Monday, November 14, 2011


The Lure of the Stuffed Animal

"The child got into the machine as we walked past, and I said 'you have no chance of getting her out' so I started filming to see what was going on. I didn't see the child get out as I had to go back to work."
Kids climbing inside crane games is totally normal now. Did it ever occur to you when you were little?

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Josh is like Germany Ambitious and Misunderstood

I'm 22 and I still have the desire to do this.


I can still remember the stuffed duck I won from one of these once. I felt like I'd won the lottery. (He was a great duck too! Very floofy.)


Somehow winning a piece of crap out of one of those machines is directly tied to my sense of self-worth and since I have NEVER successfully won anything from them... Well. I need to find myself a small child, is what I'm saying.


@tortietabbie It makes me irrationally upset how I have never succeeded at this damn game, I feel so much less alone right now.


@tortietabbie Or a willing dwarf. Aren't there 8 of them now?


@Ophelia I hope the eighth dwarf is Stealy...

Roaring Girl

@Gnatalby When my husband and I were still dating, we both got it in our heads that he needed to win me something out of one of those machines. He tried and tried and tried, and just could not get anything. We were down to our last quarter, so I said, "Let me try it." And voila--I won myself a stuffed cat. Which I promptly hurled to the ground at his feet, shouting "BOOYAH! I'M OUT, BITCHES!" And I've never ever played with that stupid machine again.


@Roaring Girl You are amazing!


@tortietabbie Or Grabby.


I've got crane game SKILLZ. I totally could've gotten the kid out of there.


@MoonBat "For fuck's sake, kid, could you just SIT STILL this time. Hey can I borrow a dollar?"

Four Horsemeals of the Eggporkalypse

No lie, I still have the "gold" "diamond" and "ruby" bracelet I won from one of these. It's a prized possession, 100% because I won it and 0% because I've ever worn it ever.


"The incident, which happened at about 12:40 GMT, was recorded on a mobile phone by a man who works locally and uploaded by a friend to the video-sharing site YouTube."

You don't say.


I always got bored with the crane game - so much frustration for so little reward. Now, tabletop Ms Pacman at Pizza Hut, on the other hand....


@Bebe Pizza Hut video games were the best video games!


I blame Toy Story. "The Claw! The Claw!"


@annepersand: I have always referred to this game as "The Prize Claw" - far pre-dating Toy Story.

Also, there was one particular prize claw at a local boite for which I developed mad skillz. Seriously, it was my best bar trick - "Do you want that stuffed duck wearing a disco shirt? Give me 50 cents." and I return with said duck after a single attempt. I had an entire cabinet filled with a variety of shoddily crafted and presumably carcinogenic plush toys for many years...


I have a work related google alert set up for 'Vending Machine' and about once a week a story about a kid climbing into one of these machines pops up.


Sometimes there are very good reasons to climb into a crane machine: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N49fycoODR4


@highfivesforall I was wondering when someone would post this. MOSSSS!

Caroline McLean@facebook

The truth of this clip is not so amusing- in Ireland, some of these machine games have envelopes with maybe a €20 or €50 notes to be won, or maybe ipods, etc. The child did not climb in there of their own volition, she was put in there by her mother to steal these items. To you all in the states it's not so clear but to us it's patently obvious that the child's mother is a member of the Travelling Community (See My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding for further explanation) and while most of the travellers are quiet and unassuming, there are a significant number who are involved in every concievable type of petty theft, scammery and racketeering and groom their children to continue to do so.

This video makes me so sad, because it shows the lengths some people will go to just to make a quick buck. That woman thought absolutely nothing of putting her child in harm's way for her own selfish gain.

Hot mayonnaise

@Caroline McLean@facebook: I'm a wealthy Nigerian businessman and prince. I require a kind person in Ireland to make perform a simple and legal transaction for me. This transaction will keep funds from my charity from falling into corrupt government hands and allow them to reach those in need. For your generosity, you will receive a healthy sum. Please email me back for details.


When I was a kid, there was this squirrel stuffed animal in a claw machine at the local Moose Lodge where my parents liked to hang out. I tried and tried to get that thing and never did, and started whining about it, and finally my stepdad paid the claw machine operator, who stopped by once in a while to refill it, to just grab the squirrel out for me while he had it open. I think I lost it after a week.

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