Thursday, November 17, 2011


The Best Time I Met Robyn

I met Robyn last night, you guys. THE Robyn. No, there are no pictures. She actually got pulled away during our conversation a few times to get her photo taken by professionals, or whatever, and then I felt too embarrassed to ask, but believe me I wanted to!

So how it happened was I went to see my friend Ayres DJ what ended up being a pretty great party along with this kid Lunice who I knew and would annoyingly mother when I lived in Montreal a few years ago. Back then he was a tiny baby DJ/producer/dancer/weirdo and now he is a full grown one and pretty much the best thing to go see live. Go see him. Anyway, he's like on or getting on Mad Decent or something now so Diplo walked in (SO MANY NAMES ARE ON THE FLOOR, JANE!) wiiith... Robyn. And I turned to Ayres and said "RobynRobynRobynRobynLOOKLOOKLOOKLOOK" but then she stayed, so I could quit saying it.

Here is what she looked like: Perfect. She looked exactly like in her videos. Liiike, tall platform brogues, leggings, a sweatshirty type top, freshest perfect haircut, perfect face that was older than I imagined in a good way, and plus she was miniature.

About ten minutes after she walked in, I approached her at the bar, like a boss. I am 100% sure my breath smelled TERRIBLE from wine and/or whiskey so she probably couldn't hear me because I was turning my disgusting face away from her the whole time, but I said, "Hi! I'm Jane" and we shook hands.

Then I told her about The Hairpin and how Edith is obsessed with her, but no really we all are. "You are the best! Amazing! Ah, we love you sooo much." And then I said she should check us out, "The Hairpin, like for your hair." And then we chatted about what the site is and then she said "I think you would like my friend's blog." She told me the name of it literally three times because it was so loud in there, plus the accent. I could hear "something-something-two-faced-something." And then she got pulled away but was gracious about it, of course.

Even in the moment I was thinking "Fuuuck, that's a brand name of a makeup plus also a really common thing to write, I'm never going to find this super important website that is the only proof I ever had a conversation with THE Robyn!" Oh, but guess what? I just did, because did you guys know I'm the best at Googling? Like, literally it took me two minutes the other day to find a guy that a friend had a crush on based on only his first name and a store he used to work at in New York City, which, if you didn't know, is a very large place full of Paul's who sell wine. ANYWAY! Here is where Robyn wanted us all to go. Isn't it great?


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Jealous. Amazing.
And that blog-writer is the choreographer for Call Your Girlfriend.

Jane Marie

@julia AH! I love it.


@Jane Marie I do too much comment editing... that website confused me and I thought it was an author bio. That is just a feature of the site, 2faced1. But the author is Maria "Decida" Wahlberg, and she is the choreographer of the excellent Call Your Girlfriend vid. Still awesome.


@julia is it weird that i'm disappointed that was choreographed? somehow i believed that she was just moving the way she felt, and she felt like log-rolling.


@Jane Marie JANE, your girl was nominated for beaucoups Grammys! http://www.grammy.com/files/54thpresslist.pdf


Ahhh! That is awesome that you got to meet Robyn! But is it weird that I'm also super psyched about learning that you used to live in Montreal, where I live now? Jane! What were your favorite bars? Your favorite bagel? Bring back the Nicole-style Canadacentric columns!


@thenotestaken I live in Montreal! Why have we not had a pin-up yet?! Also Dieu du Ciel or Ste. Elizabeth, and Fairmount bagels.


@illcommunication There was a bit of a Google Group thread about one but I lost track of it and it was never mentioned in the Pinup Roundup so I assumed it didn't go down? And I definitely agree with all your assessments. If you like DDC, you should also try Vices & Versa in Outremont!


@thenotestaken ikr?! As for bars and bagels: ciel is good, i also like reservoir because it's right beside my house and they just had cherry beer.

