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Gestation, and Then Some, Visualized

The title of this video is "Alexander Tsiaras: Conception to birth — visualized" and it is exactly that, so don't think that it's not that and that it might end right before the birth part because, nope! It keeps being a visualisation of what it said it was right there in the title.

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Anyone else become uncomfortably aware of their pelvis at a certain point in this? All I can think of now is a tiny person kicking off from my ischium like they're jumping into a pool.


@margaret_r YES. I believe it was the skeleton part, at which I immediately thought: "My bones hurt!" Followed by: "NEVER."

I can see the anti-choice folks trying to co-opt this, but it's made me more convinced that the propagation of the species depends on ignorance, because the more I know about parasitic fetuses and the actual gestation and birth process, the more repulsed I am at the thought of subjecting myself to such a thing.


@Tailfeather my thoughts exactly. All I thought was, "Yuck." And "sorry, mom." No wonder she tortured me all my life.


This is badass. Also, next Halloween I want to go as a skeleton giving birth to a normal, fully skin-and-muscled baby.


Why Vivaldi's _Et in Terra Pax Hominibus_ as a soundtrack? That makes no freaking sense.


OK, this is very cool, from a peek-inside, sciencey way.

There was something off-putting, though, about the juxtaposition of "oocyte" in one frame with "baby" in the next. The carelessness of that language was surprising to me at first (coming from a medical doctor and mathematician). Then, I began to wonder whether that was a calculated choice in language. By the time we got to birth, I was seeing anti-abortion metaphors everywhere I turned.

When, in the last scene of the video, the baby is born from a nearly invisible mother, I thought "Wow, that is EXACTLY how some people think about human development."

FWIW, I have no idea if that was the speaker's intent - it might just be something I've been angry about so much lately that I can't get it out of my head, but the visualization of a baby developing inside, but without regard to, a mother was just...striking to me.

Not sure how well I'm articulating this, but...anyone else get their hackles up a bit?


@Ophelia Yes yes yes! It was NOT a baby! It was a fetus (really, a totally demonic-looking cell cluster). I found that very off-putting as well.

I get that parents think of their fetuses as their baby. I believe I would too, assuming it was wanted, but that is a conscious choice rather than a semblance of biological fact.


@Ophelia That drove me nuts! The first time "fetus" popped up when it was clearly not anywhere near the medical definition of fetus I actually let out an "Oh fuck off".
It's even more frustrating coming from a scientist (an MD even!) where using accurate terminology is essential.


@gravie Yeah, I did that with "Baby's first division".


@Ophelia it reminds me of a conversation I had with my mother last week while discussing someone putting their (8 week!!) ultrasound on Facebook...

"And then she put up a picture of her fetus"
"Oh, you don't believe it's called that do you? It's a baby."


@gravie @Tailfeather ...and now (with a very cursory trawling of the Googles) I see that anti-choice groups definitely picked this up, but can't find anything on the subject from the author himself.

@beanie Woah. For all of the above, but also, because (and I'm not trying to tempt fate AT ALL) but that's really early to post on Facebook.

@brunhilde "Baby's first division" sounds like something I would have failed in elementary school.

Irma Vep

@Ophelia So glad you articulated this.


@Ophelia Totally disregards the mother's role in the process, like, this is the main thing, the zygote/fetus/baby. Mother is invisible.


@Ophelia I had the exact same reaction to the word "baby". Then when the word "fetus" appeared I thought, hmm, maybe they used the word "baby" because "fetus" was medically inappropriate when it's just a bunch of dividing cells and they didn't know how else to refer to it? Or that they thought it was funny to put "Baby's First Division" as a joke/play on super-proud parents? Ugh, I hope that's what it was...


3:46 is the stuff of seriously wretched acid trips.


"Vertabrae"? For realz?


If only childbirth was as easy as the baby effortlessly floating out through the pelvis while etheral music played. This video is squicky to me on a lot of levels.


What's with that music? There are plenty of people out there having babies that don't think it's a holy order, you know, they're just having babies and happy about it without hearing angel's voices coming out of their wombs. I'd like to see this video with ACDC's "Highway Star" in the background.


There was one point when the fetus looked like a Pokemon. (I forgot to check the time.)


This is so incredibly terrifying. Especially the ethereal swimming out part.




Wow, this is so right on about what pregnancy and childbirth feels like for a mother! The fetus just sits there in a perfectly oval sac (you know, in your uterus), even at 8 months' gestation, not pressing on the mother (or vice versa) in any way -- and then, when you give birth, the baby just kinda swims out of your skeleton on its own! It's really nothing to fear, ladies.

Tates McGee

OMG! I own this book (Conception to Birth)! Not because I was preggers or anything, but because I'm a total nerd (i.e. developmental biologist/embryologist).

Porn Peddler

I get mad, mad squicked/pukey/scream at Mister to get away from me with that hazardous material in his junk thinking about pregnancy and birth but these comments are making me so morbidly curious. Baby...floating out of a skeleton? What the fuck?


So, fetuses are aliens, is what I'm getting.


I wonder what this video would have looked like had a person with a real vagina (you know, a WOMAN. Who had given birth before.) been in charge of it's production. I sincerely hope this isn't how most men see childbirth.

No wonder so many women are opting for C-Sections these days.

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