Monday, November 14, 2011


The Cat-Eye Tutorial

Here is the brush I use and here is the eyeliner and here is the tape.

Previously: The 1950s Glamour Tutorial.

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Holy. Shit. You are a genius.


That is BRILLIANT. I never thought of using sticky tape! What a clever tip!


Oh my god! Of course!

The Lady of Shalott

YESSSSSS thank you Great Goddess Jane! I am about to have gorgeous cat eyes!


Best tutorial EVER.



Also, those nails! Is that gold? Gold crackle?


My biggest problem with eyeliner (and I have been practicing so hard and praying so much to the lady gods) is that I can never seem to get it close enough to my lash line? So there's always a weird space of eyelid between my lash line and my eyeliner? Does this make sense? Does anybody have a trick or tip to help me with this?

Also also also unrelated to eyeliner but related to Jane, what color is your highlighter supposed to be? Like, in relation to your blush? Does it matter? (It should matter, right? It's going on your face and stuff.)


@heb That happens to me too. I use a little stubby brush or just a q-tip to smudge my eyeliner into the lash line. Opening my eyes really wide and stretching the skin of the eyelid to the side helps too.


@heb You can use a flat angled brush and tap some matte black eyeshadow along your lashline to fill in the gap. You can even dampen the brush a little to make it stick (but not too wet if you're using liquid liner.)

This is also a good trick just to define your lashline and make your lashes look thicker even if you're not wearing fancy eyeliner.


@likethestore @punkahontas I knew someone would have the answer to this. Thanks ladies!


@heb My solution for this is a bit different. I take an eyeliner pencil and go at my lash line from underneath...basically, I lightly draw along the whole water line. Kinda the inverse of lining your lower lashes. Totally fills in all the gaps for me!


@KateH What do you use to do that? Is there a trick to not doing it in a way that makes you cry? I so often see girls with their (sort of) inner lids lined, but I've never managed it. Except once when I had too much liquid eyeliner in the corner of my eye and it teared half-way down my lower (inner) lids. That... was not fun.


@heb I feel you. I've been practicing this for years and I've finally gotten good at it! It takes a really steady hand, first of all, but the combo that I found works the best is gel eyeliner and a flat brush. I pinch the brush's tip before I start to make sure I can make a really thin line, and then I use the smallest amount of eyeliner possible and kind of angle my hand up and dab it reeeeally close to the lashline bit by bit- like little dots that blend together to make a line. Also, use a magnifying mirror.


@heb When I do liquid eyeliner like Jane up here, I just stick two fingers around my eye to hold it taut then just draw the line in very close. Don't be afraid to get in there.

When I do pencil liner, I also draw a line underneath my top lashes, pointing the pencil upward. That gets a lot right in on your line.

Carrie Cook@twitter

sigh...wish I could do this fun eyeliner stuff, but, alas, with glasses (particularly since I'm farsighted and my glasses make my eyes look HUGE), this would make me look like a crazy person. DO THIS FOR THOSE OF US WHO CANNOT.


@Carrie Cook@twitter Do it with glasses! Eye makeup + glasses = amazing. Don't let whatever bad person who first suggested the bespectacled can't have rad eye makeup win!


@Carrie Cook@twitter
I have recently discovered the joys of eyeliner under glasses. It defines your eyes so nicely and makes them stand out instead of hiding under the lenses. These cat eyes might not be the best for everyday work-wear, but don't give up on eyeliner completely!!

Valley Girl

@Carrie Cook@twitter I am forever bespectacled and they will pull my black gel eyeliner from my cold dead hands. Cat eyes are fine behind lenses!

no way

@Valley Girl et al. - How do you apply it, though? It'd be fun to do fancy eyeliner stuff, but I can't see my eyes without my glasses, even with contacts (they are throw away contacts that aren't the perfect prescription). I have to do this insane crooked glasses thing so that I can see out of one lens while doing the opposite eye. Is there a better way?