There tried to be a pin-up! In fact, twice! But first time the bar was closed, second time no one was there and the google group kind of died. ah, well, I'll continue being a keener.

yay montreal!


@thenotestaken How did I miss all of these?! Google group what? Can we just try again please? I just... I just really like The Hairpin ok?


@thenotestaken I LIVE RIGHT BY RESERVOIR TOOOOO! Hey neighbour!

ETA: Not trying to be creepy! Also, we should definitely have another attempt at a Montreal Pinup.


@lissaliza Ugh i love their cherry beer and like the last three times I've been it's all "Oh we don't have it right now" or "Oh we just ran out." I went with a friend solely because he'd had their cherry beer two days before so we thought it was a pretty sure thing but noooo! I myself am pretty near Dieu du Ciel and their hibiscus beer has been a mighty fine stand-in!


@thenotestaken ah! hey neighbour! we tried to get their cherry beer on Sunday and they didn't have it, so very sad. the hibiscus beer sounds like a good alternative though.

maybe a good reason for a pinup?


@lissaliza For sure!

Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that)

@thenotestaken I'll totally crash this Pinup even though I'm not as cool as you guys and I live a bit further north on the orange line, where no one lives around the corner from awesome microbrew bars. But still! I'm so down for a Montreal Pinup.


@Rookie let's make this happen.

this weekend anyone?


@lissaliza In the states for double Thanksgiving..weekday evenings work best for me!


@thenotestaken If it is a weekday then later in the week is better for me.

This weekend isn't great for me either.

We should definitely make this happen though!!

Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that)

@illcommunication Not December 1st or the 3rd, but yes! So down!

And St-Viateur bagels, for sure.


@Rookie Ooh, not that weekend for me either! But we should bring both bagels and discuss :)


k, good call on the weekday thing. What about later this week or next week? I can't make plans too far in advance, otherwise I forget about them or decide I'm too lazy and stay home


@Rookie oh MAN, yeah, the bagel thing. No one can compair to a warm cinnamon bagel from fairmont; it's like childhood in food form


@lissaliza Next Wednesday (week from tomorrow)?

Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that)

@illcommunication Don't think I can next Wednesday. It's my brother's birthday, which I totally did not forget you guys I swear.


@Rookie i dunno if anyone is reading this, and i can't figure out technology better, but what about next wednesday, when it isn't anyones birthday?

Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that)

@lissaliza I still see this! And I'm in for next Wednesday. How do we Internet this to see if other people are interested?


@Rookie I don't know! i was trying to figure out how to message ppl and couldn't...

Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that)

@lissaliza What if I send a Twitter to @thehairpin? I have no other ideas because I'm newish to the comments section.


@Rookie I don't think there's any place to private message... You can change your settings to see if "Someone has commented on your thread!" but I guess we all knew that already.

Next Wednesday is a maybe for me. I'm a ref with MTLRD and we usually have scrimmage the first Wednesday of the month, but it hasn't been confirmed.


@illcommunication OMG I didn't. I just left the browser annoyingly open all the time....fail.



@Rookie It's pretty great :) AND scrimmage is actually on the 14th so next Wednesday works for me.

We should make an official invite and have them post it. Who's good with gifs??


@lissaliza ha ha that works too!

So next Wednesday??


@illcommunication works for me! How about wednesday at 8?


@lissaliza Wednesday the 7th? I'm in! Where at?


@thenotestaken dieu de ciel? I'll be there!

Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that)

@lissaliza I'm in! I made a (probably extremely crappy, but let's call it "minimalist") graphic for it which I am sending to The Hairpin posthaste.


@thenotestaken I'm in too!!


@Rookie @lissaliza sooo is this happening tonight?


@Rookie I may have to back out :( Got home much later from work than I was expecting.

Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that)

@illcommunication Ah. If it was just us, then I say we all (all 2-4 of us?) 'pin it up another night.


@thenotestaken we are here! Join us! We made a sign!


