Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Mikala Bierma's "Uncastable" Project

Hairpin friend and movie enthusiast Bobby Finger is Uncastable Actor No. 3 in the lovely Mikala Bierma's very funny video series of the same name. Door.

(Uncastables Nos. 1 and 2 are Nathan Lehmann and Jordan Klepper. Hi, Jordan! Hi, Nathan, also.)

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but i'm a bird

he is precious and castable

Edith Zimmerman

@but i'm a bird I can't stop watchingggg!!!

but i'm a bird

@Edith Zimmerman Door! its not long enough. he needs a whole movie

Jolie Kerr

Pig pile on Bobby Finger!!!!


"Is there any way, um, you could do your shoulders less gay?" watch them all!

And then watch all the News for Bitches forever all day.@julia: "Don't talk down to her!" I'm dying...


@julia: "Don't talk down to her!" I'm dying...


@ejcsanfran Not sure how your response to my comment got in my comment... I blame my down-to-the-wire editing.


@julia: WEIRD! Also, in some societies in the South Pacific, we'd now be considered married.


wow. that series is incredible.


Man. That guy's FACE.

Katie Scarlett



@Katie Scarlett: I had a trip to the ER once and the dry-as-a-bone nurse who was checking me in had to ask a litany of questions, including:

He: Have you ever had thoughts of suicide or tried to harm yourself?
Me: No.
He: Have you ever had thoughts of killing or harming other people?
Me: No.
He: You're lying.

I guffawed - wanly, yes, but given my proximity to death's door it was all I could muster.

Katie Scarlett

Ha, sounds like he's been using that joke for years!
When I left group therapy and I had to do a discharge interview, they asked me all those questions too. I giggled at the homicide one and then apologized to the case worker. She told me that it's probably healthy that I find murder laughable. Then I said, "But what if I laughed maniacally?!" She ignored me.

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