@no way I made an account so I could answer this. I'm nearsighted, but have a super-glam farsighted mother-in-law, and the answer you seek is: magnifying mirror. One of those stand-up-on-the-counter ones that tilts every which way so that you can get the angle right instead of breaking your neck. That way, you can get far enough away to focus, but you're still close-up sized. Line away! As a fellow glasses wearer, I totally support full eye makeup behind glasses.


@Carrie Cook@twitter I just lean in like 2" away from the mirror to put on all my makeup. I get a bunch of crap on mirrors, but cleaning the bathroom is my boyfriend's chore so I don't really care. You could always start with less intense eye/smude effect types of eye makeup looks until you feel more confident in your half blind makeup application skills.

no way

@erinsopran That is a great simple solution. Thank you! I would just need to be super vigilant about shoving that mirror in the cabinet directly after makeup application. Shudder at the horrors(delights) of magnifying mirrors and face picking.


@Carrie Cook@twitter I wear SO much eyeliner behind my glasses every day! I just get super close to the mirror and by now I've done it so many times that I can do it even if I can't really, really see. Color is way fun behind glasses because it stands out.

Bottom line: Wear whatever you want!


@no way The Beauty Department just posted a great tutorial about makeup with glasses. http://thebeautydepartment.com/2011/11/geek-chic/ I like their tutorials and I'm in love with the music they use.


@Carrie Cook@twitter Oh no! Don't think this. I do cat eyes every day (though this new method...ah, it changes everything!) and I wear contacts OR glasses depending on my mood. Looks just fine with them! Lovely, even. You should try it.


This is ridiculous. I love it. We all love it forever.


First of all: hot nails, Jane! Secondly, awesome idea. Especially since one of the hardest things is to make eye makeup like this look symmetrical.


Do you have a recommended brand of eyeliner? I've only just started wearing makeup and it's all thanks to Jane and this column, so I'm constantly on the lookout for specific product recommendations.

And another problem I've been having with eye makeup:
Whenever I wear eyeliner and/or mascara, partway through the day it always winds up under my eye, even if I don't line my lower lid or put mascara on my lower lashes. How is it falling down there? As a glasses wearer I don't think I touch my eyes a lot, but somehow it gets all raccoon-y. Any advice on making this stop so I can look like a fancy adult lady and not a mammal prone to rummaging through trash?

one cow.

@Renleigh I have been using Benefit's Stay, Don't Stray for the past year and it's GREAT at keeping your eye stuff stuck on your eyes. Also, I, along with many other peeps, use it as concealer as well. I put it all around my eyes, inner corner, under, all the way to the lash line. It helps liner & shadow stick. I'm not sure about the mascara, though. It sounds like that might be a problem with the brand you're using. I've always liked Maybelline's Full n Soft, but also my Blinc mascara sample has been tempting me to cheat on my Maybelline.


@Renleigh Are you absolutely positive that it wasn't there when you first applied? I only ask this because I think for a couple of months I was so tired in the morning that I didn't notice that the eye makeup I was applying was dusting itself on my already dark under eye circles. Not that you're a tired slob like me, though :/


@Renleigh You need better quality eyeliner and/or mascara! Unfortunately, this means spending a little more money on those things. I use Clinique mascara, and it never gives me raccoon eyes. As for eyeliner, I use Estee Lauder (the pencil kind, not the liquid kind), but I think that probably most department-store eyeliners are decent quality. They last a long time, too!


@one cow. Maybelline is my favorite "drugstore" mascara by far. I'm a slave to the Volum Express in the yellow tube (with a vague rose smell? probably chemicals?).


@Renleigh This was my problem and it was on a previous Hairpin thread that I managed to solve it. It was mainly my mascara causing the issue and pinners recommended the L'Oreal Volume Million lashes. It's definitely helped my undereye area, but my liner will still sometimes migrate down below. Primer (I use Urban Decay) does help that.


@Renleigh primer prime PRIMER. You can buy actual stuff for this very purpose (try Urban Decay or Stila) or, when you apply your base foundation pay special attention to your eye and lash line area and this will ensure your eye makeup stays put.