@lissaliza sorry, Im from the west coast and keep forgetting you're meant to confirm day of.... But well be enjoying our beer for a while if anyone want to come!

Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that)

@lissaliza gah! Now I feel bad! I'm already in my sweatpants.


(translation: Robyn! Diplo! Booze! Blog recs! Toooo much for me to handle)



And there is nothing wrong with that! I just wasn't prepared! We hadn't talked about it! I didn't know it was going to happen! Change is hard for me!

PS - I <3 u, emilylouiseie


@wee_ramekin Hee hee! SOMEONE NOTICED!
I got kind of nervous because I was ranting pretty specifically about my job in the AAL comments yesterday... "It's my name and a picture of my face, someone from work is going to FIND IT and I'll get FIRED!" so I decided instead to switch to a festive photo that partially obscures my face/identity.

(Actually, giant sunglasses and drinking three margaritas at once, never mind, now they DEFINITELY would know it's me!)

PS <3 you tooooo :D


@emilylouise Yeah this basically sums it up. And by "it" I mean "my emotions."

Josh is like Germany Ambitious and Misunderstood

I met Joanna Newsom a year ago (PICTURE ALSO SORRY I LOOKED GROSS: http://bit.ly/vwcxdI). I nearly straight-up cried afterwards.

Jane Marie

@Josh is like Germany Ambitious and Misunderstood Oh! I love her! this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iGViUabMt14

Katie Scarlett

@Josh is like Germany Ambitious and Misunderstood I'm so jealous! She's so cool and Have One on Me is sooooo amazing. I totes woulda cried too.

Nicole Cliffe

Hey, Jane? 'You just met somebody newwwww!'

And it was Robyn.


@Nicole Cliffe



And you're friends with DJ Ayres? Stop being so cool and great all the time.


@applestoapples Speaking of, just last week I listened to Jane's last This American Life, when at the end Ira thanked her forever and said awesome things and I was like "that's my Jane!" Like she's mine now or something.

Jane Marie

@thebestjasmine I am yours!


@applestoapples I basically came in the comments to say the same thing about Ayres and Jane and her being really cool. I bet she knows Atrak too.


@thebestjasmine That's the title to Jane's new sitcom. Theme song by Robyn, duh.


@thebestjasmine I read this piece and then ran to tell a friend OMG JANE MET ROBYN! Because, you know, JANE. MET. ROBYN. No further explanation required.




@Connor Simpson
Oh Diplo and Ayres, the small town girl has her heart flutter to them. Best remixes ever, thank you Helsinki circa 2007.

oh, disaster

"Robyn Was Here" was the first CD I ever bought with my own money and I would play it in my backyard while dancing to some aerobic thing from the back of YM magazine.

In other words, I love this so hard.


You just went "Hi! I'm Jane" to Robyn and that was enough to start a conversation?! You are so brave and she is so awesome.


I am nearly as excited about this post as I would be to have actually been the person meeting Robyn. Maybe even more excited, because I'm sure that I would have said something unintelligible about Fembot and then thrown up on the floor or something.


@Yahtzii I think I would have spasmodically quoted song lyrics and then just been like I NEED A DRINK BYE to save myself, and then accidentally slept with a bartender due to the haze I would still be in.


There is a post on that blog where Robyn is wearing this hoodie (http://2faced1.com/sites/default/files/users/Decidastyle/robyn_ellen3.jpg) and I WANT THAT


UGH YOU MET DIPLO was he really handsome and beautiful and did he have the best speaking voice in the world

Jane Marie

@renemargarita yes, sorry :(


@renemargarita his speaking voice is everything.

Quick Brown Fox

@renemargarita I wish I did not know this. I will have to never heard his speaking voice. His face is just too pretty that with the two combined, I might explode. At least Ryan Gosling has that funny little nasal voice.


