Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Meet the Interns!

We're very happy to introduce our three amazing interns.

Elizabeth Baird lives in Brooklyn with her roommates. She has a job editing math textbooks, which thankfully doesn't require her to do any actual math. If she were a Sex and the City character, she'd be the plant that moves around Carrie's therapist's office in the episode that guest stars Bon Jovi.

Erin Magner is not the LA-based writer who writes for almost every major publication, but doesn't mind being confused with her. This Erin Magner mostly writes for kids and herself and will eventually start a blog once Twitter gets boring. You can read that here.

Haley Mlotek spends her days in Toronto and her life on the internet. She thinks The Hairpin is the funniest website ever and is happy to say so to anyone who asks. She is equally happy to say it to a bunch of people who didn't. Haley is the Promotions Director for WORN Fashion Journal, the best independent fashion magazine of all time (see what she did there?). She likes nail art, red wine, and spreadsheets.

Keep an eye out for them on the site!

Photo by akiyoko, via Shutterstock

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@Emby Pinterns!

Jolie Kerr


Princess Slayer

I'm jealous of all three of you!

Nina B.@twitter

It's exciting to see how fast The Hairpin is growing every day!

Ms. Information

@Nina B.@twitter The Hairpin is a vampire baby?


@Ms. Information It's breaking our spines with joy.

Feminist Killjoy


out of curiosity...how do you become a hairpin intern?

Tuna Surprise

@Rosemary McClure - If you can drink a whole bottle of Qream and hold it down for 30 minutes, the job is yours!


@Rosemary McClure Also you must best at least 3 current or former Awl interns in feats of strength.


@melis My uncle has a Festivus pole they can borrow as needed.

Feminist Killjoy

@Tuna Surprise
I have done this


Do interns get paid in Qream? I hope so...

D Reis@twitter

All hail this triumvirate of new interns! This Haley girl sounds really cool.

Anna Fitz

@D Reis@twitter I bet she is a lot of fun to drink red wine with and that her coworkers at Worn Fashion Journal are pretty ace as well.

Haley Mlotek



@D Reis whoa that was a big word. you must read a lot.

D Reis@twitter

@Sarah-JoyceBattersby Slander!


Welcome, Pinterns.

Haley, I also like red wine and spreadsheets enough to mention them in a bio.


Hello Pinterns. Elizabeth Baird, I love your work as the head of the Canadian Living Test Kitchen. I own several of your cookbooks. ;)


@gobblegirl Is that where I know that name from? I was going to post that she also shares a name with my super awesome high school art teacher. :)


Hi interns, double-hello to Haley 'cause YAY TORONTO and also because I went to the Worn Black Cat Party last weekend and I'm still thinking about how fun it was. nice work guuuurls!


@planforamiracle HI, I WAS THERE TOO!


@planforamiracle YAY TORONTO indeed! (And yay Worn! The Black Cat Ball was pretty awesome. @rambutan, I still have your copy of the issue.)

Speaking of, any suggestions for a date and/or place for a December Toronto Pinup?


@phlox I was recently in Toronto for a conference and LOVED the art and design side of it! I hadn't realized how design intensive of a city it is. I missed out on visiting Mjolk but stumbled into Hoi Bo and wish like hell I could afford something of hers. Still kinda drooling 6 weeks later...


@phlox Sorry you had to lug it home! I remember people suggesting the Madison for the next Toronto Pinup, just because it's got so much space.

@sox Have you seen this video, in which Sarra from Hoi Bo talks about her process and steals my heart?


@rambutan Wow. This did not make me want one less. (but I did spend at least two hours trying to look up how to wax canvas the day after I got back from Toronto.) I met Sarra when I wandered into her studio and she is SO NICE on top of being an amazing designer.


yay interns! yay Toronto! yay Haley!


Welcome Pinterns! I hope this is everything you hope for and more.

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