@PixieSparkle Or, basically what you just said.


@one cow - blinc mascara is the only one that stays on my eyes. I tried everything for years, gave up, and then impluse bought it at Sephora. AMAZING. Renleigh - give it a try. Everything else - even the "never budge" waterproof types always gave me raccoon eyes. Blinc stays on all day, even while I'm at the gym, and I'm a sweaty mess. I've slept in it (accidentally...) and it's 90% there in the morning. AND it comes off super easily with water. AND you can put it over other mascaras (for adding volume, length, etc) and it'll keep them on all day. That can be a mess to take off, but good for special occassions. The only downside - blinc is very pricey, but, imo, worth it.

Eyeliner - I've found that any of the darker colored waterproof eyeliner pens from ELF stay on all day, never run. The need slightly over 30 seconds to dry on your eyelids, but then it's good for the rest of the day.

Primers - I tried primers from Urban Decay, Benfit, and Stila, and while they seem to be great for most people, there must be something abnormal about my eyelids. The primers didn't quite work and things still got all creasy. I stopped trying them and switched eyeliners & shadow (Revlon Color Stay 12 hours) and things seem to be working wonderfully. Everything stays on even through rugby practice. That wasn't my intention, but it is kind of fun being all made up while packing down in the scrum.

After lurking for a long, long time, I have now created an account to put in my two cents about eye makeup. Not what I expected, but I empathize with wanting to look like a grown up lady yet not finding any products that work with my particular eyelid chemistry. Now that I've found my winning combo, I'm so overjoyed I can't restrain myself from sharing. Good luck!!

Krystin Parkinson@twitter

@Polina I love Maybelline's Full'n Soft! I was using (holy-expensive-batman) Dior Show for a little while but Full'n Soft is better, especially after a couple of weeks (it gets thicker and kicks more ass) and most importantly cheap-cheap. The waterproof version is indestructible. Also - it layers so to go day-night you just apply another coat.


@Renleigh THAT is the most AMAZING cheap mascara. Love. Also, that weird flowery scent? I think is some kind of anti-microbial they use in the formula. Some allergy nose sprays have that same scent. Flonase I know has it (drives me bonkers, but better than sqirting bacteria that close to your brain? I guess?)


Oh no she di-in't! Tape? TAPE! *applause*


Advice, please! I have a steady hand (although the scotch tape is genius), but can't seem to do cat-eye makeup because my eyelids tuck so far back in, and there isn't really much eyelid showing when my eyes are open. Anyone else have this problem/a solution?


@Ophelia If you've done a particularly good eyeliner job, just tilt your head back and droop your eyelids and lazily stare at everyone down your nose. To make this work better, call people "daahhling" in a drawl and gesticulate with a Nat Sherman. Cite Deleuze nonsensically. (Warning: may cause you to have to make new friends. But you don't need friends, with your pretty, droopy, pretty eyes.)

Natalie Stone@facebook

@Ophelia What I do is pull the corner of my eye out diagonally and then draw a line that seems like it would be too long and let the liner set. Then I let go and see where the line ends up (it usually ends up looking really short). Then I pull out on the corner of my eye again and do some filling in to join that line to the rest of my eyeliner and make the cat eye part more pronounced. The line won't be as crisp as other people's but it has the same look.


@Ophelia Learn echolocation; never open your eyes again. When people compliment your eyeliner, incline your head gracefully and let out one small, practically supersonic "eep" before gliding away.


@Natalie Stone@facebook I will try this! (I will also, clearly, try walking around like a 40s movie star, but that might be tough if there are stairs or whatever)


@Ophelia I have the same problem! I can do a passable cat eye but as soon as I open my eyes most of it disappears except a weird-looking tail at the corner that seems to come out of nowhere.