@renemargarita I know, right? I'm like, yeah, yeah, you met Robyn, that's great Jane, YOU WERE WITHIN ARM'S LENGTH OF DIPLO TELL ME WHAT HE SMELLS LIKE

Jane Marie

@Clare good? yeah, i don't know what to tell you other than he's pretty much exactly what you dream of. although ONE time he did come to a party and bring a date that had wet hair? her hair was very wet for being at a party. so, that's one flaw i guess?

Creature Cheeseman

@renemargarita Greatest moment of my life was when Diplo started following me on twitter.


@Jane Marie Jane this song is for you, you're my official female playgirl idol http://youtu.be/BLBEOsjt4Po


i created an account just to comment on this and say that I AM SO JEALOUS THAT YOU'RE FRIENDS WITH NOT ONLY AYRES BUT ALSO LUNICE OMG! these boys are fucking rad and i will always have good memories cause my man and i had our magical second date at a luckyme showcase in chinatown last year and that's where we first saw lunice and HE RULES JANE AND YOU RAISED HIM. you're the best mom ever.

Jane Marie

@frushka luckyme is the best!!!

Kitten Mittens

Jane! Now I feel all special because we share a talent - the art of the Google. It's an underappreciated skill, my friends are always, "Ugh, you're such a deep-Googler [shoutout to the League]," but then when they need to know where that hot guy works, WHO DO THEY CALL?

Claire Zulkey

I love her although I'm still sort of mad at her for canceling her Feb Chicago concert. I have basically given up on concerts but this was going to be the one that brought me back. I bought new fun earrings and the concert was a mile from my house at 8 PM on a Friday night and I was going to go by myself and maybe meet up with friends but DO WHATEVER I WANTED AND JUST DANCE. And then she rescheduled it for 10 PM on Monday night Valentine's day and I didn't go and still have never seen her. But I still love her!


@Claire Zulkey I went to that! I had no friends who could get tickets and I was in a LDR at the time so I was planning to go alone and then she canceled it and changed the date to Valentine's Day and I went by myself and got a little teary when "Dancing On My Own" came on because she was obviously singing it for me.

young preeezy

Aaaahhhh! Aaaahhhhh! AAAaahhhhhhhhhh! Thatssocoolyou'resoluckyI'msojealous. That was totally fate, waiting to happen. A good, karmic reaction to all the posts & video posts of Robyn on the Hairpin (which, by the way, helped me rediscover my love for Robyn, thanks to a post promoting her 'Bad Gal' remix from earlier this year which I'm now forever obsessed with)


The other day Hennessey Youngman (who is my facebook friend! I wish he were my real life friend too) posted something on facebook from the Hairpin, and that made it clear to me, that all the coolness in the world is caught in some kind of mobius strip that was created by the existence of the Hairpin, and now today there is Proof.

Edith Zimmerman

I love you I hate you I love you I hate you I loooOOOOOoooove youuuuuUUUU JAAAANNNNEEEEE

Jane Marie

@Edith Zimmerman edith! it should have been you, not me. it should have happened to you!

Edith Zimmerman

@Jane Marie NO. No. I wouldn't have even been able to talk to her. It was always supposed to be you. It was always you.


Hahahah this is awesome! I love that you told her that EDITH is obsessed with her. Classic Mean Girl move.


This post makes me want to etch "The Hairpin + Klaus = FOREVERRRRR" onto a tree.


That website is in the future. We are all Keanu Reeves in the Lake House!

Edith Zimmerman

@elizabeast RIGHT?!

Creature Cheeseman

Congratulations, how wonderful.


@m.cat Ha! Well done.


Okay so not only did you get to meet ROBYN you also met my future husband Diplo? The rage and jealousy is just too much right now! So lucky! Hate you. Love you. Tell Diplo I love him if you ever run into him again.


