Tuesday, November 15, 2011


"LIFE's 20 Worst Covers"

LIFE magazine lovingly collected the weirdest, freakiest, and ugliest covers from its 75-year history and put them into an incredible 20-slide gallery. No. 7 is my favorite (and 10. And 14). And No. 1 is our old friend Cynthia. Or, our old friend Cynthia's old friend Grace. Which speak to you?

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Pretty sure #12 has doubled as a horror film poster somewhere.


@meattubs It looks like Rhoda from The Bad Seed. Best movie ever.


@applestoapples I didn't realize this slideshow had captions before I wrote that. Apparently, LIFE people saw the resemblance too.


$100 suits of armour!? WHY DO I NOT HAVE 10!?


@Megan Patterson@facebook You could give one to Kristen Stewart.


I think #13 just blue himself.


@Dancersize And he feels like a f**king idiot.


"Return of the Red Man?" Yikes.

Also, damn! New Sherlock Holmes?! Do I ever wish I lived in an era when stories were serialized in popular nation magazines!


the captions are hilarious. I'm impressed that Time can be so self-deprecatingly snarky!


I adore at least a third of these. And by "adore," I mean sans irony that I think they are actually good covers.

Guy DeBr0'd

I do. I do want to hunt my anium.


"but it looks more like an ad for French Quarter dance-hall girls who've lost a contact" under #15 almost made me choke on my water (typical woman, struggling with water). I lol'd.

fondue with cheddar

#9 and #14 hurt me. Really, LIFE? What the hell were you thinking?


I've had nightmares like #8.


The piece on Harry S Truman's wardrobe? Someone please tell me the rest of those photos are on the internet.


Funny how many of them are holiday covers. 'Tis the season for the art department to booze it up, I guess.


I'd buy 6, 10, and 19 just based on the covers alone.


I'm going with number 6... mainly because I'm currently living on the Galapagos and that cover is totally ...accurate. haha


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