Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Girls on Tape

Before you listen to her story, you should know that Thembi died a few years ago. Her audio diary, produced by Joe Richman, of being a young person in South Africa with a boyfriend, a baby, and AIDS is something to take a moment out of the day for. Run a bath, if you have one. We went shopping at Filene's Basement one time and she picked out the cutest jean jacket and wore it to meet Bill Clinton.

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Vera Knoop

Jane, I'm getting mixed messages from you. Your videos say "wear more makeup," but your posts say "cry at work!"


Parts of her radio diary were made into a short film that was shown at Lunafest this year. Her story was my favorite. I'm gonna go cry a little now.


Thank you, Jane. That was wonderful and sad and I'm very glad that I listened to her story.

Tits McGee

How sad, I didn't know she had died. I remember hearing her years ago and it had an effect on me. Then I heard a small part of one of her pieces again recently on some other NPR show -- maybe two months ago? on "Hearing Voices" or something -- and was happy to hear it. I wondered how she was doing; they didn't provide an update and so I just found this out now. I am sure I will always remember her. I love radio.

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