Jane Marie

@mayfly remember that other people get to enjoy you looking down and blinking a lot more than you do when you're wide eyed in a mirror ;)


this is the exact sort of palate-cleanser i needed after living in the comment section of that Roiphe post for the past hour. thank you for knowing how to use makeup and sharing that wonderful knowledge with us, Jane Marie.


Just to reiterate: REMOVE THE TAPE WHEN YOU'RE DONE APPLYING! I can't emphasize this strongly enough.


@ejcsanfran But then how will I get to keep the effects of my mini, 3M-induced facelift?


Once again, you are my hero!


Related: need to use this idea and start sticking scotch tape on my upper lid when putting on liquid liner as I always seem to end up with it smudged there before it dries where it's supposed to.


There are many, many things I can not do when it comes to makeup, but I am proud to say that doing cat-eyes is my specialty. Freehand, with any brush, and any thickness, I got that shit nailed down and FAST.

Valley Girl

@AnnaHowardShaw Me too! I can always do one great cat eye.

Unfortunately, I tend to need to do TWO at once, with the whole binocular vision thing. I still struggle with getting them to match.

Jane Marie

@Valley Girl have you tried starting with the more difficult side first? i learned in a portrait drawing class that it's easier to match the dominant side to the kind of crappy one than the other way around.

Valley Girl

@Jane Marie It sounds so simple, but I'm pretty sure I always start with the good eye! This may be a game changer.



Would this still work if one doesn't exactly have inner eye corners? I've got nose flap! Or will my cat eye be more like a blob eye? I struggle.


@DarthRachel Don't start right from the very corner of your eye! Look at Jane's eye in the video--the eyeliner starts about half a centimetre out from the actual corner. You can start cat eyes probably a quarter of the way along your upper lid and it'll still look good.


so I may or may not have just snuck into work bathroom with scotch tape and eyeliner.. mine came out with a hump in the middle!



@glitterary yea, i think i'm going to have to try it a few times to find optimal tape placement.


Yes yes yes! A makeup tutorial of my dreams! You've just answered, and recognized some buried part of my id that I shushed up in high school.

oh, disaster

Goodness, this is brilliant. THANK YOU JANE!

elysian fields

This looks super cool but I am a pale blue-eyed redhead and every time I try a "heavy" eye makeup look such as this, it looks bonkers and terrible. I'll leave this one to the rest of you guys.


@elysian fields Could you try it with brown eyeliner? I don't know if it would actually work, but in my head it looks pretty cool.


@elysian fields grey eyeliner!!


@elysian fields I'm a pale redhead and always use brown/gray instead of black when doing a smokey eye. I imagine this would be the same?

edit...and now I see that I didn't refresh! But agreed, everyone!

elysian fields

@glitterary I've tried that and I still look like a 5 year old who got into Mommy's makeup bag. I want to look polished and sophisticated, not crazy eyed ... maybe it's something about my eye shape, too, but the cat eye doesn't seem to flatter me.


@elysian fields It could be that you're just not used to how you look. Sometimes I put on makeup and think it's a little too much, but then if I look at photos of myself later I look totally normal.


@elysian fields Yeah, as a fellow pale blue-eyed person, I get similar problems, and what I've found helps in addition to switching to brown liner (or purple! It's flattering against blue eyes!), is to avoid putting anything on the lower lid. Every time I've experimented with a little bit of liner on the lower lid I look like a mental patient (and about 10 years older), but keeping it all on the upper lid makes things work much, much better.

elysian fields

@werewolfbarmitzvah oh yeah ... I don't even touch my lower lid. If I do, I look like an insane raccoon person. Even if I use the very lightest brown I can find. It's baaaaad.

Lily Rowan

@likethestore Yeah, whenever I get professional makeup, I'm convinced I look like a whore, but in truth, I look like a normal person with makeup on! Not crazy makeup, just makeup.


I really want to try this but it seems like a waste of eyeliner too. There's a lot left on that tape!


@velcrosneakers Just try to keep it inside the (tape) lines to avoid any unnecessary wastage!


