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Groom Humiliated at Own Wedding

The 1:19 – 1:25 segment is one of many nails in his coffin.


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I don't think I've ever not hated a wedding video as much as I don't hate this one.


@Steven I see a lot of really terrible pre-choreographed first dances at weddings (I'm a caterer). I find them to be tedious, self-satisfying, and usually far too long for the average attention span (unless the couple/mother/daughter/father/son happen to be professional dancers).

This is probably the first one I have ever seen that I don't even remotely dislike. In fact, I plan to watch it again when I get home.


@LornaLoo I'm a banquet server and have seen more weddings and father/daughter dances than I would ever care to. But this? This was just a girl and her dad rocking out and having fun. This is what weddings are supposed to be-- families having a big ol' party.


@klemay YES! Thank you... It should be fun not a torture session, which sometimes I feel like the parties involved in this sort of thing look like they are being raked over hot coals. Rhythmically being raked over, of course.

Jolly Farton

@LornaLoo "Rhythmically being raked over [hot coals]"! will you be my caterer?


I'm usually not a fan of these, but! the hook and reel. The bride doing the robot -- she's adorable. And the end of course.

Bon Vivant

@meattubs what about when he fans himself?? omg i love that man. And she is drop. dead. gorgeous :)

Faintly Macabre

@Bon Vivant Isn't she?? I spent most of the video in awestruck-5-year-old mode.


@Bon Vivant totally. I wish my dad could do the stanky leg like that.


I like how at first he has this look on his face like, "I'm only doing this for you, sweetie," but then PSYCH! he's bringing it.


@annepersand Yes! By the end you know this was Dad's idea all along. He has been waiting for this exact moment to kill it on the dance floor.


@hungrybee totally! i loved the robot part when he beaconed her over to the right.


@annebee YES! best part!


OMG. That. Was. Amazeballs.


Coolest dad evah.


I just engaged. Am debating so much WEDDING NONSENSE as of late. Is it bad that I want to start practicing this with my dad right now? REDONK. SO REDONK. His faces are the best.


I don't really fantasize about my imaginary wedding to Invisible Perfect Guy that much, but the part I've nailed down is my dad and I dancing to "Truly Scrumptious."


Oh man, the end! Cutest dad ever!


holy good lord, that was amazing.


I don't understand how this is humiliating to the groom? I thought it was really sweet.


@GreenSedai Yeah I don't get the title either...or the nails in his coffin. Is it because he'll never be as good as her dad?


@nogreeneggs i think you nailed it.


@GreenSedai This is the dictionary definition of "one-upped." ;)


THE ENNNNDDDING!!!! *dissolves into tears and confetti and high fives*


@Decca why am I crying??? I don't even LIKE weddings!!


@Decca Right, with their cute little smiles? And psych out? SO CUTE.


@Decca Oh, good, I am not the only one who cried. So sweet! My best wedding moment with my dad was him walking me down the aisle (which in retrospect I am sort of embarrassed that we kept that whole sexist tradition alive), and he stepped on my dress and me both nearly fell over, though managed to pull it off so that no one noticed. And then as we held back our giggles, he whispered in my ear "good thing you weren't wearing a strapless dress!" It totally pulled me back into the right state of mind. It is so easy for people to take weddings too seriously, to be too caught up in whether the photos will be perfect, rather than to enjoy yourself and the people you love best.


I like it, but they already put a ring on each of that.


Wait, this was her dad?? Uh yeah, AWESOME!


I want this woman to get married every day.


This should come with a warning for pregnant/hormonal women: tears are inevitable.


@OnceWhen@twitter I'm not even pregnant and I totally teared up!


Awwwwww that just made my day.

Mad Dog

This totally makes me want to hug my dad, who is so ridiculous he just might do something like this.


I wish my dad could dance. but the second you drag him onto the dance floor, my animated, charming, lovely, father turns into a giant, awkward robot. then he starts sweating and making stiff cocktail party small-talk. needless to say, there will be no father/daughter dance at my wedding...it will just be too awkward for everyone involved.

Bon Vivant

love it love love love love love!! my head is on my desk, in pieces from exploding.


I don't even really think I want to have a wedding, should I decide to spend the rest of my life with someone.

BUT... if I DO... it's going to be "The Best is Yet to Come" for my dance with the man, and "The Way You Look Tonight" with my daddy. And "If I Could Build My Whole World Around You" for walking in. Yes.


@LaFabuliste Ooh, I totally wanted to walk down the aisle to "Mysterious Ways" but we didn't have an aisle.

raised amongst catalogs

@LaFabuliste Yeah, no wedding ever happening up in here, but if it diiiiiiiiiiid....years ago I decided that I would dance with my dad to Glenn Miller's "Moonlight Serenade."

