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Eric and the 450-Square-Foot "Origami" Apartment

Eric Schneider bought his NYC apartment in 2005 for $235,000, and turned it into a magic party box with help from Michael Chen and Kari Anderson of the design company Normal Projects. Yes, it's incredibly long, but if the video speaks to you (quietly, soothingly), stick it out for a startlingly Paranormal Activity-style moment at 7:55. (That's a slight exaggeration.)


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I am way too country for this sort of living but that's a pretty little playhouse.


@FoxyRoxy I know right! This is pretty great in terms of use of all the spaces, but I tell you, I tell you, OH THE HOUSE I could buy for $235,000... in the deep midwest.


@abbyh Indeed, where I live you can get a brand new 4 bedroom house for under 200K, and even 150K. Now, I do not love where I live and I am very much a fan of NYC but I love very much having rooms with doors and lots of space in those rooms and I don't mind driving 2-3 hours to go the three nearby larger MIdwestern cities to have all that space.


@FoxyRoxy But then you need to own and operate an automobile. Ugh.


I was hoping for one of these! Because yesterday my WHOLE DAY was taken up by researching tiny houses for a story my editor assigned. I was like, for realz?! My ladies at the Hairpin would be so proud. And now I can brag about it on a related post!

Lily Rowan

I am oddly glad/proud that my first NYC apartment was so tiny, I can look at that and say it's not so small! Sheesh. Kitchen counter space? A bed AND a sofa?? It's like a mansion in there.


@Lily Rowan Exactly! In pretty much any area in that apartment you could stick your arms out and spin around without hitting anything. Who has such luxury?

Lily Rowan

@Cawendaw And the walking!

@Lily Rowan My Boston apartment is way smaller than this and it's a point of pride. Granted, this means that anything over 400 sq ft looks luxurious. 312 sq ft represent!


@Cawendaw You could do yoga or pilates IN YOUR APARTMENT


It's cute, but I could not deal with all that rearranging. I am happy in my 1000 sq. ft., 2-BR with a small bonus sunroom in a very nice part of Queens.


Eric, you're not fooling me. I saw that you stuffed a bunch of crap under the couch before the camera crew got there.

Tuna Surprise

I saw that too! When I moved into my current shoe box apartment I vowed (VOWED!) not to turn the space under my bed into a hoarders-esqe zone (something, something, fung shui). What's under there would make Matt Paxton cry.


Everybody whose desk has nothing on it between the times you sit at it, raise your hands. Oh? I thought so.


@purefog I don't think I've even used my desk at all in the 6 months I've lived in my current apartment, except as a place to store my pens and put boxes on.


All I can think about is the greasy kitchen dust that he must get on EVERYTHING. Argh!!!!!1


Was there a bathroom in this video? I had to watch without putting on headphones because of being sly at work and also obviously had the sound down for the same reasons. I did not see a bathroom. Did I miss it? I can't watch that video again! Please tell me he doesn't have to go down the hall to use a bathroom. Wut?


@ElisabetM I saw no bathroom. I'm as concerned as you are...


@ElisabetM The accompanying article at the Fair Companies website mentions a bathroom renovation.


the mention of paranormal activity and the melancholy piano music background seriously got me on edge as i watched the counter get closer and closer and closer to the 7:55 mark. considering that the video is 10 minutes on a rather simple murphy bed cabinet the worrying anticipation really elevated the viewing experience...


@kierkegaardsbro SERIOUSLY my heart is still racing. why???




@Nutellaface Actually, I'll be seeing him in a couple of weeks. Anything you'd like me to ask? I can totally report back!


I am still in awe of the $235,000 price tag. $235,000. I wish I could type those numbers in all capitals.


@PrimarySource PLUS the $70K for the renovations.

Porn Peddler

Small spaces show off some really amazing design capabilities but no, no, no, a thousand times no. That shit- all of it- is why I moved 300 miles away from New York City.


The guy in Hong Kong with the rolling walls and sunset windows still has my vote for best utilization of space.


Ah, the ol' "Hey guys I know what you're thinking about my apartment, but before you say it, let me explain why I PREFER this overpriced and still inadequate living space! I totally WANTED to live on a fifth floor walk-up because of the exercise it will provide my glutes!"

That exaggerated cringe when you mentioned "having stuff just to have it" ain't fooling this underemployed New Yorker (er, Brooklynite), buddy.


Fancy Murphy bed! Whoo.


Sure this is a nifty utilisation of space and all, but oh my god that colour scheme!
(it's atrocious)


The paranormal activity-style moment was amusing, I liked a lot how Eric Schneider remodeled his apartment, the ideas are innovative and simple. My brother is trying to find Kansas City commercial real estate with huntmidwest.com and I will surely show him this video, I bet he will contact the Normal Projects interior design company for some advices.


Ok, ladies. I know that New York is NEW YORK and the high price of real estate is just part of that. But, like, why would you spend $235,000 on a little rectangle?

Like, I know, but I don't know.


I like the idea of living in a tiny house, but I think the reality of me + dude + dog + cat would almost certainly = demonic rage 24/7. So, yeah, Paranormal Activity is about right!


I see your tiny NY appt, and I raise you a tiny HK appt that can transform into 24 rooms!


When I see this kind of "this place is so genius because SEE, the bed is a desk, and with some simple door sliding, the kitchen counter is a chandelier!" stuff, I honestly have to wonder who DOES that. It's fun to origami your apartment when the webcams are rolling, but I mean - in the morning and then at night, every night? I just have to know that this guy is in fact a human being and that when it's just him, that bed stays down on the floor. Because come on.


Does his toilet fold out into his shower, which is actually in his bathroom sink? WHERE IS YOUR POTTY DUDE?


I seen apartment smaller then that in New York.

Casey Mahoney Brad P

Natalie Rosen

7:55 was the most boring thing that has ever happened to me. Maybe it's because I haven't seen Paranormal Activity and I was watching the video without sound.


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He really transformed his home and I think he made a great job too! I wonder if I could use some of these tricks to improve my apartment's look, I already bought some of the AmericanCarpetInc.com carpets to give my home a cozy look, so this would be the next step in improving my home.


This is so interesting, such a small apartment has actually four different rooms, I must admit, this is clever. Even if it does look amazing, I'm not sure if I could ever live in such a small apartment, for one good reason, the bed is too small, I would need space for my Bella Notte pillows and linens. With such beautiful items, I can't hide my bed.


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It's an awesome idea! More should display this kind of creativity when delving into home renovations especially now, when prices are very high and most can only afford a small living space.

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