Monday, November 14, 2011


It's a Collage App!

Have you ever wanted to put a beard on a strawberry with your friends? Now there's an app for that. These works of art look like stills from an Eric Wareheim video, which is great. You could be the next Eric Wareheim, only for non-moving images and not famous. [via]


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that's kinda cool but i like this version better (not an app though): http://www.coldbacon.com/groupdraw/chat.html
you should be able to draw with your friends on the same things at the same time. it's more fun that way.


Pfft, strawberries. It's all about the bananas, I hear.


Hmm. I don't know about making art with my friends on an app, but I DO know that I want to be Eric Wareheim a lot of the time!


Hipster Blingee!


@ejcsanfran that observation SO ACCURATE.


What is with the bell constantly ringing in that video?! There was only one bike that passed by and he didn't need to ring his bell! As for the app, I think it is a bit gimmicky. Maybe I'm just not creative enough to want something like that.

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