@velcrosneakers Personally I cannot EVER get through makeup before it dries up or goes bad, except the stuff I use EVERY day. So unless you wear pounds and pounds of makeup every day, I don't think you have to worry about wasting.


I'm having this weird little Pavlovian reaction every time I hear that chime in your intro - my brain is like, "I'MUNNA BE SO MUCH PRETTIER AFTER WATCHING THIS."

:Cinnamon Girl:

@Jane Marie What kind of eyeliner is that/would you recommend?

Valley Girl

@.Lauren. I've always heard Stila smudge pot is the gold standard. I have a tub of MAC gel liner that I swear by, after years of using the felt tip pen style liquid liner.

Jane Marie

@.Lauren. i like gel pots from smashbox or bobbi brown.


@Valley Girl Also, stila has smudge sticks (same as the pot only in sick form) that are ah-MAZ-ing ... you can still use an angle brush to apply but you can also free hand with the stick like you would a regular eye liner.

Jennifer Udden@twitter

@.Lauren. I am in LOVE with the clinique brush-on cream liner. http://sephora.com/browse/product.jhtml?id=P131518&categoryId=B70

Katie Walsh

This is amazing and I now have the strange urge to tape off various portions of my face and paint shapes on it. Cat-eyes, stars, hearts, whatevs. Amaze.


@Katie Walsh OOOH, IDEA! You could totally go to the craft store and get one of those schmancy hole punches that makes various shapes, and punch out holes in the tape, and then you would have perfect, tiny little shapes!

Caitlin Podiak

@Ophelia I wish I could give this multiple thumbs up.

Roaring Girl

I will attempt this, but I have to say, I reeeeeally hate when makeup hurts. "Pain is beauty!" is emphatically not my thing. Testing of actual pain intensity will begin shortly.

Casanova Frankenstein

@Roaring Girl That's why you de-stick the tape on your clothes first, see?

Valley Girl

I've been wanting to pick up medical tape for eye makeup magic based on YT tutorial recommendations...leave it to The Pin to provide the cheapie version. De-stickying the Scotch tape on your clothes! Pure Jane genius.


This is great! I must try this now!


Tape?! It can't be that easy. IT CAN'T.


Brilliant! I am definitely going to try it (and buy that eyeliner). I love that you included a link for the tape.


Laughing hard at this


OMG <3 <3 I can't wait to try this!!!


Also, Jane, I have noticed in your vids that your arms are amazingly toned! What do you do??

Jane Marie

@MalPal thank you! wine bottle and glass reps, all night, every night. :)

J Walter Weatherman

@Jane Marie I just came here to say that there was not enough wine in the tutorial, but you've corrected that error with this comment.


I may or may not have just had a religious experience. We'll know for sure after I try this tomorrow morning.

Nina B.@twitter

Question! How critical is the angled brush to the process?

Jane Marie

@Nina B.@twitter not critical at all, except in that it's critical for me to have as few tools as possible and i use that one for a lot of different eyeliner applications :) try any brush!


@Nina B.@twitter I'm actually thinking this kind of brush is going to be ideal for the cateye part: ack, link trouble, but it's Pro Gel Eyeliner Brush #26, from the same Sephora Collection line as Jane's. It's a little trickier to use at the inner part of the lashline, where you want to keep the line thin, but not impossible. I'm a fan of Classic Pointed Liner/Eyeliner Brush #17 for that really thinnest possible line, which is what I'm normally trying to achieve for a more natural look. (I apparently have no problem hosting a proliferation of brushes, but it's honestly not so much that I'm makeup-obsessed as that I'm trying to mitigate my profound klutziness by optimizing my tools.) I have yet to achieve a decent cateye and cannot wait to try this tape trick.

Jane Marie

i love it when we talk about makeup, you guys! <3 <3 <3


@Jane Marie I love these posts because I am really a novice at makeup. I am 27 and am only just now really learning how to wear it.


Gah! I just tried this. Didn't work. I have too much loose eye flesh or something. Ewww. However, the tape does have me thinking about an eyelid lift now. Hmmm...


