row is just so altered I don't understand. instead of simply taking a more flattering photo (no one's neck looks good at that angle) they simply photoshopped the ever living shit out of it. I DON'T GET IT!

Four Horsemeals of the Eggporkalypse

@mynamebackwards It doesn't even look like the same person!


@mynamebackwards I stumbled across a photoshopping forum once where people posted photos they had 'fixed'. None of them even looked close to the same person. All the stories were 'this is my mother/aunt/girlfriend. She was so happy when I showed her this photo (in which I've removed half her body and given her a different face)!'

If someone was ever like 'here! It's a photo of you, but if you were beautiful!' I think I would probably smack them. Real hard.

Four Horsemeals of the Eggporkalypse

@Craftastrophies My mom had portraits taken that she was unhappy with so to cheer her up I "fixed" them using my rudimentary Photoshop skills, basically making her into the worst Photoshop of Horrors ever. She thought it was hilarious. Well....*I* thought it was hilarious, which is basically the same thing.

Jon Custer

Can the tool be used in reverse to detect video game characters who are in fact REAL PEOPLE?


Well there goes my whole afternoon. Toggle toggle all the live long day
I think I like Angelina Jolie without the photoshop. She still looks lovely.
"Face goes up. Face goes down."


oh wow, you guys are right. toggle toggle toggle toggle toggle...etc. In some of those images the people are completely unrecognizable!


Can I be super-annoying about something? Addictive, not addicting. Ugh, sorry.


I broke down and made an account just for the sake of saying:

WHY would you even bother to photoshop George Clooney?! The man is one of the few people that actually looks better with wrinkles. I don't understand this phenomenon of becoming more attractive the older he gets, but I do hope it happens to me.


the dartmouth prof who made this tool taught my intro to computer sciences class! he is such a babe and i totally had sex dreams about him.


Yeah, and that 'fat model' at the end is Crytal Renn, plus size model. And by 'plus size', I mean she's a US size 10. SIGH.


@Craftastrophies AND, unrelated, sort of, she looks hotter pre photoshop. I mean, in my opinion of course.


This has brightened my morning! Sitting here and toggling through the before and after and chuckling at the ridiculous parts...

Also, I never realized quite how much. I mean, I knew it happened, but I look somewhat like these people...

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