Wednesday, November 16, 2011


The Liz Taylor Online Auction Is a Thing

"The Online Only Auction includes close to 1,000 lots of Fine Jewelry, Fashion & Accessories, Costume Jewelry, and Decorative Arts & Memorabilia. Estimates start as low as $100. Online Registration and bidding begins December 3 and runs through December 17."
Christie's is selling a bunch of Liz Taylor's stuff and you stand an actual chance of possibly buying something. You probably can't get the Van Gogh (rich people actually own Van Gogh's?!?) but maybe the puffy-sleeved red evening gown that's only $500?

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one cow.

I can't believe the wedding ring set is estimated at between $6k-8k. I mean, a lot of peeps spend that on "normal" rings (not this peep, but still). Could you imaaaaagine being like, "Oh, thanks, we're very excited for the wedding. The ring? Oh, it's just this old thing we picked up..."

Valley Girl

@one cow. I can't get over how many of the pieces have, like, official titles: "The Elizabeth Taylor Diamond", "The Burton Cognac Diamond and Earrings", "La Peregrina", etc. That is some SWAG right there.

Valley Girl

OMGthatdress.tumblr was posting pictures from the auction earlier this week. Shiz is just inCREDible. Look at this charm braclet, LOOK:


If I can't have her eyebrows, what is the point.


I want the beaded jacket with her four faces on it.


I want the red gown. THE EXPENSIVE ONE.


cleopatra caftan, will you be mine?


Bird brooch! A mere $2,000. I want that bird on my lapel.


boyfriend was just asking me what i want for christmas. the cat on a hot tin roof poster. YES.


@hkoigds0gfs does your shop sell spam?

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