Hot Doom

Weddings usually give me a case o' the barfs, but this gave me a serious case of the "oooooh snaap, they are awesome!!!"s. It's not that I want for my own wedding, I just want to be able to bust these moves on a daily basis, when called for.


@LolaLaBalc I aspire to dance like them on the regular as well!


When fathers are awesome, they are all the way awesome. I better get mine started on some moves.

Nina Berger@twitter

Ohhh boy this makes me so happy! That bride just looks so darn happy that she's up there with him!


My favorite thing is all these comments are all "I usually hate weddings," and I love it because I HATE weddings! Ugh, they're awful. I'm so glad to be among my own kind and not get crap about it. This dance is still great, though!

I also hate Christmas music. Who else?


@JustAPaperBag there is a time and place for christmas music - christmas eve, and christmas day.

and MAYBE the week before christmas in moderation. MODERATION I SAY.

This obviously would only happen in a fantasy world, a fantasy world where justin bieber and his FIRST! CHRISTMAS! ALBUM! don't even exist.


@redheadedandcrazy Is this the place where I can do my THANKSGIVING IS ITS OWN HOLIDAY AND STOP WITH THE CHRISTMAS MUSIC AND CHRISTMAS CUPS AND CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS ALREADY rant? Oh, it's not? Okay, but you'll get it soon, trust me.


@JustAPaperBag Christmas music should mostly be Christmas-ey hymns sung at a candlelight service with organ and trumpet. i am not religious, but i swear to god, baby jesus did not give two shits about reindeer and whatever songs there are about krampus.


@JustAPaperBag: The only Christmas music I can tolerate is either the Christmas music that makes fun of Christmas (Christmas Can-Can by Straight No Chaser comes to mind) or the old hymns. And not until, like, a week before Christmas, please.


@thebestjasmine Thanksgiving is not only its own holiday it is the best holiday! Family, gratitude, and food - so simple and perfect. I hate that Christmas "starts" before it and steals its thunder. Back off, Christmas! You can have the whole of December if you want, but give my Thankyday some space!


See, this is what I would rather do with my Dad. I don't want an emotional slow dance where we cry and shit.


I have no stage presence and I can't dance to save my life. My marriage is doomed.


I posted this on my dad's facebook wall with a comment saying that this girl's dad is almost as awesome as my dad. He said, "thanks, but your dad can't dance...yet."


Awwwww, this is awesome! I love them!


Okay, this is awesome. And the kicker is the best thing in the world. I love how totally into it the dad was, contrasted by his kind of stonefaced expression though the whole thing. His dance moves were better than his daughter's.


Yes to this all the way. Also, funnily enough, I had to pause "My Girl" to watch the video and then BAM, "My Girl".

Ladies Who Punch

There song choices had a weird subtext: "I Want You Back" -Jackson 5. "Single Ladies" -Beyonce. Maybe I'm just reading too much into it?



@Rebekah: What? Oh, sorry, I thought you were talking to me - my nickname is White Chocolate Fountain...


@Rebekah YES - also "doing the butt" i mean, talk about subtext! jkjk



which makes this the official best ever.


@allifer if only her dress allowed her to do the booty-do.

Kathleen Alexandrea Ankuda@facebook

While watching this alone, I was crying with such happiness for the bride. Now that is some Dad, she just loves him to the moon and back. The two of them are so blessed. Now I understand the way some people may think, about the husband having some pretty big shoes to fill. Now my thought is this young woman knows what she wants the expectations we think he has to live up too. "I believe he wouldn't be the groom if he hasn't already had those shoes on from the gate. Now a woman like her, she knows what she wants and she and her husband are going to be happy as husband and wife now. To the bride you are blessed. It is wonderful to see the time and preparation you two did working this dance routine out. Now you have started your life off the right way, with Dad being just as important in his daughter’s wedding. She and Dad are so awesome and the love he has for his daughter this is the first father daughter wedding dance I witnessed like this, I’m fifty years old here. I do not remember the father daughter dance at any wedding; I have been to a few weddings. God Speed may you be blessed with more happiness each day as you grow as husband and wife together.

Kathleen Alexandrea Ankuda@facebook

Now I understand the way some people may think, about the husband having some pretty big shoes to fill. Now my thought is this young woman knows what she wants an the expectations he has to live up too. "I believe he wouldn't be the groom if he hasn't already had those shoes on from the gate. Now a woman like her, she knows what she wants and she and her husband are going to be happy as husband and wife now. To the bride you are blessed. Now you have started your married life off on the right foot with icludiing Dad having his specal moment with his daughter. God Speed may you be blessed with more happiness each day as you grow as husband and wife together.


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