Ow! Just tried again. I want this to work so badly. It seems so simple. But I just don't think this will work for really fleshy (yick) eyelids. Trade eyelids with me Jane.


@battlestarlet reply I've been trying this for a few minutes too, and I feel like my deeper set eyes and more fleshy *ew* eyelids aren't really letting this cat eye thing happen. I'll figure it all out someday...


@MalPal @battlestarlet FWIW I had to try quite a few times to try to figure out how to keep my fleshy eyelids under control while applying the tape.


@battlestarlet I couldn't make the top lid work but I just used the tape on my bottom lid to make a stencil and filled in. Worked like a charm; first successful cat eye ever! But the bottom of the little wing getting all smudgey and wonky was always my problem, not lining the top.


As someone who apparently missed the formative "how to make yourself pretty" years in high school (middle school?), THANK YOU. This series is awesome, you are genius.

tea tray in the sky.

I kept watching her peel the tape off over and over cuz it's just so damn satisfying.


@Twinkle Little Bat - Wait until you do it yourself! It is glorious! I wanted to wash my face and start all over just for that moment.

screwball cate

You broke Sephora! "Sephora.com is currently experiencing kinks due to high-traffic volumes."


I know everyone is saying this but I have to say this too: HOLY CRAP THAT IS AWESOME THANK YOU SO MUCH JANE!!!

I've been wanting help with this for FOREVER but the ladies in Sephora always seem to be too busy to educate me in cat eye. And whenever I try to do it myself I fail. I just needed tape!


You are a fucking genius!


The boy hates when I do the cat eye thing. "You look like a cat." BUT looks like he's gonna be enduring a cat gf every day! YAY!


The one drawback to this tutorial: I settled in with a glass of wine (with cubes! Because I just bought a box of wine and it wasn't cold yet) and prepared to get tipsy along with Jane.

A minute and thirty-eight seconds later, things were over. THAT IS NOT ENOUGH TIME TO DRINK WINE. Even the way I drink it.


@Mingus_Thurber Cosigned. Taking my wine to the bathtub.


@Mingus_Thurber I am so glad I'm not the only one who just experienced this.


@Mingus_Thurber I knew there was something missing to this (otherwise clever) tutorial...watching Jane drink wine *while* beautifying herself is usually my favorite part.


I submit that tomorrow we will be able to identify our fellow 'pinners by their sexy cat eye debuts at the office.


@drunkennoodle I will totally be on the lookout for other ladies with sexy cat eyes now.


I rocked a cat eye nearly every day for a year and am sooo sad I didn't know about this trick before! Genius.


AAAAH! This is so awesome!


My life has been changed for the better. Every time I want to do cat eyes I spend a half hour trying to get them to be even and it never *really* works. I... am speechless. Thank you, Jane Marie. Thank you. CAT EYES ALL THE TIME.

Michelle O'Mirth@facebook

You are a fecking genius! I have gone old school doing it manually and it is hit or miss. Usually with one eye being hit and one being miss. Thank you!


Amazing, I can't wait to try this!

Now if I can only figure out how to rock the smoky eye that everyone seems to be able to do but me...



Seriously. The only kind of eye makeup I've ever really wanted to do is cat eye and I completely lack the coordination required to do it. This is amazing. (Of course, I imagine I'll find a way to mess this up, too, but I bet I'll have to really try!)


Unbelievable. Did you know that the fine ladies of Worn Fashion Journal threw us Toronto-area peeps (several of whom are 'Pinners, HI GURLZ) an awesome BLACK CAT THEMED PARTY just this weekend?! and then you post this! Oh I wish I'd seen this before I went to the party with lopsided cat-eye makeup... hahaha :)


The tape idea is obviously AMAZING but I'd also like to add that I absolutely LOVE the opening title art and I always loooooove the music in these. So much love all around.


Things I learn about myself when the boyfriend goes out of town: apparently I love to watch crap movies on TV (I'm looking at you, "Bride Wars" ... but seriously, what, self?), drink booze, and have makeup sessions at 1 AM. Also - I should wear cat eye makeup ALL THE TIME, because hell yes. Fuck those raccoons, cats know what's up.


