Monday, November 21, 2011


Amy Winehouse, "Our Day Will Come" Music Video

In case you missed it, the first track off Amy Winehouse's posthumous album Lioness: Hidden Treasures (out December 5) to get a video is her reggae-style cover of the 1963 Ruby & the Romantics hit. Lovely, and so sad.

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Drug addiction is a hell of a thing.

Seeing healthy Amy breaks my heart.


@JoanTition As is true with so many things, seeing her reminds me of a Louis CK bit. In this case, it's the one where he wants there to be free roaming lions around, chasing and eating a few random people here and there, just to bring our basic survival instincts to the surface more than they are now. Maybe cut down on our self-destructive activities a bit.


@JoanTition Seriously. You don't even realize exactly how bad she looked at the end until you see an older picture and realize that omg, that's how she WAS.


@KeLynn Actually, the saddest part I think, is that at the end she was starting to look better than she had for a while..like here. I miss her. I wish she wasn't gone.


rip sugarbaby....


I get teary-eyed whenever I watch her music videos. Someone like her never should have died alone. The world misses you Amy RIP


@MalPal I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets misty when I see her videos/listen to her music.


Wow..Can't wait for the album. Sweet dreams, baby.


I can't watch it. :(


I think I've cried more over Amy Winehouse than any other celebrity death in my lifetime. Not just a few tears, but full-on ugly crying, on more than one occasion.

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