Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Monster Antarctic Starfish

The water was so cold against my face that after just a few seconds, my lips were numb. But in all honesty I didn’t care. I was so distracted by everything that was around me. The visibility was incredible, everything that they said it would be. There were really interesting creatures everywhere and they were huge. Lots of sponges with openings the size of dinner plates and starfish that looked like they weighed 20 lbs.

The Wirecutter's Brian Lam talks to Danielle Woodward, the US Antarctic program's youngest diver (she's 23). They wanted her to cut her hair off, True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle-style (anyone?), but she would "rather just be cold." Word.

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Cutting your hair True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle-style is so freeing (as someone who recently cut her hair short). Doesn't she want to be truly one with Artic? Seems like being cold would take her out of the moment.


I try to live my LIFE True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle-style.


@CrossWord Definitely my favorite book in 6th grade.


@CrossWord This book definitely made young me think callouses and extensive knot-tying knowledge were cool.


@quatsch ...I still think those are cool? Possibly entirely because of this book.


@SarcasticFringehead Oh, obviously. This book definitely had a hand in making me continuously jazzed for nautical lore.


@quatsch And in making me think that running away to live on a boat would be totes awesome (good thing I never tried it).

Maggie McCurdy@facebook

True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle was my FAVORITE book when I was younger and when I used to tell people this no one knew what I was talking about and it was super upsetting. My love of this book feels validated now, and I want to go find my old copy and read it. Also, I would freeze before Charlotte-Doyling my hair so double "word."


@Maggie McCurdy@facebook

Yessss me too. I feel like I tried to recount the plot to people several times and could never really explain/remember the twists and turns. (See also: Nothing But The Truth.) Avi is a genius.


@Maggie McCurdy@facebook One of the best book endings ever!


Best. Book. Ever.

Also, while snorkeling somewhere lovely years ago, my sister and I saw a huge starfish, and my sister coined the phrase "a starfish bigger than my face" which we still use when we stumble upon something extraordinary.


Every time I look at my university's job postings and see the multiple openings for a machinist and telescope operator at the South Pole, I regret every decision I've made that has taken me away from that track.


My fifth grade teacher read us True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, and it was my favorite thing in the world. I think of those last lines every few months, and feel all tingly.
AND, YOU GUYS: (stolen from wikipedia)
"A film adaption of the book is in development. It is to be written and directed by Danny DeVito, reportedly with Saoirse Ronan as Charlotte Doyle, Morgan Freeman as Zachariah, and Pierce Brosnan as Jaggery."
WHAT. I sort of love Danny DeVito, after Matilda (which he directed, yeah? And that narration!). So I'm on board.


@lue WHAT. Avi WAS my childhood.


@lue omg omg omg mg. SO EXCITED about this film adaptation!

I lived and died for that book as a child. Hairpin, I have never loved you more than I do right now.


Hotsy fingers, cookies. I feel like the entire ice diving experience is one big confusing euphemism.


Cutting your hair True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle-style means using a dagger while on a rope ladder in a storm, right? I would do that in an instant.


It is posts like this that fill me with unending amounts of rage and bile that they closed down the once-transcendent Submarine Voyage ride at Disneyland and replaced it with a bunch of CGI nonsense about Finding Nemo.


"Not many people can say they were conceived on a boat..."

Why do people know where they were conceived? I feel like the second the conversation started to go anywhere near me gaining this knowledge, I'd use my emergency pencils to pop my eardrums.

Other than knowing gross things about her parents sexytimes (gross for her, I think boatsex is awesome, cuz, waves/I'm lazy JK) this woman is pretty amazing, and now I am jealous of yet another person younger than me.


@leon.saintjean Um, yeah, this. My parents didn't have sex. I sprang fully formed from my father's forehead.


@leon.saintjean Sometimes it's a really cool story, and you're like "fuck yeah you guys!"
Can we have a Best Time I Was Conceived thread?

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