Tuesday, November 8, 2011


It's Cocktail Time!

Do you think Aunt Sandy could get behind this one?

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this drink got me making sex sounds. that ain't even right.


Some dirtbag who isn't me would probably tell you that if you're at the point where Sunkist is a mixer, you should probably go whole hog and use the diet version because that will get you effed up a lot faster, and as someone who is using Sunkist as a mixer, and probably buying it on sale at Walgreens, you need to be inebriated as quickly as possible.


@JessicaLovejoy What, no love for Cactus Cooler?


If there's liquor in it, Aunt Sandy can get behind it, over it, under it, and on top of it. She's featured cocktails with pudding mix and Gatorade before, Sunkist isn't much of a stretch.


I am disturbed that when he opens the Sunkist, you hear absolutely NO fizz. Woodford reserve + flat Sunkist. I am going to need to try this myself, because I think he has to be exaggerating his sex sounds. FLAT SUNKIST.

wasabi peas

i love that he used a measuring cup.


@wasabi peas I discovered the joy of drinking out of measuring cups Halloween weekend. You heard it here first hairpinners: measuring cups are the new mason jars!


i love him and all of his many hats


I guess we should all pick up some extra measuring cups, for serving.


i totally have a crush on this guy for his Art Thoughtz videos


@Esther me too. DOUBLE ART.




Amazing! As a grad student in art history, he is pretty freaking awesome and most of the time theoretically spot-on. :-) Love me some Hennessy


@Lizzy00 OH MY GOD "if you can't make it, fake it by over-explaining it."


@Lizzy00 Watched and immediately shared with my art history friends and also one of my AH professors. Just the best. I feel enwisened!

Also, "If you can't make it, fake it by overexplaining it" is my new favorite thing.


@Lucienne Jinx! Loooooove it.


@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher "Um, which good old days do you mean?"



"Your dad told you right from wrong, up from down, this from that, making sense of the world for you... establishing grand narratives for you, the big tales and shit, helping you make sense of the world. He was also establishing, you know, the the essential binaries by which we come to understand the differences between the different phenomena, which is like another word for things and shit, in the world. Know what I'm saying?

Post-structuralism came over and said fuck your father."

This is allllll you need to know about post-structuralism!


@Lizzy00 That was awesome, but HOLY PENIS, BATMAN.

Hot Doom

@Lizzy00 YES! and Curators! Everything he says is truth.
As a curating student, alls I can say is I work haaard to make my hair as "adroit as mothafuckin Velma from Scooby-doo."


@annepersand I know, but his post-structuralist shrug after was hilarious.


@Lucienne That's a deep cerulean. Get your colors right.

Casanova Frankenstein

@Lizzy00 My favorite is the one about relational aesthetics.


"Sun over Harlem circa 1990"


@hairspin Sun over the check cashing place!


@Gnatalby Sun over the check cashing place made me laugh out loud, for real. I might even have snorted.


I used to do this in college with Evan Williams and Fanta Orange. I called it desperation.


You need three ingredients to make a cocktail. [Sunkist] and [bourbon] is an emergency.


@Lucienne I was just going to post that.


Yep, that up there is a highball.


@Lucienne Seeing as you mentioned emergencies, is this the best place to admit that I sometimes use E-mergency powder as a mixer? Especially the tangerine? Because if someone can alert me to a better method of simultaneously boosting my immune system and my alcohol level, I'll take it.


@ironhoneybee LOL um, last night I drank screwdrivers because I'm getting over a cold. I actually feel better today. It's probably not because my cold started over a week ago and is almost definitely because of the vitamin c and the sterilizing power of alcohol.


@Gnatalby Oh this is like when I drink cranvods to get over UTIs right?

that's how you're supposed to treat em ... right?


@redheadedandcrazy My parents are both doctors, which makes me like, a hereditary doctor, and I say yes!


This is about my skill level when it comes to making cocktails. I never progressed much beyond the college philosophy of "mix whatever liquor you have on hand with whatever non-liquor beverage you have on hand." Which is why I often ended up drinking vodka and Mountain Dew. (Yes, that's about as good as you'd imagine it being.)

This is why I stick with beer when I'm home.

(But I would drink this! Happily!)


@Eden Vanilla vodka and mountain dew is strangely delicious though. Fun fact though, you can't really make vanilla vodka by pouring vanilla extract into vodka. It just settles into a nauseous brown lump/puddle beneath all the vodka. Live and learn!


@Gnatalby I was too poor for vanilla vodka in college. But that does sound strangely delicious.

Spiced rum and vanilla Coke was also excellent.


@Eden I know multiple people in college whose beverage mixing is more like "mix whatever liquor you have on hand with whatever sort of boxed wine you have on hand". Strangely, vodka/Franzia (esp. the sangria kind) is not as bad ("better" seems like kind of an overstatement) as vodka/Mountain Dew.


@Gnatalby In college, we would buy the cheapest vodka available (which was some ostensibly vanilla vodka that came in a mammoth plastic jug). It was impossible to choke it down, even with soda), until we mixed it with Tang.

It tasted like orange creamsicle, and it was glorious.


@Eden Spided rum + apple juice tastes like apple juice.


@nyikin Just the tang powder? Or mixed with water tang? Because we used to just put tang in vodka, which riiiiiips your stomach. And is also like, the official drink of Birthright.


@Eden At a party recently someone had an off-brand cola and horrible cheap brown alcohol. It smelled like my youth.


Sunkist (or Orange Crush) mixed with vanilla vodka tastes like a creamsicle, FYI. The things you learn when you have limited beverage options.


@KellySkittles I swear I did not see this before I posted, but I'm so glad we made the same discovery!




So, to be honest, I did not even watch this video at all, but just reading the title of the post got me to go to the corner booze store because I am highly suggestive when it comes to booze (by which I mean that by the time you've suggested it I'm already half-drunk)


It started out as a joke after the storm in New Orleans, but, as a local, I've seen people order it for realz: "The Katrina" (everclear and tapwater.)


I had a drink pretty much exactly like that in college:


But this is even more of a waste. It seriously breaks my heart to see someone mixing woodford reserve with flat Sunkist.


So for some reason I got the Paz In Slow Motion video, and it changed to the Sun Over N. Philly after I came to read the comments. This does seem to be the best drink to have while watching Paz though.

Laura Witt@facebook

Whyyyyy would you do that to Woodford? I'm appalled.

Ham Snadwich

@Laura Witt@facebook - Because you used up all the Old Crow mixing it with grape soda?

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