DO YOU KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING, Jane? I am dying with jealousy (but also happy for you?). I went to her fall Chicago show last year and it was the best. A week before the show my hair lady decided she was tired of my highlights so she bleached the living daylights out of my hair (I let the woman do what she wants because it always seems to look good). So, completely unintentionally, I had Robyn's hair color and similar cut. Standing outside the Metro waiting for the show my friends overheard some dudes saying "OMG is that Robyn?!?". It made my night UNTIL THE SHOW STARTED--it was such a great show.


I am so jealous! I would have cried. Seriously.


I saw Robyn in Portland, ME this past February (or March?) and it was AMAZING! I wore sparkles and so did everyone, I drank myself a couple amaretto sours, and Robyn danced like there was no tomorrow. It was so goooooood! And she seemed pocket-sized, which made her even more loveable. And we didn't meet her, but we did meet DIAMOND RINGS, who was this 17/18/19-year-old Torontonian musician who was rather androgynous and SO ADORABLE, and he had opened for her. Right. I have only good memories of that evening.

Creature Cheeseman

@cocokins I met diamond rings too!! Me and my friend might have overwhelmed him though we were a bit much that night....


I am more jealous that you met Diplo, truth be told. BUT I am slowly getting into the Robyn craze.


Umm, did anyone else go to that blog and watch Robyn's When I was 17? A ROMANCE WITH THE BELLBOY?! And then she shut down Justin Timberlake? God, Robyn. My love for you just grows and grows. And JAAAAAAAAAAAAANE, you are so so so so lucky. Aaaaah!


@fleurdelivre Also, can we learn more about her brother Jac? Jane? Google it?


I just came here to say Robyn + Diplo ashgajkfkajfdhagh!! I'm glad I can live vicariously through your story Jane, because I would have been too shy to speak to them.


@nowwhat Also I just looked at the Decidastyle blog, and group dance to "Call Your Girlfriend" !!! <3 <3 <3


Wow. JANE MARIE. Do you realize that by going out, having a fantastic time, meeting the most AWESOME Robyn, having her suggest a blog that you then had to go home and eugoogalize to find and then sharing this blog with us.....you have connected me with a long lost friend who was featured on said blog that I have never heard of in my life?! AMAZING. You rock for so many reasons and now this?! A tip of the hat Jane Marie, a tip of the hat. Oh and thank you!

Jane Marie

@mitumitu What!? Amazing.


@Jane Marie It is! I just randomly clicked on the "where ever I lay my hat section" and there she was! i couldn't believe it. so SO awesome.


Gah!! Robyn! I feel like all hairpinners have been vicariously touched by greatness now!

Kate Noonan@twitter

Jane, I've got some news for you. Fembots have feelings, too...and this one is feeling more than just a bit envious.


I'm just trying to put it all together.

You lived in Montreal.
You were a producer for This American Life on NPR.
You babysat a future successful DJ.
You are really, really good at putting on makeup.
You are now writing for The Hairpin and count Jolie, Edith Choire and Balk among your peers.
You just met Robyn last night.

I say goddamn, girl. Yowza and wow.


@karion I know! She probably laughs while eating salad, too! Girl's got it allllllllll!

Jane Marie

@karion @HeyThatsMyBike STOP IT!

Guy DeBr0'd

The only thing cooler would be if she goatse'd the Hairpin.


Ok. This is really freaky. Today, I was daydreaming in class, then I suddenly had the thought that Robyn was the first CD I ever bought, and that I would probably share that with the Hairpin at some point bc that is just the kind of thing I would do.... and then I saw this post. Talk about scary/psychic moment...


I want to party with Jane.


As a Robyn fan and a man named Paul that runs a a wine shop in New York this made my day. I also forwarded it to my co-worker, his name is Paul too.

New Hoarder

I've been holding off reading this post because I am so wildly apoplectic with jealousy. *But* also excited for you, Jane!!!

Emi Chan

Jane, I can't believe this post isn't called The Best Time I Met Robyn and Got My Pic Taken with DIPLO Like It's No Big Deal! That guy is amazing!

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