Friday, November 18, 2011


Florence + the Machine's "No Light, No Light" Video

Hm. The spindly wristed queen of the blouses is tortured by voodoo and saved by a boys' choir in the third video off her excellent sophomore album, Ceremonials.

(Ceremonials is still streamable here, by the way, and available for $14.99 on iTunes, and for $13.99 on Amazon. Also: her "Shake It Out" and "What the Water Gave Me" videos.)

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Sella Turcica

Ethereal! <3!
My new title is henceforth "Delighted, Spindly Wristed Queen of the Blouses."


She absolutely killed with this song on her appearance on the Jools Holland show.


Hm indeed. I have been listening to the new album virtually nonstop and, uh, yeah, this video just cooled my interest. I think the creative team on this one could have done with a bit of critical thinking.


@linolanayseda I've been listening to it nonstop, too, and it doesn't help that this is not one of the stronger songs.

Bridget Smith@twitter

@Yahtzii I haven't seen the video (yet), but this is one of my favorite songs on the album. I'm sure that's partly that I heard "What the Water Gave Me" and "Shake It Out" so many times before it came out that they lost the novelty factor, but this (ok, and "Only If For a Night") is the one that I listen to on repeat and keep getting stuck in my head.


@Bridget Smith@twitter To each their own. My favorites so far are "Heartlines" and "Remain Nameless."

Charismatic Megafauna

I guess this was directed by someone from a place that has no, um, simmering racial issues!


@Charismatic Megafauna Ummmm yeah, reading the word voodoo in Edith's description, I was like "I hope she doesn't mean... oh."

cat of the canals

@Charismatic Megafauna You don't run into the arms of little white christian boys when black devil men are trying to hurt you? Interesting! /sarcasm


@Charismatic Megafauna I don't understand this video at all. Isn't the song about her long term bf threatening and/or actually breaking up with her because of her rise to fame? Oh wait, I'm sorry. That is actually perfectly captured in religious colonialism imagery. (WHAT IS GOING ON)


@Charismatic Megafauna Yeah, I saw the voodoo guy and immediately thought: Yo, is this racist?



@mlle.gateau Answer: yes.

But I still love Florence?


@pterodactgirl Me too. It's just awkward.


It looks to me like this video was directed by someone taking stylistic cues from the "Total Eclipse of the Heart" video.


@annepersand Plus racism!


@annepersand I'm reminded of "Bring Me to Life" by Evanescence (or however the hail you spell it).


@klemay Plus racism!


@klemay I see your tricks, trying to get me to watch an Evanescence video at work. IT WILL NOT WORK, MADAM.


hoooly shit. i don't think i even NEED my liberal arts degree to know that was all kinds of problematic. get it together, Flo!

femme cassidy

I see your "hm" and raise you a "yikes." Really, no one involved had any second thoughts about this?


Not the first time she's tangled with some problematic imagery but this one especially made me go, "Of for fuck's sake!" and that makes me sad because FLORENCE! WTF.



Beck Rea@facebook

...Does that make it bad that I was really impressed with the Voodoo dancer's dancing?

'Coz wow, that man can MOVE.


@Beck Rea@facebook Seriously! that was amazing. The rest? Amazing in a not-so-good way.


Oh man, Flo, when you're done falling from buildings and making questionable video decisions, YOU'RE JUST A FEW (dozen) BLOCKS AWAY! Come be my best friend and sing at me and take me blouse shopping!


Shucks, I really like her... I just assumed from her beautiful work that maybe she possessed the ability to critically think before acting, but I guess not??? Or maybe she does, which makes this even worse...


The thing I secretly love about the spindly-wristed queen of the blouses (as opposed to the things I not-secretly love, like her awesome music) is how actually kindof awkward she is. That girl can not run to save her life. And whenever she dances in her videos she always looks almost on the verge of falling over. It's cute!


The videos for the first two singles were SO GOOD. This is v. disappointing. :/


Made the mistake of watching the video before just listening to the song by itself, and now cannot shake the racial under(over?)tones. :(

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