@macaroni Also! Also! Physician's Formula's Eye Marker works fabulously for this! I bought one like 3 months ago & never used it because it really, really intimidated me. So yay for actually using products you buy on impulse at Walgreen's.

elysian fields

IMPORTANT QUESTION: If I work up the nerve to try this ... is it appropriate for day? Or is it a fancy going-out look only?


@elysian fields I think you can do tiny cat eyes during the day. I think the fanciness increases when the thickness of the line or the extremeness of the wing increases.

Bon Vivant

does de-stickying the tape help to leave some concealer/foundation/powder on? I expect that there is some spot re-application that needs to occur after the tape comes off; ladies who have tried it, can you weigh in?


@Bon Vivant This is something I am wondering as well. I always put my powder on before my eyeliner, but this will remove big chunks of my powder, right?



This is BRILLIANT!!! So Brilliant that I had to share it on my blog. Thank you for sharing such an amazing little secret. LOVE IT!!!


Sara Salkeld@facebook

Had to drop everything and try this immediately. I didn't even pause to take off my makeup from this morning. Brilliant! Somehow my fancy eyeshadow is still intact now with cat eyes that rival the old lady on Bewitched!

Cp Brown@facebook

That is an awesome idea and works, but have found since tape sometimes is a bit harsh, that the pink hair tape to make pin curls works even better. It is pliable, and it's tacky but soft.


that was ...awesome.


Oh god I need to try this so bad. I watched this last night, and it has made my usual free hand attempt (with a felt tip style liner) feel extra dismal this morning. MUST BUY GEL LINER, A BRUSH AND TAPE AT LUNCH.


What Maker song is that?

Jane Marie

@PompousModesty it's called "Friend or Foe" :)


Okay but what we really need to talk about is what those earrings are.

Jane Marie

@bellateene they are little gold lovebirds on a branch. i got them at NY Adorned years ago and i don't remember the designer :(

erika kougar
erika kougar

I just registered (after being a daily reader for almost a year) JUST to thank you for this. I am wearing my scotch tape cat eyes right now and have shared them with so many other worthy ladies. You're the best Jane!

Jane Marie

@erika kougar thanks, erika! so great to hear :)

Ashley K Carnes@facebook

Awesome trick! I did have an issue though, I have very deep set eyes and while the cat liner makes them look great, this trick had my line too thick. Thick lines make me look like Cleopatra! Which will rock when Halloween rolls around again, lol! I guess I need to experiment a bit more with making the tape template thinner but it's tough. :) I'll get it eventually...I hope!
Jane, you've got beautiful eyes to work with, I wish I could line mine as effortlessly as you do yours!


Just going slightly off-piste, cigarette papers can be used with pencil liner, aren't as (painfully) adhesive as tape, and also help keep schmutz from under your eyes during application. Have only ever used them under the eye for, like, the bottom half of the template (otherwise it could get a bit crowded up there on the lid). Love the cat eye!


I finally tried this, and it worked. Like a charm. I will never doubt Hairpin advice again.

Claire Bowlan

I just watched the video for the eyeliner trick, can't wait to go home and do it. Do you have any great ideas for a fool proof way to pluck you eyebrows? Mine are two different shapes (one's thicker)and I would like to know how to fix the problem myself, any ideas?


oh my goodnessssss. this is so flippin' accurate!


Jesus Christ. Just buy a liquid pen and draw them on. No need to put SCOTCH TAPE on your goddamn EYES!!!! Cat eyes are why liquid pens were invented. Practice a few times and you'll nail it. Plus, they're WAY more portable and WAY cheaper and less of a mess than a pot, a brush, and a roll of tape.


I made an account just to comment on this vid! Brilliant idea!


Why hasn't anybody else made it this simple??? I have been trying to do a perfect wing in the longest time. Thanks so much! ra23z27

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